Anyone Planning A Thailand Trip To 2015?

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anyone planning a trip to Thai land next year? if so where? how long? are you planning to fight?

hopefully planning to go for 6 months next year, phuket, bangkok,changmai and possible hoping to fight. I have a boxing and mma background.

ive read a couple of different things about the visa being an issue and not allowing you back to Thai land from your visa run .. am I likely to have an issue getting a visa for 6 months? (from UK)

I'm also from the UK and have been planning a 6 month trip, probably to Jun Muay Thai in Koh Samui.

However I have recently moved gym here in England so I will probably wait and see what opportunities arise for me over here, before committing to Thailand.

I'm no expert on the visas, I believe you can apply for a 6 month visa. If I go I will just get the 60 day visa and extend it for another 30 days, then do a quick visa run after 3 months. Seems the least amount of hassle to me.

A few gyms I spoke to claim they can send the necessary paperwork to support a long-term visa, however it was a bit costly, and I'm not sure if their paperwork will guarantee your application being accepted, I'm sure others on here have far greater experience on this than me.


6 months is a big step up but I'm 25, no real responsibilities so might as well do it now before I regret it later, I'm thinking about 4k or 5k should hopefully be enough. I'm not looking to party much just train.

if you dont mind me asking why have you chosen Jun Muay Thai ? is it location? are you planning to fight?

yeh I read tiger said they can do that, I might get tiger to send me one and then only stay for a for couple of weeks lol. I know people say stay away but id like to see it for myself stay there for a week or 2 see what is it like.

yes I was looking at 4-5 grand budget.

To be honest choosing Jun's was because of my budget and the location.

Location wise, I wanted to be near a beach. Don't have a problem with Bangkok, but I'm not such a high level fighter that I necessarily needed to be based in Bangkok, so why not be based close to a beach and the rainforest!!

I've been to Phuket before and would like to go back, but for 6 months at my budget I could probably only afford Suwit gym in Chalong, and after giving it serious consideration I thought either Jun's or Superpro, both on Samui, looked better.

I was leaning towards Jun's because nobody really has a bad word to say about it. Although I consider myself pretty technical, I am under no illusions about my level of muay Thai , and I felt that Juns would be most likely to push me as far as possible to make use of my abilities. Although Superpro's facilities look excellent, I was a little concerned that it might be a bit busy.

Having said all that, it was a toss-up between Suwit, Juns and Superpro, and I'd probably be happy at any of them , rather than being in England!!

As for the visa letter from Tiger/etc, although I got the feeling that gyms want to see 6 months worth of commitment (ie a deposit) before handing over the paperwork. I'm sure reputable places like Tiger/Superpro/Jun's etc will not rip you off if you paid 6 months up front, but I still think it would be madness to do so, as you could break a leg or have a bike crash in the first month.....

I'm in Phuket early to mid may

im planning to go back in 2015, I'm still not sure what dates exactly, and what area this time, I love phuket and been their already a few times, I'm still not sure if I go back to phuket or that I will go to ubon, 1 of my old khru's is now at lamnamoons gym in ubon and I would love to train with him again


I´ll be there for five months.

From july to Novemeber.

Probably studying in a language school to obtain my Proficiency (PCE) in English every morning and afternoon just train and relax.

99% I´ll be in Bangkok though not yet decided which gym. The closest one from school is Fighting Spirirt.

We´ll see.

Me and the wife are going March & April next year to Sinbi

Taking 2 months unpaid leave. Holy shit do I need the time off work!!!

ive been off work for 3 months now, fucking love it. work is overrated, mainly bullshit and for cunts. gonna do some voluntary work in a bit

ill be going in march 11th, I thinking about going to master toddy because of the 1 year EDvisa. Spend 3 to 4 months in his gym than look to another place.

big tae kwon do fan are you?

Sorry bro, you'll become KradotTKD.

Unfortubately I going there only because of the edvisa man.
I saw a lot of shit in his background, but also read good reviews, like that one that spider wrote here.
Cmon guys help me out, is he really that bad or he is just a liar?
If he is a liar but havê a good method I dont give a fuck, I dont wanna be his friend I just want to improve myself.

lion heart and cobra punch and no one I ever met in Thailand had anything good to say about him

Who u guys on about master toddys?

Toddy trained Ronnie Green who was probably exponentially better than anyone who post on here, so I can forgive him a lot for that. If you have a boxing/MMA background then you should be able to suss out whether training is any good or not. Spider knew what he was talking about and. so far, I think he's about the only one who's actually trained there. You've got six months, I'd be very wary of paying anyone that much upfront. Getting visa extensions isn't, as far as I'm aware, that much of a hassle - I could be wrong - as plenty seem to do it.

Máster Toddy charges me 20000 bath and 2 months in advance só I could get the letter and estender my visa. He also told me I would need to attend 10 sessions per month só I could still renovate every 3 months.
I havê a gym here in brazil, I'm going to Thai land to improve teaching methods, get better resume and if possible do some fights.
Toddy seem to havê a really good method to deal with students, and that is something that called my attetion too.
What you guys think I should do this will be first time in Thai land, I'm spending almost 2 years of saving, I'm investing all mmy money on it. Só thats why I'm só confused I dont want to waste 2 years of work.

Go to different camps and different cities? I wouldn't recommend 6 months in Bangkok to my biter enemies!

Sugestions please

There are a few believers in Master Toddys methods, there is a bird that trains there full time and writes a blog.
Her blog is . She puts training videos up there too, that will give you an idea of whether you think training there will work for you or not.

Sumalee in Phuket. But that's just me. Kind of depends where else you would like to go.

Phuket, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Pattaya, somewhere in Issan! It's easier to consider the area before the gym. The area will reflect how much you will spend and what things who have access too etc..

sometimes I think going to Tiger somewhere around March / April

KradotMT if youre from Brazil go to Elite in Phuket

Phuket seems to be too expensive. That why did not wanted to go

Hawkman with expert advise yet again! KradotMT you should do that as it is all Brazilian run etc, braziliansyakuza.

I been thinking whether to go to Pattaya for a few days in April too and try out Sityodtong as that place has some real undisputable history.

thinking about chiang mai, maybe start study Thai language if I do want to extend my visa

minr if you do go , would be nice to hear how it is bearing in mind the old man died and a lot of their guys have spent many years over in Singapore now

I've heard training at Sityodtong is nothing like it used to be. And as Hawkman says, all the big name trainers and fighters are overseas plying their trade

That is what puts me off going there, the history is one thing but when evolution passes you by that is the sad part, which is a shame as there stories and legends from tha place is amazing, I need to think it through though, as Pattaya is a walking brothel apparently and that shit isn't for me.

i wish I could drop everything and go on a 6 month trip again! :(

minr Pattaya is a shithole, crime infested and full old saggy men with barely legal prostitutes I wouldn't recommend that place for anyone unless there looking for HIV or to get robbed.

booking my ticket now lol

You'll find whores and brothels everywhere in Thailand - and anywhere else if you want to find them. I've never seen the problem unless you feel you'll be tempted by them (which tbh is your problem and not their's). Nobody forces anyone to shag bargirls. If your aim is to train, then train.

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