Bangkok Gym Prices - What's The Lowest I Can Expect To Pay Long-term?

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Hey guys,

I'd like to hear about your experiences with the prices of gyms in central Bangkok.

I'm planning on moving to Thailand for an indeterminate period of time, hopefully a few years if it works out. I'm about to graduate from university (exercise and sport science) and I'd like to live in Thailand for a while, with Muay Thai being the main incentive for the move. I'm planning on getting a job teaching English but since my expected salary is around 40,000baht/month (correct me if I'm wrong) I'm not sure that I can justify paying gyms fees in Bangkok which seem to be at minimum 10,000/month for training 1x a day.

Is it possible to find cheaper gyms in the central Bangkok area?

I'd be looking to train at a gym one session per day. I've had 8 fights in Thailand and I'd like to fight as often as possible (hopefully once every month or two) but my Muay Thai is mediocre and since I'll be teaching full time I don't think getting 'sponsored' by a gym for fighting regularly is a possibility.

What are your experiences with long-term gym prices in Bangkok?

My experience with long-term gym prices in Thailand is that they don't differ much from short term prices and the Thai's aren't very much bothered with giving a discount either...

You would be better off finding a gym that is close to your school as if you're going to be working 7am-3pm everyday, you don't want to be commuting all over Bangkok.

Elite boxing gym has a good monthly rate, about 8,000baht a month which is pretty good considering the facilities are top notch. You're going to struggle to find anything cheaper than this... In a good area for teaching as well.

Think you're ambitious to teach full time and train everyday tho, but good luck...


Fighting spirit have a good deal - 5,000baht a month but I don't think the quality of training will be great but good enough to start off with...

What is your offical nationality? Does your ID says Australian?
It is important to get a work permit because only native speakers can get one for teaching English.
you'll find work without the permit but then you earn less and I would not take the risk to do something illegal..


Thanks for pointing out Elite Boxing and Fighting Spirit.

I was wondering whether training at a non-tourist orientated gym would be the cheapest option. Thinking about it though smaller gyms without other foreigners might still charge ridiculous amounts simply because they're not used to dealing with foreigners and think they can charge 15,000 a month because they think we're all rich. If that's the case a larger gym like Fighting Spirit might be the way to go.

As you mentioned I'm planning on finding a job first and then basing my search for a gym off that location to limit the hassle of having to commute all over the place. I know it's ambitious to want to train daily while working as a teacher. To be honest I don't know anyone else who has done it long-term but I hope I can work it out.


While I also have Malaysian citizenship I'm 100% Australian with an Australian passport and my degree will be from an Australian university.

Maybe work out a deal with the gym to teach the fighters English in exchange for free training.

From experience, the cost of training at obscure Thai gyms isn't really any less than the more commercial gyms.

The cost of training in Thailand will always be a sore point for foreigners given that it is generally much cheaper to train at home with the standard of training in the west constantly improving.....

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