Conor McGregor Vs Jose Aldo

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What do you think about Conor McGregor vs Jose Aldo?

I think Connor has an amazing mind set, I think the power of positive thinking really does work if it's strong jedi style. His confidence is what I reckon makes this upcoming fight the fight of the century. He simply can't lose after all that he has said.

Other than that, I think Connor has amazing technical ability, and I reckon his boxing background has helped him develop amazing reflexes. On the other hand, I think Jose has insane 'brute force', No doubt that Connor has already started conditioning his thighs....

The way I see the fight playing out is a lot of Jiu Jitsu, I think Jose plans to beat him with Jiu Jitsu like the original UFC styles, no chance trading blows with Connor.

If you look at Connors fights there are moments where he doesn't know how to respond where Aldo would respond with violence, well done to connor for promoting the fight but I believe Aldo is going to rape him

I don't know. Jose does have crazy ass strong Muay Thai kicks, but I reckon Connor is quick enough to jump back and avoid them....... I think Jose is going to go in there emotional, with a mind set of "charge", and Connor will dance around and finally clip him real good (he was a national champion boxer)..... My predictions are Connor for the win via 1st round K.O, I know that sounds like a childs prediction but that honestly how I see it playing out.....

Man I'm so excited ay.

Btw - Does anyone know a website where we can place bets on UFC fights?

Aldo's going to expose McGregor's stand up skills, No doubt about it for me personally

I just watched UFC 189's world promo tour, fucking hell Connor is a fucking asshole. I hope Aldo destroys him.

Man I can't wait.


In England you can bet on Ladbrokes/betfair basically every site but I dunno where your from Sam

Aldo will win, its too much pressure for Connor and he's skipped the rankings like fuck I'm pretty sure he's ranked 6th? He should be fighting Mendes before Aldo but anyway usually fights this hyped are lackluster but who knows.

Think Aldo will struggle with Connors size and reach. Think he'll struggle to get in range to land the shots. Looks like a big difference in size when they square off.

I'm rooting for Aldo tho. Think Connor has taken the whole 'sell the fight thing' too far. Also Aldo comes across as a cool dude.

Also I think Connor has just created an alter ego for himself. I mean he talks about being from the streets of Dublin, but have you seen his family home. He's upper middle class. His childhood bedroom has an en-suit with a walk in closet. But whatever sells tickets...

Reads loads of philosophy books and spends most of the time quoting other people, bit of a fraud, but people eat it up, so what the hell

The leprechaun better learn to check kicks. Or he will get chopped to pieces. No legs, no power in hands. From leprechauns previous fights, he rarely check kicks

someone pointed out he's a southpaw so the lead leg kick wont matter, aldo has fucking fast hands too though and is a legit blackbelt, I can see the leprechaun getting swepped off a shitty takedown with no top control and being choked in two

I bet it's go 5 rounds and Jose will win via decision, then Connor will call him a "decision machine" again and contest the decision.

I mean how shitty will the loser of this fight look if they were to win in any other fashion.

Aldos going to make this punk pay for his disrespect

aldo will win by decision or submission in the 3rd/4th.


Aldo will will via decision, then Connor that fucker is just gonna talk more shit. Cocky fuck. Be humble or be humbled. I hope Jose hurt Connor permanently

I wonder what Connors fitness will be like as he's only been to 3 rounds once and that was him donimating and setting the pace himself.

conor dissed muay Thai a few months ago.

Leprechaun will get his leg cut clean off!

Conor will KO Aldo.

Jose has strong bones, that guy's been kicking people since he was a kid..... Even if Connor does learn to check kicks I reckon connor will be in way more pain.... It's gunna be a grapple contest...

I doubt connor dissed MT completely, he prob would have said someshit abit the stance, but he would be right in the case that it's not ideal for mma.... donno, never watched the video.

I do however really like connors whole life philosophy, it's just that his media stunts or whatever they are very unbecoming of him (how ever u use that word).

James, how will Connor KO Jose?

Don't just back him up cos he's Irish like you.

Hope Jose destroys Connors career.

Connor mcGregor sounds like highlander


Aldo will KO him in rd 1


My bad

I think Mcgregor is right in saying that Aldo is one dimensional, he comes forward and just throws wild. As a result of that he's been in war after war which at some point is going to affect him. He got messed up by Mendes last time out. Granted he won but still. I'm also thinking his leg kick will be ineffective against Mcgregor because all it takes is one of those to be checked and it's going to hurt Aldo ALOT ( unless he kicks the back leg which I don't see him doing).

I think sooner rather than later he will get tagged by Conor with a big left and it will end shortly after that. Conor has really good timing and judges range very well. The Mcgregor that fought Siver was looking for a HL KO with those spinning kicks, I think we haven't seen his best yet. I also don't think Aldo will be able to take him down or keep him down if he does.

I think the mind games have been working, and say what you like Aldo didn't do a thing when Conor took his belt. Don't think that effects the fight but Aldo is intimidated by him.

Of course I am rooting for Mcgregor because he's Irish, however I will be betting on him which has nothing to do with being biased

^ agree with this

But still rooting for Aldo

People are ridiculous in suggesting that a fighter should literally start throwing punches just because somebody grabs a belt, you really think that it's that big of a deal to risks fines and penalties for hitting somebody, they have a signed contract to fight, Aldo is going have to have his chance hit him as much as he likes whilst earning plenty of money and good publicity and he knows that, all this big effort to play mind games constantly by McGregor and him reading so deeply into as Aldo is intimated to me is more of a sign of insecurity because it's an obvious sign of a man feeling he needs to have an edge instead of just relying solely on his skills as a fighter

"I think the mind games have been working, and say what you like Aldo didn't do a thing when Conor took his belt. Don't think that effects the fight but Aldo is intimidated by him. "

Where have I suggested he should've thrown punches. I thought he looked like a child that had an ice cream taken off him. That's my point. No need to be so dramatic.

If anyone is being dramatic, it's the person that's suggesting to punch somebody for simply grabbing a belt

Nobody suggested that

I hope some Brazilian gangster shoots Conor in the head with a pistol, disrespectful fuck. He represents everything that is wrong in the world. Hope he gets tortured to death, and video taped crying for his pathetic inbred life. Rude fucker.

Sam why that angry ?

Yes you did, you said the fact that he didn't do that means he was intimidated

I didn't say that, you're the only person that mentioned it then you went off on one about fines and penalties and shit. Personally I don't give a fuck whether he was intimidated and I even said I don't think it makes a difference in the fight whether he was intimidated there or not.

Fucking MMA

" Personally I don't give a fuck weather he was intimidated ". Well you must do about something when its getting you worked up enough to start swearing, you should relax I was only saying the reasons why I find that argument for Aldo being intimidated ridiculous, it's one that many of McGregors fans are repeating

Why don't you quote where I said Aldo should hit him, or are you happy enough fabricating your own truth

sean vs james added to Aldo McGregor undercard

I won't keep going on at you I don't care to argue or keep going on in circles with u about this, I never did neither should you, my reply was not just to you but also to many other McGergors fans repeating exactly that same suggestion you made, my point is that it was ridiculous suggestion to make

So had to work out what's staged and what's real in UFC. From all the pre-hype fight to the decisions themselves.

Trust Americans to go super crazy over commercialising a product and turn it into a complete fuck up.

Connor still hasn't fought any really top level competition so this fight will be difficult for him. He is over confident and will be caught off guard when he realizes he is not going to breeze through this fight like some of his others.

My prediction is Aldo gets the decision.

i think its agood said above, conor has not fought high level competition like aldo yet...but aldo has been around the block for many years now and some day it will catch up to him...being from ireland I would like to see mcgregor win as I hear outside of the bullshit he is a nice guy but my head says aldo by decision and a medicore fight

I hope it's not a mediocre fight regardless of who wins! Aldo is still only 28 so he's got lots of career left. If he does lose I think he'll come back and win and dominate for years to come.

I'd really like to see McGregor vs Mendes. Would be interesting to see how he handles a wrestler.

Mcgregor vs faber

I just signed up to Fantasy UFC, it's cool, I already chose my picks for the Aldo fight and all the under-cards, think you can make real money of it too. .

I have no idea who does guys are, actualy I don't know anybody in mma or ufc.

Aldo is a brazilian with ridiculous stand up. On a par with top level western Nak Muays plus he has a ground game. Better than GSP or Silva imo and far more entertaining to watch, like the time he bounced off the cage wall running in mid air to punch someone

Got my results - 5 picks out of 12 correct, with 2 perfect (meaning to call the winner, round, and method of victory).

I got 1,750 points off that one event, and the number #1 ranked player only has 29,000.

I studied their stats and made my decisions based on that, get on it assholes! It's fun.

That flashy shit won t work against solid stand up. Just ask showtime Anthony Pettis. He was destroyed by Dos anjos. And where did Dos anjos perfect his game? No other better place then evolve Mma in Singapore! That place houses the elite top tier Muaythai ex champs. From namsaknoi, orono, attachai, saketdao, and more. Dos anjos went there and built his solid base power muay Thai and ran through flashing pettis like a truck. Mcgregor has not faced anyone on aldos level. I don't think aldos style is as good as dos anjos solid Muaythai, but it can truck through flashing crap

I like McGregor as a personality but I think Aldo is going to beat him and give him a good whupping...Aldo has been fighting high level opponents for over 10 years and McGregor has only had 5 fights in the UFC...He will be champion atnother time, but I don't think he's quite ready yet !!!

i think the fight will be much closer than people think...aldo has been fighting primarily wrestlers for many years and as he has excellent take down defence the fights are pretty much purely standing...and he only really one proper finish in the ufc and that was after clearly grabbing the cage to stay I think his stand up is not as good as people think otherwise he would be finishing these non striking specialist opponents and he is in my opinion certainly nowhere near the level of a dedicated decent nak muay or saying that I think aldo will try to take the fight down pretty quickly and I think he will win the fight via decision or a debatable stoppage...if he decides to stand with mcgregor I think he is taking a risk he does not need to take and am sure mcgregor is trying to provoke him into taking that risk

I picked Aldo via Decision on my Fantasy UFC..... Come on guys, play it!

mate evolve may have a lot of ex Thai champs but bear in mind not many of them been active for a while, plus whether they have fighters who win or not , Chatri still pays them 10 x what they get in Thailand plus houses them etc. Evolve is a top notch facility but if you lookin Europe plenty ofgyms cost you 5 pounds to train and the have much higher pedigree active fighters

Hawk quit trying to plug your European gyms. Evolve Singapore is the place to go if you have the money. No money no funny

i saw some one championship title match a while ago when I was in singapore and the guy from evolve mma in singapore lost in like 20 seconds...not to say that evolve mma is not good but if a fighter does well like dos anjos I would credit the fighter and not necessarily evolve for his I have to say that in my opinion Thai trainers are highly overrated on the whole anyway (with some exceptions) and europesn gyms offer s really good option for people st all levels

Did you guys ever watch TUF Smashes Australia vs UK? All 12 episodes are on Youtube

Such shitty fighters compared to the Americans.

lots of ex champions don't necessarily mean lots of good teachers

You know who a good trainer is? GSP's trainer, that Faraz guy, he is sort of GSP's life coach too...... A good trainer has to be extremely switched on as a person.... An ex champ will prob just teach you what worked for him.

exactly rob. place has been open 7 years now, not produced one good fighter from grassroots .
mind you its cos singaporeans are pussies. generally, spolit bitches. Zach was good but hes retired now

I'm not referring to Singapore people. I'm talking about the training there. Most Mma fighters train and teach at evolve including Tyrone woodley, Ben askren, shinya aoki, saffiedine, dos anjos,

Plus the caliber striking coaches such as namsaknoi, orono wor petchpun, attachai Fairtex, yodsanan sidyongtong, sagetdao, penek sitnumnoi, yoddecha sidyongtong, pornsanae sitmochai

You can't find that talent any where in the world. I visited there last year and their facility along with training is top level. But with that comes top pay. Singapore is not cheap. They have top quality Mma training, bjj, wrestling, stand up instructors. Not tuk tuk driver's like most gyms in Thailand. Some of the best Mma gyms are State side, which has strong wrestling base but as far as striking state gyms suck.

those names you mention there are top talent for sure, as fighters, that don't necessarily mean they are top draw coaches, Pornsaneh and penek can't have been there two months yet max, how does that make them high caliber coaches, its not the same thing

sanchoy I hear ya and sont get me wrong those are impressive names but look at gyms in the uk like Keddles or Griphouse or Bad Co or KO, all of them producing champs across all the discliplines , ufc and lumpini fighters and you can train at them for 5 pounds

Champs? Like who..

Jordan Watson , liam Harrison, Stephen meleady, they had Luke turner for a bit also I believe. They have more younger fighters too but their names slip my head, and that's just bad company
Griphouse have fucking loads also
Keddles have some but they can be a bit kickboxery (still great fighters).
Their are other gyms such as prao chao suua which produced Dean james and liam Robinson and many more.

keddles have had world champs both male and female,
also ufc fighters and cage rage including that big black bloke who fought Gustaffson. Also Tom Watson. Gsp did some training there I think?

Griphouse yes proper full on fighters

K star have had loads, ztouchgloves had 2 world champs,
Scorpions gym the Wakeling brothers

Big black bloke? Are you talking about Anthony Johnson ( Guy who steam roll through gustaffson)? He fights in the states and is out of the blackzillian camp State side. Unless you talking the guy Jimmy manuwau? He was train wrecked by Gustafson.

yeah..the big black know

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