Golden Era Vs Current Era

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As with most sports (and most things in life generally) the new generation are always going to be better than the old, so I have been thinking about this alot lately and spoke to a few of my friends who have been following the sport for a good amount of time. Really interested to hear everyone's thoughts on this too, how do you think the current era of top fighters would do against the golden era? ( Saenchai, nong-o, pakorn, superbank, petchboonchu, yodvicha, yodsanklai, panpayak, palangpon etc vs Samart, karuhat, wangchanoi, kaensak, samransak, sangtienoi, jongsanan, namsaknoi, sakmongkol etc )

Golden era!

new era would suck cock all day

In the golden era MT was way more popular, now there is to much competition from football (soccer) and people can get better jobs and education, so the need for MT is less. So before there are more fighters hence more quality...

no way the sport is constantly evolving , pakornnnnnnnnnnn all dayyyyyyyyyyy althought kaensak is a beast

Just wanted to slip this cool video in, not sure if it's "golden era" but thought you muaythailanders would like to see it. enjoy :)

amazing, and he beat Dieselnoi twice!

Like in any sport, people tend to be nostalgic, but lets face it, any contemporary fighter would destroy another from the past.

For example, Messi and CR would score 150 goals a year 30 years ago.

Here, the same.

its not the same at all and you can't compare!

Take football and Muaythai and the golden era, if you just look at late 80's early 90's footballers were not paid nearly as much as they are today, for Muaythai it's the opposite, in the late 80's early 90's lots of the top guys were getting around 200,000 a fight, cost of living then was way lower than today, Kaensak Sor Ploenchit got 350,000 for one fight back at the tail end of the 80's. Todays fighters top draw get 100,000 and lot less than were getting 200,000 back in the day, the real top elite maybe can get 140,000-150,000. The numbers of fighters at the elite level back then was way more than there are today as the incentive not there now like it was for poor kids to fight. The quality level and number of fighters is way lower nowadays. You have the situation now where more than a few fighters struggle now to get competitive fights, the likes of Sam-A, Yodwicha, Petboonchu etc… and not too long ago Saenchai couldn't get a fight without giving up at least 3 pounds in weight, back in the golden era that wouldn't have happened they could probably get a competitive fight once a week.

The sport isn't evolving nowadays either if anything its devolving with the influence the gamblers have over scoring etc… the fighters back in the day used to have more weapons, fight right from the opening bell, nowadays you have guys like Yodwicha or Peetboonchu that just wait until round 4 and smother their opponents with better strength to get the win. If it is evolving it is only more in a business sense, things like the foreigner scene in Phuket or the rise now your seeing of Muaythai fitness with more middle class Thais doing it to get in shape. As a ring sport its not getting any better!

It used to be that you have to be really good to fight on a regular mid week show at the stadiums and the Saturday and Sunday ones were low level, nowadays you have guys fighting midweek that wouldn't even get a fight on the weekend shows back in the day. A lot of the guys fighting on shows now would get destroyed back then without a doubt. The top guys like Saenchai and Pakon etc… would be holding their own, but they would more likely be able to develop into a lot better fighters than they are now, by the level of competition they would have had then, bringing it out of them.

Rob knows....

@muaythaifocus do you think the top elite of today(saenchai, nong-o, pakorn, sarm-a, phetboonchu, superbank etc) would still be competitive and maybe even pull off wins against the top elite of the golden era or you think that they would just not get destroyed but would not be really competitive?

I think they technical guys could well be better fighters than they are now due to the amount of stronger competition that could bring it out of them, Petboonchu's style wouldn't have worked so well though back then. Going back to comparisons of sports you also need to remember that sports like athletics, football etc... Have billions invested in them and develop constantly in terms of scientific approach to training, diets haven't had that at all in Muaythai

this is the main reason I believe: " as the incentive not there now like it was for poor kids to fight" making the number of fighters drop hence the quality of the top fighters.

but the fact that MT becomes accepted as a way of fitness for the middle class is something I see as possitive for the sport, without that MT would die a slow dead in Thailand

I think most combat sports have taken a hit from MMA. People, in the West anyway, tend to take them up as a form of self defence first and a sport second. The idea of training at all ranges and on the floor seems to have been fight proven, so if self defence is an aim it makes sense to train in multi-disciplines rather than just one. I see many if not most schools here offering MMA alongside their main "art", and certainly in Thailand, at least the touristy parts, MMA is an extra many seem to want.

i never liked MMA, hitting somebody on the ground is just brutal,and for self defence I would go for boxing not MT

That Ground and pound shit is for cowards for bitch attitudes no balls to stand trade period

Fully agree with Rob. No shitty nostalgic feelings about past muay Thai fighters. The todays top fighters do not have a lot of real competition still they enjoy a lot of hype due to intermet youtube
compared to this hype level the likes of samart look like amateurs (media wise)

Rob is an encyclopedia we should preserve his brain in M-150 when he dies and have it mounted outside Raja, or keep it in the fridge in the 7/11 there

hey brah, I do UFC. it s not MMA. look I even got a tapout shirt and a tattoo on my ankle

That mooey Thai stuff is good for mma though
having trained @ Tiger makes me a dangerous cock


Yeah boxing with good take down defense and basic sweeps to stand up would be good self defense
Along with good situational awareness and the ability to run motherfucker run

Western boxing and judo is a great base for self defence. BJJ/sub wrestling is great on the floor but "on the street" the last place you want to be is on the floor, and staying upright is what judo does better than any other system. Being able to run fast and far is arguably the best form of defence mind you.

oh and I go with old on the old vs new debate
it seems that fighters would go hammer and tong more often than they do nowadays
no saying that they dont nowadays, just more often back then
like rob said, gambling is fucking the game up

This will never be answered until we invent a time machine. Can all beat Tyson in their prime? Can Sanchai beat sagat? What about apidej vs a samart? No one will know. Yes now,the sport is influenced by betting. Dominance is bad because they want the odds to be close. The only answer will be fighters vs fighters now.

agreed with your tyson in his prime estimation and that we'll never really know, for me overall quality was def golden era though
this may be because the fights i've seen are all 'legendary' whereas nowadays i've seen quite a few bullshit fights where they only 'fought' for half a round 555, we should really appreciate the good shit in our time too

Yeh you can never find out, but again difficult to compare as Boxing would have progressed way more in the time between Ali and Tyson, but Muaythai hasn't really progressed from Golden era to day, its only on a downward slope

a downward slope? Like Vanessa Mae?

Golden era.period.
for farang: modern era: we have a better level now,
at least from what I see here in europe. farangs a lot better
than 30 years back.

on another note: now I see many muaythais here. in my country alone
there are 6 federations doing it. all of them have slightly different aproach,
different scoring and slightly different rules.

i see different muaythais in Thailand as well. longer clinch at channel 7,
way shorter clinch at Lumpinee for example.

in conclusion I think the sport is moving more and more in the direction
of 3 rounds fights everywhere.

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