A Story Of Betrayal At Sit Thaharnaek Muay Thai

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Why does it say my post is empty? I wrote a lot

I posted this on TripAdvisor but they managed to get it taken down, which is bullshit because this is a true story.
This is just a warning to all people who decide to train at this camp. The owner of Sit Thaharnaek (Hua) regardless of how nice
he appears to be stole around 400,000 baht from me. I trained at this camp for over two years and eventually became an investor in this camp, with the promise he would never kick me out. After I invested 400,000 baht we were partners we split
everything 50/50 but that was until the camp started making good money. I showed up every day at 8:30am to get ready for the morning session and left around 8:00pm every night while he strolled in at 12:30 and played on his phone while everyone else was training. I built the camp a website which has since been taken down. I'd even come in to the gym on my day off to clean as no one else would do it. I even made the TripAdvisor page which is where the majority of their business now comes from. I would answer all the emails, deal with guest relations, help guests find accommodations, ect. After we started making decent money Hua or more his wife decided they were paying me too much and cut my percentage from 50% to 30%, then when the camp had it's two best months in a row they decided they no longer wanted me to help out saying I really don't do that much and they feel they could manage it on there own. They said they'd reimburse my investment which of course they relinquished on, or otherwise I wouldn't be resorting to this. The main reason I'm writing this is because of the young Burmese boy they have fighting for the gym. I was there when his Uncle came in and dropped him off thinking he'd have a much better life at a Muay Thai camp as opposed to the construction site where his Uncle worked illegally. The boy was trained up as a fighter and did honestly seem happy being at the camp but one day his uncle came back to get him as he missed him as the boy who they called Sap was his only family, but Hua refused to give him back. There was a Thai woman who trained at the gym who took over my position answering emails and such, she took a real interest in Sap, she started the paperwork to get him legal and she enrolled him in school but recently I heard she was kicked out of the gym and told to stop helping Sap, they said they could raise him alone. I also heard they tried to pull him out of school because the money he makes from fighting doesn't cover his tuition and theyu don't want to pay for him to go to school. If you train at this gym you are supporting a thief and human trafficking, I'm not the first foreigner he has conned. Train at this gym at your own risk. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Good read, it's been a while since someone posted a post about getting screwed over by a Thai..

For the most part the lesson to people reading this should be not to go into an investment with a Thai. With human
Nature being what it is, there are very few legalities in Thailand which will help you when they turn around and decide to screw you over..

If it's any consolation musashi, they'll probably screw it up and go and lose it all in a couple of years, it doesn't sound like they like to work very hard...

sounds about right, id never go in business with a Thai . they dont understand having an asset, they just see the cash and take it

live and learn

same old story.
nothing new here



Thanks guys, same old story indeed! I was saving up the 2 million baht and in talks with Siam legal to make the company legit so I'd be protected. Americans can own 100% of a Thai business if you can show you have two million baht in your account. That way you don't have to do the 49%-51% split with a Thai partner. He knew I was doing this so as soon as the gym reached 6 figure profits every month he forced me to leave. The shitty part is we were like family once but I guess money really does change people, greed's a motherfucker. It was a good life lesson, I won't make the same mistake again :)

A similar story happened to my friend, but he invested in a beach front located resort.... A lot more money than you...!
It`s not easy to trust a Thai about money... Best friends turn into something different when it comes to financial problems. And believe me, when the family of your Thai business partner puts pressure on, because they are too lazy to work, then you are nobody anymore.....
And when you ask your Thai business partner for contractual agreements, he will ask you: Don`t you trust me...?

it will fall to bits eventually. they always get greedy

Never heard of this gym before.

Interesting read. I have a friend who trained at this gym for a while before falling out with the owner over fights and purses etc. Think I'll forward your tale on to him and get his thoughts.

FYI you should make this clearer. Give the gym a 1 star review here with this story and do it on other martial art forums too. People should also know the gym location (Night Bazaar, Chiang Mai), as people are not that good with Thai names and that might help them avoid it.

stupid cunts, they will shoot themselves in the feet

Thanks again guys,Ramson you are right about the making of the contract that is there go to. "Why do you want to make a contract, don't you trust me?"
TomS you're right, I should make it more clear and post it on other forums. I'd like to make it a cautionary tale for anyone coming to Thailand for the first time or thinking about investing in any kind of business here. I'm just not sure where to post it, I'm curious who your friend is? You don't have to put his name on here, but the falling out over purse money and the owner probably not willing to give him much of a break on training fees either wouldn't surprise me. I just recently found out I used to get paid 2000 more baht for my fights but Hua would keep it, although he told me he never took a cut of my purse money. He also once tried to get me to pay him an extra 20,000 baht a month to train our guest he said because he was the owner he shouldn't have to train people which is ridiculous as the guest go to the gym to train with him, not some white kid from America.

A friend of mine who is a successful businessman for 20 years in Thailand now, told me things like,
- don't raise the wage of a thay employee ... that will let them think they are VIP

Beer belly tuk tuk trainers! Shit I'm saving to go to Evolve. They just added Sam A. Shit in Thailand scammers.

Wonder how long the Falange Muay Thai scene will last in Thailand. You can get pretty good training abroad now so is it just becoming a short term training option? Thoughts...

Imo the whole MT scene is declining
Just like the Overall quality of training

tend to agree with that statement.

You fly half way around the world and you're in a gym full of beginners with very average pad holders at best. Better off staying at home all be it for the shit weather and fat birds...

As long as Moooey Thai is considered a good base for MMA there be some people training there
As long as the pussy is cheap there be people masking their stay with Mooooey Thai

But the boom is over, time for some gyms to be sold bought and sold again to be closed and so on
would love to be proved wrong

maybe Tenchu was right, MT is little kids stuff

Hobz even without training and hookers Thailand still has a lot to offer.... like taxi tuk tuk and suit

Thailand is still the mecca for Thai boxing training. My gym here in Aussie has 4 Thai trainers and I get pads every day which is nice, but the overall training style sin't a patch on what I get at a decent Thai gym and so it's very hard to stay motivated on a daily basis.

The challenge is that the Thai market is now saturated and most farang will choose gyms that have a good social media presence and show up on the top google search results. Unfortunately most of these gyms will not offer a true and authentic Thai gym experience. That said, most guys are happy with they purchase as they get a token fight with a tuk tuk driver, beat them up, and then get to tell all their mates back home how hardcore they were training in Thailand and beating a local champion fighter.

p.s. you probably want to update your profile Jake as it still says you train at Sit Thaharnaek with Hua ;).

i am going on a watercolours painting holiday next , in the hills and lavender fields just outside Arles in the south of France.

I am hoping to get punched in the face and low kicked and ripped off and crash my moped quite a lot.

i hope the MT gym scene retruns to normal , theres no need for 30 gyms in Phuket, the good ones in BKK are still going , who knows maybe more people wil start going to Isaan?
the MT clique once people come back is unreal , refusing to drink anything but m150 or and add a fried egg and chillis on top of every meal. even if its a freid egg they wil put a fried egg on it. listening only to Isaan music and caling everyone "you you! myfriend you!" and standing up in teh cinema , even during the ads, I case there's a national anthem


What about damaging a jetski at St. Tropez ?

I got chased out of st Tropez for pointing at someone with my feet

failed teep ?

most of my teeps are a failure. my hips are so tight now I can barely move them legs

you forgot the several buddhas on a chain worn outside the shirt so everyone sees them, just like the Thai 's don't do


i people are smarter more than you. Because farang alway lost money in my country.

you lost money you blame to Thai . why you stay in my country?
This is Thai land ok

Paying rider are you fucking stupid. Pretty much everything worth enventing was invented by the west. Everything that you use from day to day from you motorbike to your mobile phone is the byproduct of some genius in the west that actually had the intelligence to change the world.

With exception to go go bars and soapy massages,Thailand contribution to humanity has been zero.

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