Cheap Shooting Ranges In Thailand? Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket

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anyone know of any cheap shooting ranges? either phuket bangkok or chiang mai?

Done a quick google search and most of the ranges are very very expensive, like 3000 baht or 1700 baht for 30 shots on a glock. which is like 35for just 30 bullets lol crazy expensive.


Years ago I heard Cambodia was the place to be for that stuff.

I have done enough shooting in my life when at the army but my wife wants to learn shooting, problem is the ranges and permit in the Philippines is also expensive

nice, what sort of weapons you have fired? some forums are recommending Cambodia.

any tips for firing pistols, assault rifles?

I fired FNC on a daily basis ( European version of M16, you can even use the chargers of one on the other, same same :-) )
MAG ...g-light-machine-gun/
P50 handgun
a rocket launcher LAW
an threw a few grenades

what tips do you want?
how to shoot or what guns to use? I did not like the heavier guns I liked the FNC

thats what i' ve heard about Cambodia beofre

awesome. What army did you serve?

Tips on how to shoot lol l I have never fired before and I am looking to join the royal marines once I come back from Thailand. So any tips on how to shoot would be great,, handling recoil?

first you'll have a few practice shots, so you can modify the pointy thing on top of your assault rifle ( dont know the english name).
and the thing you look to your eyes. everybody has to do it to adapt the gun to your own body, if you go to a shooting range and you dont do that, then you are wasting your time because you(ll never be able to aim good.

when you shoot you should aim below the target, lets say you aim at the chest to hit head., when standing the recoil is worse the n when laying down of course. you'll quickly learn the recoil you get and can adapt where you aim. (sorry for my Englishhhhhh)

i was a recon in the Belgian army

your english is good man dont worry lol thanks for the advice man!

Hey funnyman, there are many tricks to reducing recoil. Having a strong stance like a boxing stance with more body weight on your front leg and leaning forward slightly to absorb the force of the gun pushing back... where you place your hands on the gun, weather its a handgun or a long gun(like a rifle) will drastically improve the recoil also.
So when firing, the gun wants to jerk in the direction of least resistance , meaning you need to put pressure on the gun to counter act that movement. So if the gun wants to jerk up you need to find a spot on the gun to put downward pressure to counter act, gun jerks to the left put pressure on the right. Asking the range master where you should put your hands on a particular gun will help because every gun is designed differently. You might put a finger in the wrong hole and pay for it XD
Of course getting out to the range is the fastest way to learn all this, there are plenty of videos online that can help you out. I suggest looking up Ron Avery, that man is master with a handgun.
Hope you have fun at the range

ah that makes sense man, ok kool. thanks for your help, how do you adjust for poor weather? or windy weather? in the UK the weather is terrible and raining alot lol

thermic underwear ( no joke), vaseline on your face, I went shooting in the snow at -10 degrees

jeeeze man! how did you survive? lol how do you adjust for the wind for example lets say your firing at a target like 100 or 200 meters away, wouldn't the wind affect the bullet?

not that I remember, it might but I never thought about it or heard people talking about it.

I can tell you lots of stories about the cold,
waking up in your tent, want to drink water but its frozen and want to put your pants but first you have to break it straight because the pants was wet and frozen in an L-shape :-)

Do you know this gun? I never fired it but it would have been cool, it's Belgian made

ah no, not seen it looks pretty kool man futuristic

Funnyman, When it comes to bad weather I'd suggest a really good pair of hiking boots with heavy tread and some mechanix gloves, but make sure you can still operate the weapon with the gloves on because you might need to cut the trigger finger off. Also if you're worried about rain or even blood, putting strips of skateboard tape on places like the trigger, handle and other important grip areas really help.

Rambutan, that fn f2000 looks crazy, first of its kind to have a forward ejection I think, heard its very reliable.

i went shooting with Philipino army, I am scared of guns, I'm a good shot though

Hawkman, how did you get a chance to go shooting with the philipino army? I'm sure they have some big scary guns

The Filipino army is the smallest, least equipped army of its region...

well down in Mindanao theyre farily well equipped. Tbh your average shopping mall in Manila has more weapons knocking about than I have ever seen.

wife's cousin's boyfriend is in the spec forces down near Davao and he was up in manila so took me along with him and his mates, who are competition shooters...on the colt 45 I was the best shot, but I was shit with other pistols

colt .45 is nice
Must have been cool going shooting with competition shooters

yeh well it was cool. ut terrifying at one point there was a guy on the range next to us and he was firing some kind of pistol that was 16 shots bam bam bam bam bam no delay, also its under the main flight route into the airport, I reckon the planes were less than 300 feet above us, very easy to wild out and pop one in some of the business class cunts

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