Combining Thai With Dutch Style

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Since this site fucking sucks nowadays, I thought I'd write something.

In short, I'm looking for a camp with a specific style and training.
I've been training kickboxing and mma for a few years now, with varying intensity. Since I live in the Netherlands, I've been training mostly in the sterotypical dutch style. Lotsa boxing and finishing off with lowkicks. I've always wanted to get in the ring, but life always seems to get in the way (work, school, women, etc).

I went to Thailand in 2013, hoping to grind for a few months in a cheap place, and get a fight or 2. But once we started doing pads, the trainers were all like 'dutch kickboxing not good, you fight Thai style'. They wanted to change everything I've learned over the years (like guarding my chin when kicking). Needless to say, I can't (and don't want to) just 'unlearn' everything I've been taught. Look up James mcsweeney's seminar at PTT if you don't know what I mean.
After a few days of this, I've packed my stuff and played tourist until I ran out of money. I basically went home after a few weeks without doing a lot of training.

So I want to go back to Thailand sometime (it will be at least another year before I finish my studies), and seriously train and get some fights in. I'm looking for a gym that will add to my style instead of try to replace it with what they are used to. I'd prefer somewhere quiet in the south. I don't know how big my budget will be yet.

I've seen some videos on yt from Chorenrit gym on ko pangan, but I was wondering if there are more options. I've also thought about visiting phuket, since there are a lot of good mma places like PTT and Tiger. I don't know how long I could stay in a crowded place like Phuket though.

They are trying to add a whole new style to your style !!! Get it ???

I don't know you but judging by your Post you sound like a typical dickhead farang Huge ego, not much to back it up

forgive me when i'm wrong

"hey wanted to change everything I've learned over the years (like guarding my chin when kicking)."

for me it was the opposite. When I came back from my first Thailand trip the Belgian trainers wanted me to not do what I've learned ( like swinging my arm when kicking).
And I got so fed up with the stupid 10 step boxing: low kick combos that I didn't want to train anymore in Europe...

Maybe you should go and train in Japan...

yes Rambo exactly what you said aout european training

I believe that ifg you're in Europe you are better of joining an English boxing gym and not waste your time with MT...
i regret that isn't what I did in the past.
Went to a boxing gym last week and it was really hardcore, then after I went to the MT gym a few meters further and it was a class of kids with a worthless trainer.

@ Rambutan: there isn't any western boxing where I live. A lot of kickboxing though. The gym I'm at is pretty good too. The main reason I want to train in Thailand is because I want to be away from all the distractions that you run into at home and be able to focus fully on training.

@ vlad: I forgive you.

Tony, you're lucky you live in the Netherlands, I believe they have better gyms then Belgium

Phuket has lots of MMA gyms which will be more kickboxing in their striking as a result.

Any BKK type gym will invariably disapprove and try and correct you unfortunately.

@Tony thx

Europe is full of adopted Karate called Thai boxing

Yeah, I've trained with Thais who appreciate that the money is in K1 style rhythms, when you're fighting overseas.

Yod from Kiatphontip is like that. Also, Sitmonchai has a lot of Dutch-style rhythm - watch Pornsanae - he fought in what is clearly a Dutch style, under a points-scoring-system that didn't favour that mentality.

When I was a young bloke over a decade ago, that was the Lanna mentality (pop-pop-pop with hands then BANG with the leg) - but that shit is long gone up there...

Good luck finding something!

Kimbo, what is the Lanna style now?

@ Rambutan: funny how those things can differ. They taught me to swing my arm in Thai land, which I still do. My trainer loved it. I still cover my face though.

Yeah they always make me cup my ear when kicking in Thailand but to me I feel like it takes away from putting a bit more power in.

I am planning a trip to Amsterdam in February just to work on Lowkicks

Guard hand by ear or in front of face is stylistic preference. I go across the front of the face as I find it gives me more power and I can use it to parry punches if required.

Just little kiddy cunts @PTT listening to advice they could never follow :))))))))

minr do you have a gym in mind ?

Rambutan ?

Vlad yeah - the one Rambutan gave a link to down below is the one I am looking at, it's got a nice central location and is only a short tram ride away from all the coffee shops in Centraal!

Rambutan yeah mate that's the one I have been looking at? you been before?

no minr, I don't like Dutch style :)

Putting my hand on my ear always gets me punched in the face. I know a leg is longer than an arm, but if someone is good at blocking and stepping in, that distance is easily closed.

minr Mikes fighters are known to be good punchers nonetheless I think it's a good choice

Yeah just hoping it doesnt tirn out to be too expensive Dam is ridiculous when it comes to prices

it is. You could go to a gym outside of amsterdam. Amsterdam is really expensive, even for Dutch standards.

I know but I want to have a nice smoke up too lol

you can buy weed in practically every city here. I live in a city of around 100.000 people, there are 4 weedshops I know of. Probably more.

Mississippi Maastricht has deflorated many smokers



Missisipi was the shit haha. But seriously, don't get stuck on Amsterdam. It's like the las vegas of the netherlands. There are good kickboxing gyms all over the place.

Sitmonchai Gym is the Place you'r searching for. Lot's of Hands with Lowkicks.But also the Chance to learn Thaistyle.
@Rambutan, a friend of mine owns a Gym in Belgium.He trained several years in Thailand.
Line up Gym
He has a Facebook page.


@sick82: thanks man, gonna look into it.

Wow de javu kind.. I was looking into James McSweeney because Gemma Pike is now at Unit 27.. yes James is now at Unit 27 in Chalong. It's some newly decked out gym that was just a lifting/exercise gym with the extra fighting component now. ...and-474522012700801/

@bumwau: and another gym on my list =D

@ Sick82,

looks like a decent gym but never heard of it, to bad it is at the other side of the 3 hours driving...
Best Belgian gyms I know are friends gym and Queensburry in Brussels

I saw a farang that use dutch style but its impossible for him to win against Thai . Becaous every time farang can only win if Thai trainer support.

And all the dutch fighters winning from Thai then?

I never saw that.

Lotsnofnthai come fight in Europe. Most dutch fighters train 3 times a week for maybe 3 max 4 years and they still win from your superstars

Never heard of Ramon Dekkers?

after you fight with a Thai already ,you will know about muay THAI.

Patong rider, go and find somewhere high and learn to fly...

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