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All the right people are here these days (Blake, Pat, Sam, Rambu et al) so can you gais rate/ offer advice on my regimen below? This is the outcome of previous threads and will most likely appear again in another form in the future.
Goals: gain a few kgs over the next year, keep some muay Thai athleticism.

6km bike to and from work everyday
6km bike to and from gym
Stretch at the end of each bike ride
Each lifting session warm up Parisi method ie 5 of dynamic/mobility type exercises at intensity ie burpees, russian twists, prisoner squats

Each lifting session reps increase from 8 to 10, drop back to 8 with a 5 pound increment and then increase to 10

-Lifting day 1 morning
4*8-10 Military press with 90 second rest at 60% 1rm
4*8-10 Declination deadlift with 90 second rest at 60% 1rm
Dips and pull ups

-2 days no lifting - first day muay Thai , second day sprints
-Lifting day 2 morning
5*5 Military press with 90 second rest at 75% 1rm
5*5 Declination deadlift with 90 second rest at 75% 1rm
Dips and pull ups

2 days no lifting - first day active rest, second day muay Thai

I also intend to integrate the clean in a few Months. I'll also try the grease the groove method of chins/pulls on days I'm not stressed, my mooey may suffer but I should get a little thicker and stronger, thoughts please?
Bare in mind I have had a shattered foot/ankle which has degenerated cartilage, I'm over 6ft and under 80kg..... Ta muchly

I personally don't think your volume is enough in order to gain muscle, I'd do 8 Sets for Military Press and 7 Sets for Deadlifts... I'd just rest longer starting as of the 4th Set - like 90 secs, 120 secs, 180secs, 240 secs, so then you can do more Sets while still hitting your Rep Range.

Yeh, I basically just think your volume isn't enough to gain a few kilo's.

Cheers sam, good cunt

i like this :

Each lifting session reps increase from 8 to 10, drop back to 8 with a 5 pound increment and then increase to 10

that is what will give you your mass gains,

maybe I would add in some bench and if you feel your legs suffer, replace deadlift by pull ups or rows so you keep your cardio legs...

I've been thinking a lot about athleticism too lately as I'm gyming more and more and the amount of weight I'm lifting is getting heavier and heavier.

So the last 2 workouts I've put in a conscious effort to do Plyometrics on the matted area of the gym after I'm done with the Barbells and Dumbbells.

So after all my Chest stuff, like Weighted Dips (6 Sets) and Dumbbell Presses (6 Sets) - I'll do Clapping Push Ups (4 Sets with 90 sec rest) and I'll really explode as hard as I can bring my Central Nervous System to doing so. I can only get 8 - 10 Reps of Clapping Push Ups in after lifting the iron.

And for Legs, after Back Squats, I'll do the same thing but with Jump Squats (which is probably kinda dodge considering your ankle). With the Jump Squats, I can only do 6 Reps after doing Back Squats. (4 Sets with 90 sec rest)

With the Plyometrics I really put a strong mental effort into exploding as hard as I possibly can, I feel that's really important to training your brain.

So that's Plyometrics sorted for my Chest and Legs, but for Back day I haven't yet come up with anything.

Get enough carbs proteins because of The bike rides

I meant deficit too not declination, fuckin tard, thanks pat

deficit dl is great

Stop biking faggot

Only thing about biking is that you develop some tight ass hip flexors. Got to stretch that shit real good everyday!

yeah I noticed my hips are tight as fuck, does make me feel rather faggoty when I throw a kick and at comes out like PAAAARP no kicks for you today cunt

lol. mine are so tight nowadays I have to walk sideways

Stretch that shit. Like get on the floor right now and Just Do It!

Tyson was a huge fan of his exercice bike..but ofcourse he never had to kick...

I meant it more along the lines of him doing excess aerobic work when he wants to gain mass

I understand where, Blake's coming from, today's the first day I havent ridden in to work for the last two weeks and my hips feel fuckn bizarre
Fortunately I'm in a sedentary job so I dont burn a great deal of calories and also have the opportunity to snack all day
I biked in to the gym yesterday before work to get some numbers and was pleased to discover post shit that I'm the heaviest I've ever weighed
I am concerned with my mobility though so will be monitoring it like a FUCKIN SCIENTIST
Gonna see if I can find a sucker who can hold pads for me a run kick/check drills over and over, maybe teach the mrs

You gain muscle mass even at a caloric deficit as long as you eat enough Protein and you're body fat levels are high enough.

People seem to get confused with the word "mass:.

So I did a workout and it actually looked like this
Bike 5 km
skip of 3 rounds
bag for 3 rounds
Dynamic stretch

60% of 1rm 10 reps 5 sets
85% of 1rm 5 reps 5 sets

50 chins
40 bent over bb rows

5km bike

In the arvo I just fuckarsed around with set after set of dips

This shit wont kill me so I'll try it a cupply days a week, my posterior chain is saying YOU CUNT, two days rest should be sufficient

oh yes Blake I fucken biked too, I biked and bike and fucken biked


"60% of 1rm 10 reps 5 sets
85% of 1rm 5 reps 5 sets "

way too may sets of DL's tbh. Bryzcki has 10 reps being the 75% mark

60% of 1 RM should be your warm up set - do that , one set for 12 reps and move on.

i would say if you are doing proper work sets on deadlift there should be no room for anything more - doing 5 x5 @ 85% is too much volume and probably you are not working your 1 rm out correctly if you can 5 x 5, youre probably gonna be able to pull much more in a few weeks if you drop it down to 3 x 5

for posterior chain I have been doing KB swings for like 20-30 reps after I have done my deadlifts and hyperextsions. using only a 20 kg kb but am walking like a duck today.


inalso agree with Hawkman on this, way to much volume for deadlifts.
there is a reason why the Starting Strenght programm forexample only uses 1 set of deadlift while 3 sets of other lifts...

Workout A
3x5 Squat
3x5 Bench Press
1x5 Deadlift

Thanks my cuntiss brothers

serioulsy cannot hardly walk after the kettlebel stuff , 2 days after
mind you I have had some kind of mystery flu all summer so was a first time back

did 1000 m on concept 2
3 rounds on bag
2 sets hyperexts
4 sets DL not going below 5 reps
KB swings 2 sets

warm down. done

need some of that gear you posted in the other thread
my hammys think I'm a cunt, guess that's a good thing though

every article I've read on strength training says to concentrate more on your man lifts than anything else
cant help getting some bag in though

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