Clinch Muscle Training With Cables

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Hey guys. I've been trying something lately. Nothing beats real clinching so this is not about finding a substitute exercise. It's more about the fact that sometimes I go to my normal weights gym such as on a sunday when the fight gym isn' topened. They have bags so I can do strikes but I'm terms of clinching, can't clinch on my own!

However, I was trying to maneuver as though I was clinching with a tricep pulldown station where i'd use the rope, select weight and get into clinch position with my arms, pull the weight off rack, get into clinch stance, brace upper body and core to hold weight and then start turning and further pulling as though I am clinching someone.

I'd also alternate sets with chinups/pullups. This obviously is not the same real clinching as you're not being clinched yourself but more to train the pull, turn and balance.

What do you guys reckon about this exercise?

Haha fucking idiot....

Lol coming from someone who has lactose intolerence and doesn't even know the basics of nutrition and recovery. (refer to: ...d-4792-0mbt&nc=5283)

Anyways, any constructive criticism from other posters? Just an experiment since it gets pretty boring doing the same lifts at the weights gym. I don't mind constructive criticism. Been laughed at doing things like pull throughs before but I end up better than those that laugh at me so I don't mind.

I sometimes use a seated rope climber machine, and just do a circuit with press-ups, kettlebells, situps, etc.

I find the rope climber does help, but as you say nothing beats actual clinching...

youre better off hanging off a chin up bar with your eyes/nose wt bar level for as long as possible, under and overhand grip

Sounds good, make the weight heavier than the opponents in your weight class, will cause you to be stronger than them, right?.... You may have bodybuilders in the weights gym all like "whats his dude doing!!?" but fuck it...

Sound logic bumwau

P.S at Payanoi - You are very rude, that comment was not necessary. Shame on you. You act like child.

@MC2 I don't know if you're being a little sarcastic haha but yeah I wasn't planning on going heavy though, more to just do something than clinch the air if you know what I mean. Can't really go heavy since the counter weight is my body and wouldn't be able to hold anything close to bodyweight using these machines for an extended period anyway.

Been doing neck exercises lately (for front and back) though.

Tks petecc... too bad we don't have that machine here :(

Hawkman - Ummm interesting I didnt even think of that even though I have a chinup bar. This is an easy exercise. Tks

Nah, no sarcasm bro; it sound like some innovative shit I would also come up with ;-)

Heavy as in: a little heavier than an opponent could resist. Like 30 rep max, 15 each side.

Oh I got you now. Only time will tell. I'll try this for a while and see how I go.

The only assistance training I do besides running and skipping is pull ups and chin ups and the only reason I do them is for clinching strenght.
i found pull downs of little use to increase strenght.
i think if you just stick with the pull ups and chin ups you don't need anything else....

OR practice clinching with guys 10kg heavier than you.

a bit hard. I'm 160cm but I'm nearly the same weight as the 170cm+ guys lol...

What is your weight Bumwau?

You can always add weights to your body when doing pull ups....

I was 74kg but after sumalee and Korea, down to 69kg. LOL I walk around like I'm a a welterweight :(

I can do chinups with a with a 10kg except. I forgot about my vest. Thanks for reminding me!

74kg for 1m60 is really big. you must be either fat, which I doubt, or bulky.....

Hahaha I am both. Trying to become lean hence training a lot lately and dieting better. I'm 68 69 now so a lot of fat and some muscle loss. I assume fat because I'm still bulky so muscle loss wasn't too much. Aim is about 65-67 lean.

i am 1m72 and my aim is 70kg, at 74 now... used to be at 62 10 years ago

I'm 1m87 and currently walk around at 83kg, I know I can easily walk around at 80kg with a bit more effort, and in a relatively short stay in Thailand (without fighting) I reached 76.5kg....

can anyone offer an opinion on what I should reasonably be walking around at and aiming at for a fight weight?

Depends if you want to fight in Thailand or in the West

probably looking at fighting in the west (uk) first....

personally I think I should be walking around somewhere around 78-79 and fighting 76 max, just wondered whether people think that's realistic....

obviously Thailand with the climate and full time training I'd be looking lower....

i asked you because finding a fight at your weight in Thailand will be difficult but in the Uk you'll find plenty I suppose.
If your weight stays low and you are so tall you can be the next Dieselnoi :-)

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