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Currently in Thai land. Been here for a month and all the camps Iīve been are empty or, at least, very quiet and calm.

Three or four people Iīve found in the best case in each Camp so whta is going on?

Kaewsamrit: 3 guys.

FSG: 2 guys.

Luktupfah: 2 guys.

Rambutan pointed that Thailand is becoming expensive. Well maybe, but itīs still cheaper than any european country.

Any other places where you can get the same or similar trianing for the same price as here that Iīm not aware of?

I don't know. I know you can't directly compare the experience, but generally "Tourist" gyms cost roughly 8-10k baht for a month's training. I can get a month's training at a top gym like Bad Company in Leeds for Ģ40 (2000baht). OK, you generally train for longer in Thailand and the cultural experience counts for a lot, but with flights and accommodation and spending money and in many cases loss of wages, it's a pretty expensive trip just for a few pad rounds and a couple of hours, often unsupervised, of punching a bag a day, especially when quality of training can be a bit of a lottery.

yes Andy, same over here. Training is way more expensive in Thailand then in Europe.
You pay a shit load of money for a few pads rounds a day. all the rest, like a long run before the rounds can be done on your own...
Also there are way to much gyms now

Iīm a bit disapointed this time, I feel this fourth visit here has been wasted.

Maybe the last, or probably next summer Iīll be over it and come back for a shorter stay and stick only to the places Iīve liked, enough of "exploring" Camps.

Too much time espent doing that and itīs indeed a lottery.

Visiting Japan or maybe Holland is a posibility too.

Anybody feels like me?

Croatoan, Andy, where do you guys train?

I'm too old now for training and a fucked back and shoulder means training in any competitive fashion is out of the question (though a fat camp experience is perhaps a possibility) - when I did train it was more at a fitness/self defence level rather than any real desire to compete, so MT was just one element of what I did.
I certainly think being away from home with only training to worry about is worth paying a little extra for; the lack of distractions, the not having to fit in training after a day at work etc, but there are some really good gyms in Europe, some of which offer technical training on a par with gyms in Thailand.
I don't know of many other places that provide the opportunity to "live" your sport (China with Kung Fu, Brazil, BJJ, Philippines, Boxing maybe) rather than just going to the gym in the evenings or whatever, and as I say, I do think it's worth it for that experience.
As others have said though, there seems to be a lot of new gyms opening up, many of which will struggle because they look at what TMT and the rest charge and think they can get away with the same pricing. Also a lot of people who once would have taken up MT now go for MMA.
I also think some people may have been put off by the coup; plus more people are becoming aware of the Thai attitude towards foreigners (bumping up prices. lack of recourse if anything goes wrong simply because they're farang etc); the real or imagined effects of the influx of Russians and Chinese and so on, and all this for some makes Thailand less attractive than it was.

"people are becoming aware of the Thai attitude towards foreigners"- imagine that , get about 30 years of westerners pumping money into your economy, then for about 5 years Russians come and annoy Thais a bit , so everyone gets tarred with the same brush and treated rudely and aggressively and sometimes even shot/ beaten/ pushed off balcony

whereas 40 years ago 2 million Vietnamese slain by Yanks after years of French Colonial oppression, go there now, friendliest people on earth towards Westerners. if a little thick as pigshit

Vietnam was my worst holiday ever! especially due to the people in the North, people in the south wer cool.

north is bascially China. Dont worry about those cunts

I think Thai Immigration tightening up on ED visas and back to back tourist visas has impacted the ability for people to stay in camps long term. A decent portion of the clientele of the gyms that Ruben has been going to in Bangkok would have been long termers I would've thought

its low season

I know, I always come during low season and never seen it like this.

Saigon Beer cheers :)

ive known it to be like this before, first couple of times I was in Thai land, low season was completely dead everywhere. it seems to have got busier over the years. perhaps this year it is actually low season again

i would have thought summer in europe and us was when all teh students/ backpackers and stuff would be passing through Thailand , a lot of them have been known to go and train...thought May and September were low season in Thailand due to rains? First time I trained in May and there were only about 12 of us , which was Tiger back when it had 2 rings.

traditionally with us it was always june july and august one of the two high seasons and then nov dec january, its changed a bot now so you cant really tell when you wil be rammed or not, we are doing o.k though not full in the camp but people staying outside also and I think an average of over ten a day training for the last 3 months, o.k next month too which in the past was often quieter. There is a real proliferation of gyms now, which cant help, but I think as long as the training stays good people will stay coming,

hey Rob, did not want to start a new thread for this but Youssef did good becoming the number one Foreign fighter by winning the Omnoi belt! I used to train where he trained in Brussels, really a good gym.

yeh hes a very good fighter Youssef nice guy outside the ring too

definitely more gyms then in the past, when I first went to phuket 10 years ago, there was 3 relatively big gyms that had their own accommodations and maybe 2-3 others. now in phuket, I believe there's 8-9 in rawai alone. wouldn't be surprised if there were over 20 gyms on the island that cater to tourists.

Phuket is full of gyms!

btw, its not only the gyms that are empty, condo's in Pattaya are not sold and new projects are cancelled, lots of real estate business out of work....

Hello there
I'm flying to Bangkok to train for 14 days on August 28th. Can anyone suggest where I can get some good private lessons? I've only being doing MT for 6 months and have been a grappler for around 20 years.
Thank you

With all the respect, Bronzewarrior, start your own thread and ask that same question.

This one is about empty Camps.


Heard today the Bhat dropped again and tourism is going down here.

I donīt know how or why but I hope there is some bennefit in this.

Rambutan and Pepsi, definately Phuket has way too many Gyms. Some are closing and others will have to readapt and reconsider their style. Move towards boxing, mma...

Also, if Phuket offered more amateur fights it might reboost a bit things. Plenty of people wanting to fight but not in Full Muay Thai Rules.

I guess weīll have to wait to the next peak season and see if this place goes full again or not.

The modifying the fights might be a good idea. I would love to fight in Thailand but under k1 rules, I don't want to get cut by an elbow..

You are right, rarave82.
My apologies

No problem Bronzewarrior, cheers.

By the way, IFMA T world Tournament is being held in Bangkok now.

All the countires competing in A class and B class.

This should help to reboost things a bit.

That russian chicks from Peru ( from Tiger) competing at Amateur Level

Ruben to many gyms, off Season, wack exchange rates, explisions, army coup, expensive hookers ( MT is a masking agent )
All contributes to low numbers

Yeah, as if things werenīt difficult alredy, we had a bomb here last night.


yeah that bomb will have an effect on tourism for sure..

It is not only he camps that are empty, areas like soi cowbot and Nana Plaza alos have less and less visiters.
The tourism number are still growing but the type of tourists are changing, more and more families visiting Thailand. The tourist are vey mainstream now wanting only beaches etc.
Those are the first type of people that run away after a risk such as the risk for bombing

fucking idiotic reporting saying it was destined to target toruists, if that was the case, then Khao San would be number one on the list , then Phuket , Ko Samui etc etc. But Khao san not targeted for another good reason - the people behind this (Thaksin's lot)would never want to piss off the Israelis and the Israelis have a v large club/hotel down there.

This is all about creating instability between the two opposing factions in society...those who would wish to maintain the military junta and those who would wish to see the retun of Thaksin.

The generals have already stated that this is nothing like the kind of devices one sees in the south,

Interesting point there, Hawkman.

I donīt know who it was, but everyone here says it was "the muslims". No idea what they try to say with that, doubt ISIS has any interest in Thailand. Others say itīs a southern part trying to be independent.

Iīm spanish, you canīt imagine how sick I am of hearing and suffering threats for independancy.

look up the Tak Bai massacre for a bit of background...

yeh been lots of cases of grenades being thrown at police stations in Yala, nothing on this scale.

There are plenty of Muslims in Phuket esp on West coast and S E coast, never had a problem with them. Muslims get bad press everywhere because the press is controlled by the Zionists.

White guy shoots up a bunch of black people in a church or downs an airliner, hes a nut, a loner, had problems.

Muslim shoots a few people or blows them up, his entire race/religion are held accountable.

Armed american = good guy protecting freedom
Armed jew = good guy protecting his home
Armed muzzie = terrorist
Armed russian = pure evil

I seriously don't think it has anything to do with thaksin or red shirts this time, they have been involved I'm sure in all sorts of shit in the past, but nothing of this level, plenty of grenade attacks at courts etc.. all late at night with more an intimidatory feel about them, done just to threaten, this was cold blooded murderous terrorism! Have you seen the video of the main suspect calmly waiting to sit down in the shrine with a big back pack, then taking it off fiddling with his phone and hurrying away just before the blast? He put the pack down right next to a couple of girls and there were crowds in there all praying making merit etc... he knew that he was going to kill, not intimidate or threaten! Thats another reason I don't think it was Thai politics, it was set off in a shrine, a place where people come to make merit, not Bhuddist, but Bhramin, but still a strong part of many Thai 'd culture and beliefs, to murder people praying like that I think would go strongly against their beliefs and they would expect a ton of karma for doing it.
There is always loads of Chinese, Malay, Hong kong, Singaporeans praying there and the Chinese I think have pointed the finger at the Uighurs and I think the prime minister also mentioned that as a possibility. There was big outcry recently when Thailand deported 100 Uigurs back to China, which saw Chinese and Thai embassies attacked in Turkey, so that could also be a possibility

www.theguardian.com/world/2015... ...oin-jihad-says-china

www.facebook.com/ThairathFan/v... ...7439/?type=2&theater

fuck I just typed a massive reponse to that and got logged out

ok I will bow to your knowledge of anything Thai , Rob, 365 days of the year.

Lets start with the bomber

Possible loner/nutjob?
Possibly MK-Ultra'd , a sleeper, someone sent on a dry run by his handlers without actually believing that something was gonna go off (this is what I believe happened on 7/7 in London)
Or maybe a massive miscalculation of the strength of the explosive?
He didn't do much to hide his face or dress subtly....camera also tracked him specifically after he was leaving ....hmmm we now have a potential "patsy"

Then we have to ask:

Qui bono? Who benefits ?

Is someone creating a Problem/Reaction/Solution situation?

If the authorities crackdown security wise, it will be seen as a further tightening grip on their power. If they don't , then they will be seen to be losing grip.

if I wanted to target specifically Chinese there are plenty of tour buses and hotels on the Islands which can be taken out.

I dunno.

www.telegraph.co.uk/news/world... ...ghter-at-Erawan.html

quite a good article, considering it is from mainstream western media. considers many angles, which we have both discussed above.

It's cos MT and MMA are getting bigger in Bali, so people are coming to Bali. Fek off cunts!!

Hi sam

Hi Hawk Man

That bomb shit probably wasn't a red Vs. yellow thing.

The red shirt's strength is the return to democracy. Since we are apparently still on the road to democracy, it makes sense to wait. Red shirts only blow shit up AFTER democracy has failed, not before. Instability will justify prolonging the absolute dictatorship, so it makes no sense.

Since instability prolongs the dictatorship, maybe yellow? But that's unlikely, because they aren't really in danger of being overthrown right now. Sure, if red shirts were talking about massing for as rally, the army might blow up a few civilians in order to justify enacting tougher laws. But that ISN'T happening right now. Prayuth has nothing to gain from this either.

My guess is, this was either the work of a random serial killer, or it was a personal vendetta (i.e. elites threatening each other) and we'll never learn the truth. Since it was at a Buddhist shrine visited by international Buddhists, a serial killer who hates Buddhists around the world might make sense. Until we learn more, don't speculate too much.

Anyway, that bomb pales in comparison to the road death toll that day. Fuck people are dumb.

yeah mother fuckers a serial killa..guess who's back..back again...tenchys back..tell a friend

please don't go away anymore Tenchu!

i did say that he could be a lone wolf but... nah.... doesnt seem right to me...i reckon he is in the Israeli embassy as we speak but the cops will catch a Burmese Muslim....

Or a Red Khmer

Tenchu welcome back you fucker
Let Vlad explain You democracy: Demos = free citizens / slaveholders who made the rules. In modern Language business owners, The Big guys. Any working Jack is a Slave in a democracy

true that we allthink we are free. its bollocks, we sre not free we are just distracted

Democracy is said to be a dictatorship of the majority.
But please if you find a system that works better and is more fair let us know, I haven't found any :-)

i beliee it was Churchill who said "democracy is the worst form of government , apart from all the others"

Thought this had already been settled by Brave Dave. "A benevolent robot dictatorship"

Haha. Yo' damn right! The best form of government would be an all-powerful Artificial Intelligence with people's best interests at heart. Unfortunately it would be impossible to guarantee that the AI would see things the same way we do and might just wipe us out because of a simple algorithm. In fact AI (or more specifically ASI - Artificial Super Intelligence) is one of the biggest dangers to humanity in the near future. Some of the smartest people on the planet who know what they're talking about all agree (Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Bill Gates etc).

Err, what was this thread about again?

this thread is about you not putting up part 2 and 3 of your movie fast enough :-)

Prob cos you didn't like his "Brave Dave" FB page, Rambutan.

I did like his FB page Sam :-)

It started as empty boxing camps but it has evolved to something more interesting.

Iīm glad I started a thread that made Tenchu (I really like him here) and Dave participate.

Maybe Dave has several accounts and secretely is Tenchu.

I am also glad you made Tenchu come back Ruben but I fear it was just a one time visit as he did earlier...

i have noticed actually that Tenchu and Dave drop in simultaneously out of the blue

could be like in Magnum, where Robin Masters was in fact Higgins

I believe Dave is always keeping an eye on the site but he never posts...

Dave has a thing set up where he gets notifications when ever Dave is mentioned for sure.

If Dave did how does it work?

Low season my friend

Tenchu, I really appreciate you posted something.

You know I donīt troll here, never ever have, so seriously, stick around and make this place better.

Avoid extra long answers and insulting here and you will end up being useful here.

So whatīs yout opinion on empty boxing camps? (besides its low season)

Thilandīs going down as vacational option? Maybe people have discovered that training there isnīt that much? Prices increasing?

Who put the bomb? was it Dave to reactivate the thread?

the baht is about to slide. New Asian financial crisis , HK stock exchange had its worst drop since 1987 and capital flight out of the region esp China will have a knock on effect.

Camps will become cheaper, Thai land will become cheaper and as a result busier - wlth fewer Chinese and Russian tourists (both Rouble and Yuan screwed now)

I hope Hawkman is right, because the way it was going now Thailand was not worth it anymore for me...

Fat camps popping out on every soi. Water down Thai experience along with high prices has tainted the true Thai experience. Come back in January and February when fat camps are in full operations and the gyms will be full. Rarely would falang come to train and fight seriously, now it's diving contest along with fat camp operations that make these gym predominantly common. Trainers are also catering more towards fattys then true naks. You want quality training sign up for privates. You want fatty training attend normals.

As far as desolate gyms, this is common. It's low season, weather is muggy, potential flooding.

Hah! I'm not particularly pleased with where I am in life at the moment but things haven't become so bad yet that I spend my time pretending to be Tenchu.

Quote: MC2
Dave has a thing set up where he gets notifications when ever Dave is mentioned for sure.

I considered coding that once. it would be pretty easy. Just something which scans a post when it's posted and looks for a keyword. However this would require time and effort and would have no actual use or purpose, so I didn't do it.

Hearing about how Thailand is going down the pan makes me even more pleased that I went when I did. Why, back in my day, there were only 3 camps in Chiang Mai and Lanna was the only camp with a website! And there were 75 baht to the Pound. T'was a time of dreams.

I consider going to Thailand in november but I don't feel like going to a place full of tourists with increasingly high prices when I have the chance to go to lets say Myanmar or Cambodia instead. The only thing that would make me go back is the food, some friends and MT.

BTW Dave, please, take all the time you need to upload part 2 and 3 of your Lanna video..... :-)

he did upload part 2

part 3 is mainly him and Blake in ladyboy rormation rimming , trombing and gokkun fest

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