4-Week Fight Camp At Khongsittha Gym

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Hey everyone!

Between January 17th - February 14th I will be holding a fight camp with the guys over at Khongsittha Gym.... it's going to be awesome! We'll be training 2x a day with the option to fight towards the end of the camp at one of the many promotions that Khongsittha has connections with. On top of that there will also be seminars taught by Saenchai and Petchboonchu AND also be taking group trips to Lumpinee Stadium to watch some fights.

There is a limit to 20 fighters and we've got 11 fighters already signed up. The prices are as follow:

4-weeks = 35,000 baht ($400 deposit to reserve your spot)
2-weeks = 20,000 baht ($200 deposit)

Costs include accommodation, training, tickets to Lumpinee and seminars. You will be responsible for airfare, transportation, food and other miscellaneous costs.

This is a fight camp, so itís NOT for beginners. We are looking for those looking to fight for the first time or who have a few fights already under their belt. That being said, you do not have to fight, but the option will be available.

At the end of the 1-month, the one fighter who shows the most discipline, passion and dedication to their training will become a sponsored fighter for an additional month. You can either stay an additional month or choose to fly back at a future date.

If you are interested or have any questions feel free to comment on this thread or shoot me a message.

35000 and doesn't include food. Since most Bangkok gyms are around 1000 b a day including training, room, and food it's kinda pricey.
could train at pksaenchai gym or fa group and work with saenchai or petchboonchu daily.

Similar post on ax offering sponsorship in return for 'the right candidate'.

I don't think sponsorship provides any value it just removes a lot of your freedom for a very small saving.

Cost of training/ food/ accommodation can be 15,000baht a month if you don't get a 'package deal'. Fight once a month get 10,000 baht. So just sponsor yourself and maintain your freedom.

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