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hi guys. got a story id like some opinions on. a bit long so bare with me. went to Thai land (phuket) for the first time earlier this year. I was alone so pretty nervous at first but my second day there I met a fellow american and we became bungalow neighbors and partners in crime (so to speak). he couldnt ride a motorbike so I also became his wheels everywhere. first two weeks were cool. we woke eachother up in the morning to train. went to eat afterwards. went to beach. then one night I decide to go out alone since he was tired. I went to a bar that me and him had went once before to have a few drinks. met some nice ladies (all Thai ) who took me around and we had a good time. the next day I went over to his bungalow to tell him of my adventure and that I would be going again that night and he should join me. he took some convincing but finally he came out with me. went to the same bar. same girls were there. pretty much same thing as the day before. drinks at the bar then off to the club to dance a bit. its me, him and three girls (all of them very pretty and not hookers or ladyboys)) he didnt want to go the club but again I sold him on the idea. keep in mind I'm his ride and til this point he could have walked easily back to the room but he came with us to the club. we're all dancing having a good time. all of a sudden about 20 minutes in he becomes antsy and says he gotta go right now. one of the girls (who obviously liked him) says she wants to leave too. the other two wanted to stay out. I'm having a good time and felt some pussy in my near future, so I dint want to leave yet. so I say "hey you need a ride. she has a bike. shes into you. shes not super drunk like I am. and shes going in your direction. why dont you ride with her"? shes completely ok with the idea. I figure hes gonna go home and seal the deal. anyways me and the other two girls decide to leave the club a little while later and head back to my room. upon arrival we see that the girl who gave him the ride is gone. so one of the girls I was with decided to knock on his door (obviously to fuck him. its 5am). so now its just me and the last girl (the one I wanted). were fooling around and like 5 minutes later her friend comes back and says he asked her to leave because he was tired. they eventually leave. the next day I go over to check on him. knock on his door. no answer. later that day one of the girls surprised me and brought me some pot (which me and him had both discussed getting), so I go over again to share. no answer. just to wrap this up, this guy didnt speak to me the remainder of the trip (two weeks for me). stopped waking me up in the morning. stopped answering his door. even the girls were like "whats with your friend" also found out he talked about me to the girl who gave him the ride. said I was a baby cause I was out there trying to get laid. Now to be fair he did say he was married but getting laid had come up in discussion plenty of times and he was spending months on the other side of the world so I dont think his marraige could have been THAT important. now what I want to know is, did I break some kind of guy code I'm unaware of? because in my view I got him out of the room, got some pussy in his lap and tried to share the pot and huge bag of coconuts that this little Thai girl had lugged over to our rooms. we're both mid twenties and the girls were roughly the same. What do you guys think ? am I an asshole and dont know it? haha

You got him a ladyboy.

i honestly thought that haha. but I ended up with one of them and she was absolutely a woman, beautiful too

ive seen enough trannies to know the difference. lol. these were all ladies.

We need to see pics of these ladies

if you dragged me out then got some bint to take me home (when I'm married) because you was to busy chasing tail, i'd call you a twat and then prob laugh about it next day.

he is obviously a bit over sensitive and not taken it to well. no loss, he sounds gay as fuck

not sure what a bint is but I could definietly see him being pissed at me for not giving a ride. but I was falling down drunk and the other girl wanted him and offered the ride. I thought I was being a good friend. Sorry insomniac I dont have pics on me you'll have to use your imagination. but from first hand experience they absluetly werent trannies. I see enough here and had seen enough out there to know what a tranny looks like. either way he had his chance at two different girls because of me. if I did something wrong he could have just told me

He's an adult. If he really didn't want action he could have just told you straight. If you did what you did after he clearly said "i don't want to be with any girls because I'm married" then that's different but if he was being vague then he is an idiot.

At the end of the day, no one can enforce anything on you. You make your own decisions.

As for a ride? Ahhh don't go on a holiday if you can't afford ONE TAXI RIDE in phuket. Seriously.

That's what I thought bumwau. I didn't put a gun to his head. I told him I got laid the night before. Told him come with me so we could both get laid and he came out. Hes a grown man he knows what we're going out to do. I honestly think he got jealous because I managed to come out of my shell and have fun while he was always in his room like a hermit. I don't know. Where I come from, if I somehow broker a deal into you getting laid, I'm a great friend. Haha. I understand he was married but like I said he knew what the goal was for the night and could have said no.

Usually its necesary to listen both sides of the story.

Attending to your version, that guy is way too sensitive and ambiguous.

Yeh, that guy sounds like he can hold a grudge. This is probably a result of being mistreated in his teenage years and early adulthood.


Maybe he thought "Man, this guy is fucking unpleasant as can be when he is drunk, fuck him, I'm just gonna do the Muay Thai."

Sam, I think it's most likely the guy is scared of his wife. You know, those guys who get dominated by their wives? He was getting scared shitless that he nearly made a mistake that would have destroyed his life when he returned home. Haha

Fuck knows..... If my mate was all like """Come on man, we'll just go out for a bit, and just get these bitches to come over."""" then I somewhat reluctantly decided to go under this pretense, but turns out it didn't go that way and my mate just got drunk as shit and started dancing and was all like """Come on man, just a bit longer woohoo!"" then continued dancing some more: I would just be like ""Meh, I should have seen that coming"".

Yes, Mr. X does sound like a pussy, and an asshole too for barring you like that...

I've had plenty of mentally ill neighbours in Phuket.... There was this one Portuguese dude that didn't speak a word of English, I would say "Hi" to him and he would just smile and ignore me (basically) and just go straight into his room... Then somehow he found me and added me of Facebook (you know how everyone adds everyone), but I declined it, then for the next week before he moved out he just gave me the evils always, but I'd just be like "Hello! Good morning my friend!" everyday, you know cos he was a dick about it so I wanted to condescend him..

Then a Kiwi kid moved in after, he came from like a hardcore christian upbringing and I wanted to break the fucker out of his shell, so I used to fuck around with him, then after I fucked with him too much he started to blatantly ignore me. Fuck bro, just trying to help you out, gave you your first joint and shit. So I just was like "Hello! Good morning my friend!" everyday to make him all feel like a bitch.

Fucking people man.

This is a video of the last prank I pulled on him, I was waiting for ages for him to come out of his room, had my camera ready and all : D

^ Didn't pick you to have a shitty American frat boy accent.

That kiwi guy is fr1kkin retarded though. I'm ashamed to be associated with him at a national level.

Wonder how much he paid for his red dress hooker, as there's definitely no doubt she's a working girl prancing around in that attire.

As for the OP, nope, you aren't an arsehole or even a slight bit cunty. Dude is just a fucktard but then most Americans are :p

Accent fluctuates from Aussie to American, depending on the year.... Live back in Oz for a few months then the Aussie accent comes back, live in Bali for a few months and the international school kid accent comes back....

Didn't pick it, cos I write so well hey? ;-)

Oh, he paid 1,000, and the idiot even dropped her home...... For about 3 days after he was depressed as shit, you could tell, but he wouldn't say why; so one night at the Reggae Bar in Rawai as we were sitting down I said to him """I noticed you been quite as lately, you're bummed out about me posting that video on my Facebook hey? Don't worry, you don't have to say anything, I'll take it down ok?"" then he was like "Okay" so I logged into my Facebook and took it down right in front of him, then he was INSTANTLY back to normal..... Then the next day he made a wise crack at me, and I was like ""You want that video back up do ya?"" and he instantly curled up into a shell - that was a pretty asshole thing for me to say, I admit. but this was like 3 years ago or someshit - :p

Captain Jean Luc Picard says "WTF Is this shit?"

don't smoke pot in Thailand, thats just taking a big risk and can be a scam to get you into trouble with the police so you'll have to pay. Happened to a friend of mine...

oh and they are prostitues in some way I promise you.

Some advice for your friend. Cheating with a ladyboy isn't really cheating :-) so +1 for the advice given by insomniacl

its never cheating is it..? what happens in patong stay's in patong


Haha yea I met some characters out there. I swear this is exactly how the story went. I highly doubt they are protistutes. If they were they were pretty bad at it considering they spent their money just as much as I did when we went out. Could it be some women on the other side of the world just find me attractiv?. I'm not the typical middle age fat guy that comes to Thailand. I'm young. In decent shape. Fuck that I look good. haha. Not every woman has to be a hooker. As far as smoking pot I agree it wasn't the best idea but I only did it in my bungalow and the owner didn't care. Anyways this guy is just weird. When we were out there he started adding everyone on fb but conveniently left me out. Now I think he deleted his.account cause I can't find him. Even after all that I wonder how.he's doing.

You canīt find him if he blocked you (I think).

Yeah your an asshole, what kind of guy invites someone for a good time out with a few bitches and drinks. That's just fucked. I would hang my head in shame if I was you.

Haha yea I'm most definitely a piece of shit for that. Seriously though I honestly think he was either a giant pussy, gay (nothing wrong with that) or had herpes. Y'all been to Thailand you know for the most part the women are hot. He could have at least banged one of them. They were actually more into him than me but after a while they saw I was having fun and he was just being weird so they let him be. Even my last day there the girls were seeing me off and one knocked on his door one last time. same one that gave him the ride. and he basically shooed her away politely and looked at me like I pissed in his cereal. I don't know man dude had issues

Google him. If he blocked you you will find his facebook on Google but not on fb....

i think he probably saw him self as a Muay Thai Warrior and you were an assassin that was trying to lead him down a path of debauchery.

who goes 10000 miles from home to not get laid? thats just weird. not saying pussy should be your goal. but why go so far and not have fun. Im gonna ask the guys at the gym if anyone has heard from him. @sam that video was hilarious. you're a scumbag for messing with the dude like that. haha. I dont quite understand the grief hes getting though. is 1000 baht too much? is he a sucker for giving her a ride?

Fuck yeh he's a sucker for giving her a ride home, who does that.. She wasn't even a hot. 1,000 is standard from what i've heard people say. And like 3,000 - 6,000 for falang chicks.

giving her a lift home is better than keeping her around and buying breakfast!

Hey. I realize this thread is old already, but if anyone wants a laugh, I spoke to the girls recently and they told me he came back to the bar once I left phuket. What a bitch. One of them asked why he stopped speaking to me and he said because I was a baby and all talk regarding my training. Like dude why the fuck do you care how often I train? And there was almost a week where he wasnt in the gym because "his feet hurt". What a snake this prick was I'm glad he cut me off. He waited for me to leave to try to weasel his way into some pussy that he turned away before. And as far as training goes I only missed a few days to go to racha. Only had a few days left in phuket so wanted to have some fun. Fuck that guy. Id probably slap him if I saw him again.

Mannnn, human beings are sooooo fucked. Who the fuck takes a hooker to breakfast!

I guess plenty of fools still watch Pretty Woman and think that romantic ideology is applicable to Thai bar girls?

Gotta have the game of Richard Gere to pull that off though. Good luck with that.

Haha poor guy doesn't get the ettiquette. Although a Thai breakfast can't cost more than 80 baht for a little Thai lady. Maybe her pussy was that good. Anyone know where she works? Lol

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