Body Weight For Maximal Strength

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What body weight exercises do any of you do / find useful for building maximal strength?
im not talking about high rep strength endurance. I'm talking about muscle building, raw strength with low reps

I find single arm/leg stuff good. like single leg sliders for hamstrings is probably one of the best leg exercises ive done.


it is all usefull as long as you use CAT.

Compensatory Acceleration Training:
this method refers to the process of deliberately trying to accelerate the bar throughout the concentric phase of the movement, instead of allowing the load alone to determine how one should move." Therefore, not only will an increase in mass (more weight on the bar) cause an increase in muscle tension and resistance, but since force is the product of mass and acceleration (Newton's Second Law), an increase in acceleration will also increase muscle tension and resistance. In other words, adding more weight on the bar isn't the only strategy for breaking a new PR...the intent behind the movement and acceleration can drive you to bigger and better numbers as well.

a few yeaars ago I posted a thread about doing 3 rep push ups to build explosive strenght by using explosive ovement...

im talking about body weight. not weights.

i know but the technique of CAT can be used for bodyweight.
explosive push ups and pull ups, the body weight is a sub-maximal weight but you use CAT to get the most out of each rep.
So low reps with bodyweight with max velocity

But that ends up as explosive strength

ah ok, yes you're right if your goal is really max strenght then I won't do it...
But why would you use bodyweight anyway if you can just squat and bench for ex,
there are good methods to build max strenght so why look for alternatives?

Pullups dips


try some of this guys stuff

Why use body weight?
I still do DLs.
But when pressed for time bodyweight is conveniant. Its also nice to change it up time to time.

Resistance is resistance. A 1 arm push up or handstand pushup is as challenging as any weighted exercise. Theres plenty of stuff I cant do on gymnastic rings yet

Another question, why do you want to train max strenght? not for MT I suppose because there it is of little use...
of course you are the one with the degree so please tell me if I a wrong.
I always lose muscle endurance when doing max strenght work.
I am of the old school of thought believing weight training is bad for boxing...

Max strength is a foundation for explosive strength. But also because I'm bored shitless here man.

1 legged pushups I reckon

sorry I mesn if you sre looking st low reps do them off s decline eg one foot up on a bench

I reckon if you wanna become beastly while doing body-weight only:

1) Changing up of grips and width of hands to focus more on certain body part.

2) Increase speed on the concentric phase while decreasing speed on the eccentric phase (so more time under tension for eccentric phase only)

3) Doing everything with a single leg, or single arm where possible (uneven push ups are essentially using one side more).

I reckon Pull-Ups and Parallel Dips are beast for the body. If you can do 20 strict pull-ups and 30 parallel-dips then i'd say you would have a pretty good 1RM for weighted pull-ups and a pretty good 1RM for a bench press.... I personally don't believe that "20 Reps is endurance brah" crap, I reckon 30RM+ is where endurance is being worked on.. If you can do 20 pull-ups and 30 parallel dips with ease without much training, then you must be one underweight motherfucker, cos novice gym dudes that weigh 80kg+ can't do that shit with ease.

Yeah going 1 arm, 1 leg etc helps manipulate leverage.
I was thinking other exercises. Outside of the standard push up, pull up, dips etc. Stuff like nordic drops, sliders, front levers, tricep levers and so forth.

I got the back lever locked down pretty good, but there's no way I can a front lever, fuck that shit is hard...

Muscle ups (I still can't do them either).

I wonder if those Bar Starz dudes on Youtube are on roids or not? Or if they secretly lift weights when no ones watching... Hmmm

Damn I made a lengthy post and got logged out booooo.. here's the short version:
Blake if you're after something diffirent/ bored try this : ...BbQRjOyTZpettpwD6b3A

I'm gonna see how it affects my kicks after, I really want to get the posterior booty power happening

And, not being a smart cunt but why not get a vest or belt assembly, that way you can do all the exercises you like in a max strength rep range

oh yes and cock push ups, do cock push ups

in June I could do 12 deadhang till sternum pull ups ( first set, second set only 7, then 5-6 for third set).
I then stopped for 2 months and only did pulldowns in sets of 12 reps, sub-failure.
Today I did pull ups again and could only do 6!!!! wtf???
I will really stop bodybuilding type of bullshit workouts!

12 till sternum is impressive. I cant get past chin, I don't know whats up with that, I'm just not explosive at all for pull ups.

and yeh about how quickly your pull ups number goes down... I could do 14 pull ups a while back (only till chin), now I can only do 9, it's really quite pathetic....

I've been using the assistance machine with 15kg of assistance and I stick to 12 reps x 8 sets, with 90 second breaks.... just doing it so I build up some muscle and subsequently strength so I wont keep hating pull-ups so much... I could prob do 18reps with 15kg assitance, but I just stick to 12 cos I do lots of sets.

12x8 is crazy volume for pull ups' even if assisted. I cant handle more then 3 sets...

I understand your pull up total goes down but not if I still didd pulldowns! I cannot accept itand think the subfailure training on higher reps is to blame...

I was doing the armstrong chinup programme. Its 5 days a week. I stopped doing it and now my chins feel weak

what was your max number of reps Blake? I remeber you did the programme, thats really recent So now you stopped and you lost strenght already?

And did you do the three sets of press ups in the morn? And if so what'd you do for legs? And does Santa exist? And is darth really Luke's father?

This what I did today, I just figured that if Rambutan can do pull-ups till his sternum and I can't then I must be pretty shit.

I do one pull-up as explosively as possible (got to like my collar bone), then break for 15 seconds then go again. Repeat until bored.

How much can you homos Squat? I can do 100kg x 3 Reps. Barbell Freeweight (Smith machine don't count).... I'm pretty slack with my gyming so I reckon that's pretty good for me; though this one time I saw a guy Squatting 180kg x 8 and I was just like fuuuuuuck! He was a massive cunt, like 100kg.

I reckon the bar starzz guys are on roids same.
Yep I did the 3 sets push ups each morning

Oh and for legs I was still doing deadlifts, bulgarians, pistols, box jumps etc

yes those youtube pull up guys are all on roids, look at their chest etc..

Sam, I don't squat anymore due to spinal issues but my 1 rep max was around 160kg.

Blake, when I told you about CAT for max strenght, do you consider powerlifting as max strenght? If so,
i spoke to the father/trainer of a world champion and record holde rin powerlifitng and he told me the only technique he used was CAT, no other fancy techniques with bands, chains, speed daays etc...just CAT.
dr fred Hatfield ( phd in sport science) was the first person who squatted 1000 pounds and he invented (named) CAT and didnt use anything else neither...

thats a good 1rm Rambo
whats are you like 76?
mine was only around 130 - hated training SQ and hence my DL so weak . legs not strong but kick powah goooood
whe you bench more for reps than you can squat 1rm then you know youre a cunt

i am 67kg Patrick


did you ever see this? it helps to put your lifts in perspective ...rengthStandards.html

fuck, I feel like a shit cunt after looking at that table on I'm 81kg and can squat 100kg x 3. My 1RM is prob 110kg. Im a fucking "novice".... Must get to "intermediate" ASAP.

deadlift I'm 165kg tho so well passed "intermediate" and bench I'm near advance at prob like 110kg for 1RM

yes I ahve used that site indeed, its pretty sport on when it comes to calculating your 1rm , but people think they can test and do their 1 rm after doing innumerable warm up and work sets.
i think for testing you do 1 warm up sets and then just do singles for a max of 5 sets or until you hit your 1 rm max. with rests of about 3-5 mins between each one.

ok so I was elite on bench and between advanced and elite on deadlift. and advanced on press and:- untrained on squat lol because frankly I never trained it!

so its spot on!

sam thats not a bad deadlift

How can you do 3 x 100 but only 1 x 110 ? Are you sure? With such a high DL I would expect a higher squat...

Hawkman, before I only did 3 to 1 rep sets ramping up the weight to my max. Lets say 4 or 5 sets max to arrive at my 1 rm.
Deadlifts I only trained singles, never multiple reps, just ramping up the weight. I did this after the advice of a world champion ( there are like 5 former and current world champions in my birthtown) and it kind of felt more natural not having to do the negative portion of a DL

Powerlifting, ie bench, squat, DL. Maximal strength by pure definition. Olympic lifts explosive strength.

Its about rate of force production. Google the graph of it to get what I mean.

I donno Rambutan, I've never tried a 1RM Squat. All I know is that I did 100kg x 3 yesterday. So i'm throwing out a modest guess that my 1RM is like 110kg, cos at 100kg I do struggle pretty hard. And I know that an extra 10kg would make a huge difference.

And my deadlift is/was 165kg from the first time I ever tried doing a 1RM, it's prob my Erector Spinae (however u spell it) that is real strong, cos I do round my back a bit to be honest... I don't do 1RM deadlift anymore cos something went **click** in my back 8 months ago and it was pretty fucked for a while. It's all good now but I don't even want to try, fuck that.

try do see what yo get out of a sumo deadlift, that way you pull way more with your legs then with your back. if your sumo deadlift 1rm is high I am sure your squat will be high also

Hmm. I might change up to the sumos also. Good idea.

What about for fuckers with long spindly legs

Damon, depends of your goals.
Do you want to work muscles or just get the max amount of weight up?

500 mg Test into the quads once a week

The CNS is amazing. You can get dudes that weigh 80kg at about 15% bodyfat and can Bench like 165kg..... CNS training is where explosiveness is at.

Thats what low rep training does, it doesn't really build muscle but it fine tunes the nervous system to activate as much fibers as possible...

i once ate a house

Dunno Rambutan, I just want to rupture spleens with my shin getting my shin from floor to spleen as quickly as possible lols

RE: Maximal Strength

How does Viagra work? I took it once before a night out and it didn't do shit. Do you have to get a stiffy first or something and then it just causes you to stay hard without going limp?

I'm new to it, should I take the 50mg or the 100mg?

I got a date tomorrow, hotel room booked and all, and while I don't have issues getting a stiff, my mind can tend to wander to all sorts of other thoughts. and considering I'm paying for a hotel room I wanna get at least 2 fucks out of it.

Also, what happens after you blow? Does your dick just stay hard. How about if you want to go for a second round? Will it just stay hard until you recover?

your dick will stay hard after you blow, set yourself the challenge of continual ramming until you get your second lols

Your head will turn red take The 50 if you don't have a huge piece of meat
Also if The pussy is garbage viagra kamagra cialis won't work any magic

Sprints for maximal strength

Check me out... Btw, don't give me shit about putting the chain around my neck, that's just how I like it.

get fat, then you can get stronger through higher resistance

^ haha. I was thinking that exact same thing.... like gradually get bigger and bigger by eating a lot, and obviously ur own resistance will get harder and harder.

I'd rather just use a weights chain. I think it's smarter to get as strong as possible while staying as light as possible.

Btw, off topic.. I never really noticed it till lately but have you seen those muscle dudes at the gym who look like they're Somalian Labourers or some shit? They look hell strong but you only seem them lifting light shit and struggling. I reckon something about too low bodyfat fucking them up... Also it looks fucking weird when they have hollow faces but a muscled up body...... I'm not down with getting all 'shredded' would rather be like 12% bodyfat.

I aint gay. But fuck, that black guy is a fucking specimen huh

the 'coach' is a crack up gai too
seen their other vids? fuckin guy just stands in front of them smirking

the street guy looks v much like Serge Nubret at the start.

but no matter what he does on bars it doesnt lead to adaptive/progressive load.

I feel a cross fit guy would excel in that test

how about a vegan atheist who does crossfit?

I reckon if the Powerlifter simply did his cardio then he would be the best man for that test. Also, if he incorporated some higher rep work then he'd get more sarcoplasmic action going on to fit more glycogen in his muscles.

Sam youre gonna destroy your neck by putting the plate up there.

before you know it you'll have 2x45s for reps and a slipped cervical disc.

dips aint very good for your rotators either.

you should be doing front squats and writing fantasy novels. about giantesses.

I know they're not good for Rotators Cuffs but I don't think I'll slip a disc, it rests more on my upper Traps rather than just my neck, I'm not quite sure....... I just like it on my neck cos it makes me lean forward way more as to work my chest..... I've done 3 reps with a 45 + 25 and it felt fine....... Maybe I'll just start doing Neck Bridges again to make my neck stronger.

Thanks for that, never really though about disc slippage.

""""Strength from a technical standpoint is defined as the total amount of force you can exert on an object. Power on the other hand is defined is the amount of force you can exert divided by the time in which you exert the force. In other words, if you have two athletes who can both deadlift 500lbs they are both equally strong, but if one athlete can deadlift the weight in 30 seconds and athlete number two can lift it in 15 seconds, athlete # 2 is the more powerful athlete. Generating a lot of power at the beginning of the pushing phase of a lift will speed up the bar and make it easier to complete the lift, so adding power to strength will make you a better lifter. Plyometrics help to increase power production. Plyometrics take advantage of what is known as the "stretch shortening cycle". Your muscles, ligaments and tendons have an elastic component similar to rubber bands.""""""

This is a long podcast, but I really think that Blake, Hawkman, Rabutan, S, and Vlad could take a lot away from it....... I know people hardly ever watch/listen to links that people post up, but this for realz got some next level shit in it - just listen to the first 1h20m in bed tonight.

I've been having Ice Baths for the last 6 days in a row. Before I go to the gym I sit in my tub filled with Ice for 8 minutes, then I shower with warm water and shampoo and shit, then I jump back in the Ice Tub for about 30 seconds just for the invigorating effect that the sudden cold gives you..... It's proven to produce Cold Shock Proteins which regenerate damaged and lost synapses in the brain (maybe from getting hit in the head too much or maybe for someone with Alzheimer's).

Just don't do it after a muscle building workout because a study on people that did Quad Extensions proved that it inhibits muscle growth after resistance exercises.


It inhibits peak power output though . There's a lot of conflicting research around Icing. I've done lab experiments on it and it's effect on power output, blood lactate levels etc. Its not the miracle people think it is. It does have a strong analgesic effect. But apart from that I'm kinda against it.
You know there's heat shock proteins too right Sam?

Will still watch the podcast tonight for you.

Same same will also watch, thanks Sam
I Ice my hands after a hard bag session, my quantitative research of 1 says it feels nice

Thought I'd post this here as my thread has turned into poosax

Some advice please gents, I found a dead-lift progression calculator here:

I have a 1rm of 150 with a goal of 200

My resulting suggested workout is here:

The results seem to suggest an initial set of 2 of 150. How the fuck do I do 2 of my one rep max in my first set of the workout? What am I missing?

I'll check the podcast tonight.
Hawkman your right about dips an rotators. I am always in pain when doing dips so I stopped doing them.
Sam my neck hurts looking at your dips... you dont want to end up with cervical hernias like I have...

Damon, your calculator sucks, I checked it with your numbers and I says indeed 2 x 150 because it takes your desired max in account instead of your current max.

On the other hand, you said you want to rupture spleens, deadlifts won't help you with that imo, pwrlifting and MT don't mix and I talk out of experience, I did both and when I was good at lifting I couldnt run 100m but when I had great stamina for MT I couldn't handle heavy weights....

but then again this guy can: ...uestions-alex-viada/

He runs marathons and is a powerlifter...

Did my first ever Yoga class yesterday and was able to do this straight away... Is this supposed to be hard or something? (seriously).

ICE baths are great but that shit can give your immune system a final knock
Depends on where you live cos it is way easier to have a Bath when its +30 outside your window

Joe Rogan is a cunt

i watched part of the podcast but it was so boring

I suppose you just got to be in the state of mind and also like Joe Rogan in order to watch it.

Joe Rogan is a highly intelligent non-academic dude. He know's a lot of shit.

i actually thought Joe Rogan was a dick about 2 years ago, but yes he does have a brain...his views however go against the mainstream view on many things , the kind of views which your average UFC guy holds dear in his uneducated roided up , flag worshiping head and will not even consider whilst he is chugging down Rockstar in his Tapout shorts , flaming people on Sherdog and talking about his ground game/stand up game/ A-Game etc etc....however I think somebody in Joe'S management or maybe Huffa realised that if he kept on, he would be at a dead end career wise and a lot of what he has said on video has been taken off various sites

Yeh, there's no doubt that Joe Rogan treads carefully when he walks. He know's everything is a crock of shit but he still stay's politically correct to some degree for the sake of his career.

So what kind of body weight exercises does Joe Rogan do for maximal strenght ?

of topic

my workout at the moment is

everyday of the week 20 push ups supersetted by 20 sit ups x3 without break + twice a week a few sets of pull ups and runs

Joe Hogey does a cone and some mushies then the 10th planet jits
Get general regimen I reckon Rambu, something probably all men should be doing

I mean great not get

Fuck bra's! I got Cervical Herniated Disc symptoms....... Shit.... It's on the top part of my spine and to the left a bit, like 1 inch above the North East section of my left shoulder blade... It's not affecting any limbs or anything but just feels like I got a kink in my neck if I look to the left or look down........ Tomorrow is Leg Day, I reckon I'm just gunna do Back Squats, Hamstring Curls, Calve Raises then take a 3 day break, 3 days of super cold ice baths!!

Perhaps I should make a conscious effort to improve my posture, shoulders back, and hopefully that shit just goes away.......

" I got Cervical Herniated Disc symptoms"

Join the club!

Get massaa don't load plates on your neck fuckin hell

I'll have you knowwwww, that it wasn't the fucken Dips, well not just the Dips alone at least.. I was doing a yoga headstand the day before yesterday after Dips and I fell forward but fell wrong and it honestly felt like my neck nearly broke.... I was doing pull ups today, and going hard, like really explosive, up to my sternum styles, and that when it happened...

I'm just gonna ice the motherfucker for the next 3 days, then stop with my 3 Rep Max approach on the Dumbbell Press and lift lighter weights after a few days off.

once your disc is snapped you cannot fix it by icing ore changing your training...broken is broken...

i know, but at least the reduced inflammation will take pressure off the nerve , thus allowing me to strengthen shit in that area.

MC2 ...ever-but-training-is

According to that website you are incorrect Rambutan,

don't know Sam,
i doubt my neurologist and 2 neurosurgeons would lie about that to me..

Also my friend got operated for a lower spine herniated disc and it was either that or end up in a wheelchair., now it has been 1 week after his opration and he is walking around and painfree

here's a forum with people that tell their stories of it healing on it's own. it must depend of the type and severity. ...ation-heal-naturally

What are your thoughts on descending ladders?
I've been doing sub max descending ladders of chins for a wee while and it seems that it's not only increased my max chins but I also 'feel' more powerful when I puuunnnnnn
So my ladder would like like: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,9,8,7,6,5,4,8,7,6,5,4,7,6,5,4,6,5,4
I take as short a rest as possible between sets

pavel tsatsouline suggests ascending ladders work for strength and are also a good method for greasing the groove for those who are time poor

Tell me

i use them. one of my favourites is a superset of descending chi
n ups, and ascending diamond pushups. my bis and tris get torched during it.

other thing I'm doing lately is decline diamond pushups.
and also doing a lot of plyometric work of a similar exercise after the strength work. ie pistols followed by box jumps or plyo lunges

i bought my self a bench ( for bench pressing) yesterday, because the push ups made me weak from not going heavy anymore...

im doing hardly any weights these days. but a lot of explosive work

Well fuck me, went to do my chins last night and was weak as a kitten
One of the parks I go to on the way home has bars etc, this short fella starts working into my sets, doing effortless muscle ups.....make me look bad CUNT!!!! so I ask Frodo how he gets past the sticking point and he advises negatives from the top of the movement....good cunt

So I get to the top of the movement on the bar and waddya know, old daddy long legs can descend to the bottom of the movement and hold the bar at shoulder height in front of him, fuckin lanky beast

Think my deadlifts and callouses fucked my chins, fuckin pussified calloussy hands
Looking forward to completing a deadhang muscle up, at the moment it seems like there's some kind of mental block or some shit....mental...block......shit

a few yers ago:
I never had done any pull ups but did alot of low rep deadlifts, squats and bench.
When tried pull ups I just exploded above the bar, like a rocket, but I could only handle low reps...

Blake can probably let us know the science but I think it has something to do with the recruitment of different muscle fibers
I find after a session of deads I'm able to increase the reps in my ladder so instead of starting on a set of 10, I'll possibly start on a set of 12, I couldnt do the same if I just did the ladder by itself

yes, its all about fast tiwtch vs slow twich fibers

anyone use the concept2 much ?

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