Foot Of Standing Leg When Kicking (Flat Or Go On Balls?)

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Hi there,

I had a discussion with some friends, if it es better to step out and stay on a flat foot when kicking or go on the balls. What I have seen in the Isaan regions in Thailand is that a lot of fighters step put and stay on a flat foot in comparison to fighters in Central Thailand who go up on the balls. What's your opinion and recommend on that?

Just compare this videos.

Flat foot:

You can see Superlek or Malaipet here staying on the flat foot when kicking:

Go up on balls:

Pakorn is going up on balls and the guy in the instruction video same:

no if you look at second clip he definitely elevates up on base foot even if just slightly...some people do it all the way and end up with their base foot rotating past the 90 degree angle almost to 180 degrees .,,tbh its the up and rotation which allows the hip to roll over on the lead leg. You can't rotate your lead leg over if your hips are "closed" (try it)... the rotation of the base foot allows that knee and thing and subsequently the hip to point away from the target...and the rotation of the base foot comes along with the elevation on the heel..maybe in that malaipet clip he wasn't raining full power..he also did something strange which is rotate onto the external part of his foot

looked at the Superlek clip and he actually plants his foot almost at right angles BEFORE he kicks...pause it at 0:35 though and you will see definite elevation of his heel

I do the same as Superlek. I've trained the full spring up and find I get less power.

Superlek is still on the ball of his foot, he just doesn't do the full extension to spring upwards (which aesthetically looks far nicer), like your Pakorn example.

Some gyms I've been too have mandated the perfect springing up to the point where my calf just feels dead after one round of kicking and I'm having to massage it limber daily.

However, I find I get more power without trying to do the full spring up and I use less energy in the process.

Each to their own I guess is the answer. No one hard method being better than the other.

yes the full spring and turn really taxes the calf muscle

Thank you guys for your responses. I tried both today and prefer the flat style same Superlek. The kick comes more powerful and and it's easiert to control rotation.

Do you guys find the flatter foot method is harder(potentially) on the knee?
Seems like the rotation would put a strain on your knee.

Personally I do the spring up and turn but not quite as high as some.

keeping the foot flat yes I think would put additional rotational /lateral forces through the knee. And probably through the ankle as well. Power tends to go in the direction where the base foot is pointed. if you have the heel up I think the momentum of the power is absorbed through the final end of the rotation of the base foot. If no rotation and foot firmly planted I think potentially more force through the knee ligaments yes.

Going up on the balls of your feet is for reach and extension.

We are always told to go up on the ball of the foot, except for leg kicks in which we rotate with the edge of the foot lifted slightly. Seems to me that kicking flat footed would be risky on the knees, especially as our gym is covered in carpet which doesn't let your foot glide too well

I used kick with flat feet, but not anymore. I think going up on your toes is a lot better for your knees. Maybe not so much wear and tear from kicking every day, but I think kicking with a flat foot puts you in a lot more vulnerable position where it can go wrong and mess your knee up a easier.

for those who kick flat-footed, do you still turn your standing foot? if so, how far?

I used to turn 90 degrees. Like bas rutten shows in his instructionals.

Bas Rutten suggested you step out 90 degrees flat footed as it would open your hips up. His kick was aaiiight I suppose,but he also had severe knee problems later in (and efter) his career. Related or not I know not. Personally I've always been in favour of maximal extension of the calf. But I also think it is highly individual.

He messed up the artilage in his knees, I don't think that's related to the twisting force that goes through the knee when you plant your foot. But I still think it's risky.

stationary / tired -> slight elevation

moving forward / not tired -> full elevation

is what I see

People are misinterpreting this thread.


You just don't fully extend up on the ball of your lead foot but you still step out and land on the ball of your foot and pivot off it.

I don't think anyone means flat-footed as in keeping your feet planted all the time ;)

I don't know about that. Some people on this forum are pretty tarded sometimes.

The way people are talking about straining the knee makes me think some people are trying to pivot through with a planted foot and rooting their ligaments in the process.

That's what some people really do.

TomS I think youre right some people looking at the videos think that there is not any movement in the basefoot, TBH there HAS to be , bearing in mind the weight being thrown and the direction in which it is being thrown.

I know lots of beginners who just don't get it. I tell them time and time again to extend on the ball of their feet for kicks and knees but they really don't seem to get it. They also don't rotate the hips much, if at all because of this 'flat footed' planted leg.
I would imagine that's shit for your knees.

i have trouble lifting my heel because I tie my cock to my ankle

Haha, Your legs must be short little nubs!

whats got 5 fingers and is hairy?

thalidomide's armpit


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