Best Camp For Beginners?

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Please let me know which is the best camp in Thailand to train at for 1 month!

Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket

Just away from Bangkok

are you serious minr?
my tiger MT was a joke but if I would go for training only and nothing else I would go to BKK
best camps are over there.

you should add more information.

It ´s a difficult question, but at the same time answered a thousand times.

Like the beach?

Travelling with family?

How much of a begginer are you?

Read past posts of the same question and try to make a conclusion, after that, you´ll have new questions that will be easier to sort.

just my point of view.

Good luck.

Ok, good points.......
1) would prefer to be close to the beach, not in a city so have pretty much ruled out Bangkok.
2) will be going alone, mrs may come over for a week. No kids.
3) have been taking classes for a few months, c2 per week
4) budget - quality of camp and facilities comes first

rarave82 absolutely correct....

based on your tiny bit of info, if you are a beginner and going for just 1 month then combine it with what you want from a holiday.... so for beaches (Phuket/Samui)... big city (Bangkok)... or maybe chang mai....

just seen your last post.... I that case I'd recommend Sinbi in Phuket.... although someone else may be able to give you more info on Koh Samui gyms.....

or if money is not an issue you have fairtex Pattaya

Jun and Wech Pinyo seem highly rated on Samui and both walking distance to the beach. Sinbi and Sumalee get great reviews on Phuket, but you'll need transport to get to the beach as a bit too far to walk.

Go to samui, a bit expensive but it's worth the money

does anyone get the bad Phuket vibe in Samui or is it all cool there? I was there 20 years ago so dont know

Phuket, especially Patong sucks big time imo, I even prefer Pattaya over Patong.
The tourists you'll find in Patong are just horrible.

The one you pick is the best! Just do it and learn.

Although I am biased as I am the Manager of Combat 360X in Khao Lak. Khao Lak is a great place to train if you are looking for a quiet environment near the beach that still has plenty to do. We have 3 gyms/camps in the area including Rawai Muay Thais new facility, ours and The gym at Khao Lak boxing stadium. I think all of us are perfect for beginners through to advanced students.

If you want any more info please feel free to message me

Tiger definitely best for beginners.

a Canadian friend told me many years back, if id go to Canada to learn ice hockey, they would not
teach me ice skating - I need to know that by myself ..... and if an absolute beginner goes to Thailand
to learn Muaythai well, probably you need to know some basics first too.

i did see Thais teaching to absolute beginners, BUT ONLY to children who would learn by repeating,
repeating again and again and over YEARS would become fighters

sorry, just my 2 cents

I think 'johnny' makes a good point with the Canadian/Hockey analogy.

And to that point, if you're a beginner then it's probably your best bet to get Private Sessions (so you can learn how to "skate" first)
That's what I did and I've yet to be disappointed from any of the camps I chose (Dragon Muay Thai in Phuket, Hong Thong in Chaing Mai, Chakrit in Bangkok, Yod Yut in Koh Samui)

Of course, there's no guarantees! You just have to go to a camp and ask questions and trust your gut and let experience be your guide. But I've learned something from each and everyone of the trainers I've worked with... and if you don't like what you're getting you can always pick a new trainer or even a new camp.

People on Samui are heaps nicer than Phuket..Phuket is the worst place in Thailand for people being rude and uninterested..But in saying that you get more of your drunk shitty tourists there too, so this may be a result of dealing with fuckwits for a long period of time .

I also find Phuket the worst, even worse then Pattaya.

I do not agree with Johnny,
training for foreigners has become a real business so lots of camps are build to entertain those beginners, especially the Phuket camps.

But of course you should not go to a top BKK gym to learn the basics, those gyms are the fc Barcelona from Muay Thai

in the end it all depends on the trainer you get, not really the gym...

"those gyms are the fc Barcelona from Muay Thai"

You just spoiled my sunny morning with that coment.

Please explain me Ruben

did you see the game yesterday? Barca vs Man city?

Based on your profile pic I don't need any further info Ruben, your a Madrid fan :-)

Since I am not Spanish I don't have a preferred team.
I do like Benzema, my favorite player of the world cup and he plays for Madrid, I just prefer Messi over Ronaldo

Benzema sounds like a cream you put on a nasty cock rash

i saw an absolute beginner look very good after 2 weeks in Thai land, but he was v athletic , climbed everset and stuff.

tbh if you stop for a few years like I have done and then go back to Thai land it is essentially like beginning again for the first week, fitness takes about 2-3 weeks and thats a sepearate issye.but muscle memory/ brain-link kicks in in a different way than with an absolute (late ) beginner.

anyway I woudl say Tiger is good for a beginner but you wil not learn fundamental basics such as the knee there. you will learn kick and 1 /2 uppercut but not much knee.
i really find a lot of Thai trainers now do not like to hold pads for the knee. anywhere.

but racking my brain to think where is good for beginners now.

when I was at Chang years ago, some guys there had trained at Sitmonchai as absolute beginners but they were like fishes out of water.
was a good step-down for them at Chang.
rob's gym has a few guys that specialise training the young/ new guys and they do well.
i think if you find a gym that has had trainers go and work in uk, us , aus, they will be used to working with beginners

Getting kneed is the most exhausting part for the padholder

Benzema, Messi, Ronaldo all shit compared to Zidane, Ronaldinho, Romario and godfather himself Maradona

The absolute basics => Tiger beginners class :D

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