**Lifting Routine - Plans For Specific Body Parts**.

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Here I'd like to make a thread where we write down a Lifting Routine for a specific body part (Chest, Back, Legs, Core etc).

Note that "RM" added to the end of a number means that is the maximum number of consecutive Reps you can do for whatever weight you are using. Or just assume that whatever number is written for reps means the Rep Max.

Your plan may be Strength, Power, or Hypertrophy orientated. It can also be a combination of all.

Note that Strength and Power are 2 different things. If two people have a 1 Rep Max of XY kilograms but one of those people can complete the Rep faster, that means that person is more Powerful even though they are both equally Strong.

Body Part: Chest (twice a week / 7 day period):
Aim: Strength, Power, Hypertrophy
Supplements: Niacin B3 in the morning on empty stomach + Wheatgrass Shot as soon as arriving at the gym

1) Chest Dips on Parallel Dip Station: 6 - 5 Reps x 6 Sets
2) Flat Dumbbell Press: 6 - 4 Reps x 6 Sets
3) Plyometric/Clapping Push Ups: 12 - 8 Reps x 4 Sets
4) Cable Crossovers: 7 Reps x 6 Drop Sets (no rest besides for a few seconds when changing/dropping the weight)
5) Chest Dips on Parallel Dip Station: 12 - 10 Reps x 5 Sets

That is my typical "Chest Day". The Dips at the end are just a 'finisher' to burn me out completely. The above is my stock standard plan which I do first, after finishing it I will usually take a 15 minute break and then do 4 Reps x 4 Sets of Shoulder Presses with 24kg Dumbbells and then 12 Reps x 4 Sets of Side Lateral Raises with 9kg Dumbbells, then 20 Reps x 2 - 3 Sets of Cable Crunches . P.S - I usually do Side Lateral Raises with 9kg Dumbbells every 2nd day no matter what body part I'm working.

Some of you may be thinking "we'll he's not pushing himself hard enough if he can do all of that" - well my secret is that I take 1.5 - 3.0 minutes rest in between Sets and it can take me up to 2 hours to complete a gym session

Your turn!

the body doesnt work as individual bodyparts though - thats why most people who read bodybuilding magazines and follow the chest/ arms programmes look shit and never make any real gains.

great to do isolation training if you want disco muscles.

your above programme has too much volume to guarantee sufficient hyprtrophy or strength gain
unless of course you take the T and the winni then youre all set!

Well obviously I'm just calling it "Chest Day" for the sake of simplicity. As we all know, Dips and Presses are big compound movements.

I'm not a rookie, I know Isolation is all about making specific links in the chain big and strong. However, what good are a few strong chain links going to do you if you wish to use the whole chain?

Ok, so now we've established that I know my shit...

I don't know if my volume is too much. All I know is that in the plan I wrote above, I am able to complete every Set with good form, even if it means popping a blood vessel in my eye ball trying to complete that last rep. And I also know that even by the end of it, I still feel like I could go another 30 minutes of lifting, but I'm too drenched in sweat I think I'm probably starting to stink, and so I go home.

I'm natural, Wheatgrass and lot's of eating rice and chicken and veggies is all I do.

i would ditch that and try acai berries, coconut oil, chia seeds and paleo

actually the most compound movement you have there is the pushups.

I don't like spilt routines.
full body compound all the way.
Old school BodyBuilders had it right

if you want to do high volume and spend 2 hours in the gym you might want to try something like this

leehayward.com/blog/steeve-ree... ...odybuilding-workout/

just follow Mike Mentzers heavy duty style - worked for him in 1980 O, although he was screwed by the Arnold-nut-huuging judges and Dorian Yates used his system

Dude, fuck you guys getting all fucken nit picky, my shit's awesome... I don't fucken do bicep curls, I don't do tricep push downs, and I dont use anything but free weights. I'm awesome as fuck ok!

Mine isn't really a split routine either, it's just like the front of your body day, the back of your body day, your legs day. All of which I use compound movements.... The only strict isolation I do is Side Lateral Raises, but that's just cos I want the broad shoulder look as opposed to the Bane look.

Now I don't wanna read some link, fucken write some shit you lazy fuckers. This ain't about me, I don't need advice, I know everything already at 26 years old, this is just about writing some cool shit like workout programs and shit.

Hawkman, Mentzer did not get big using HIT and when he was training HIT he still did high voume behind Arthur Jones' back..

Sam, i'll get back to you :-)

Leg Day:

Squats -
1) 40kg x 8
2) 50kg x 7
3) 60kg x 7
4) 70kg x 5
5) 80kg x 4
6) 90kg x 4
7) 60kg x 13

Jump Squats (as high up as possible - sort of like what GSP does before his fights in the Octagon) -
1) 10 - 7 Reps x 4 Sets

Quad Extension (ok, I kinda forgot that I used this "machine" but whatever, it's just a bit extra after squats)
1) 15 Reps x 4 Sets

Hamstring Curls (ok, I kinda forgot that I used this "machine" too, but whatever, it's just a bit extra after squats)
1) 17 Reps x 3 Sets

Calve Raises -
1) 25 - 15 Reps x 3 Sets

I have strictly started incorporating the body weight plyometric equivalent of what ever body part I'm working on any given day i.e DB Press = Clap Push Up after and Back BB Squat = Jump Squats after.

Back Day:

Pull Ups (medium to wide grip / 10cm wider than shoulder width on each side)
1) 7 Reps X 6 Sets (I can only do 7 because I go as explosive as I can, right up to below my collar bone)

Assisted Pull Ups (very wide grip)
1) 7 Reps x 5 Sets

Reverse Flyes
1) 10 Reps x 4 Sets

Straight arm lat push downs
1) 20 Reps x 4 Sets (this one takes a lot of focus to get the mind muscle connection)

P.S - I always do 2 - 3 Sets of 80kg Cable Crunches at the end of every second workout

what I like, 3 times a week:

Barbell Squat 3 x 10
Bench Press 3 x10
Chin Up 3 xMax or 3 x10 Rows
Overhead Barbell Press 3 x10
Barbell Curl 3 x10
Sit Up 3 xMax

That is if I would do Bodybuilding, personally I prefer to keep reps at 5 max

I also fuck around on the mat for about 20 minutes after my lifting. Ill practice handstands, and hold head stands.2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

Lol. those 2's are me falling asleep at the computer.

I'd like to build a body which behaves like it one giant muscle, like a snake or something, and of course also have crazy explosive power.

Yeah I'm for full body also.
the split routines came about with the drug fuelled bodybuilding of the 70s and 80s. I don't believe anything that's in magazines like muscle and fitness etc.

I used to be a full-body guy but then figured I can't workout the separate parts of my body hard enough if I do full-body..... So basically it's a 4 day rotation of :

1) Back (Pull Ups, Reverse Flys, Straight Arm Pulldowns)
2) Chest (Dips, DB Press, Clap Push-Ups, Flys)
3) Legs (Squats, Jump Squats, Quad Extensions, Hamstring Curls)

With Shoulders, I just do DB Shoulder Press and Side Lateral Rises where ever I can fit them in on anyone of the 3 days......I go pretty fucking heavy and hard, there is no way I could cram numbers #1 #2 and #3 all in one day at the volume I do them at.. I don't personally feel much if I don't go an insane amount of volume..... Doing like 6 Sets of Chest, followed by 6 Sets of Back, followed by 6 Sets of Legs, followed by 3 Sets of Abs - is how I used to do things AND it did not make me big at all.... I aint on roids but I still need to go on a split. Not a gay split with "Arm Day" though, Arm Day is for people with the primary focus of bodybuilding. Neither a Shoulder Day, that just goes in where ever I fit it in.

exactly Blake

I've been lifting for 45 days now after 365 days off. I'll show yous a before and after pic at 90 days. Then yous can tell me if my routine sucks or not.

You will not get big in 90 days, maybe a bit pumped up with blood, but you will not build much muscle is such a short time...

Your leg day is pretty full on,

I reckon if you can do that ramping squat routine and the ancillary stuff after you can probably increase the weight you're squatting and forego the ancillary stuff especially considering you're doing explosive stuff AFTER the squats.

You should be fucked after all those squats, looking forward to the before and after photos.

Don't pour your beer into a cup. Drink straight from the bottle. It's heavier. I do a few hundred reps a day. My biceps are huge! Don't forget to alternate lifting hand with every sip! Can add bottle-weights for greater effect.

Anybody know how to work the cock? Aside pulling it. It's a muscle, right? I reckon you need to pick girls up when you're fucking 'em, and take most the weight on the cock. I wouldn't recommend the use of heavier girls for greater effect, however. Fatties are disgusting. Instead stick with lighter girls, but get them to wear a weighted vest, or such.

Can I take two midget girls instead?

actually not a muscle Tenchu, the corpora cavernosa is like a spongey blood filled space which allows more blood in than out during excited condition.
however I think in my case the valve is working the other way these days

i'm pretty sure Tenchu already knew it wasen't a muscle..

I really liked his workout idea, MTL is getting fun again!

Hawkman ever tried the Penis Pump ?
A vietnamese buddy of mine is pumping up his muscles than his cock
He swears to have the biggest cock in whole Vietnam

Bro's I'm in hospital, broke my leg in 5 places and my arm. They might have to amputate my big right toe. Got run over by a car!

Please any advice on how to heal bones quicker. I've never been in such a dark place, fuck. Help!

Bro that's shithouse, order some whores

"He swears to have the biggest cock in whole Vietnam"

only cos I left there

Sam how did you get run over by a car? wtf?!

Sam I hope that car is destroyed After the crash
Get well soon mate

Going for second operation in 30 mins. They could only do 6 hours the other day cos of my Hemoglobin count dropping to near dead or something, which is why I'm a bit worried now. Tell Allimac Nosrac (Camilla Carson) that I love her more than anything if I don't post here within like 3 days. Getting real emotional here,
Peace out homies, pray these surgeons in Bali don't kill me.

chock dee my cunty brother, they will rebuild him

good luck man!

sam this is because of haemoglobin levels?

you should be eating dessicated liver and ribeyes, not fucking vegetables and wheat grass shots

hope you get well

I've posted 5 times but it's not working. .. I'm alive, surgery went good. Its hard to type. Ill post more tomorrow. Thanks all.

I've posted 5 times but it's not working. .. I'm alive, surgery went good. Its hard to type. Ill post more tomorrow. Thanks all.

Welcome back in this world

we all emailed Camilla

I survived, I was just really scared and emotional. Broke my leg in 5 places and the doctor's treated me like dirt. Just one 25ml shot of Fentanil and then they started twisting my leg and stitching it. I was screaming for them to stop stop please stop but they kept going.... Right now it's looking like they going to have to amputate my toe.

Fuckin rad bro, a story for the grandkids, glad you not dead, must be your shout lucky cunt

heatrick.com/2014/01/12/weight... ...-sore-for-muay-thai/

good article here by the Guru, Don Heatrick , his knowledge is immense

The "biggest cock in Vietnam" isn't really an achievement, you know.

It's shit the cock isn't a muscle. Evolution fucked that one up. It should be a muscle. Pump it full of roids, and stuff. That'd get guys in the gym.

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