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I am seeing more and more research, articles and opinions about the damage of repetitive blows to the head in combat sports and its link between brain injuries and issues such as memory loss and poor cognitive function later in life. Ive just read a poorly constructed article by the bbc warning of the dangers of rugby and head injury!

Whats your view? Do the benefits outweigh the risks? are we a bit too safety conscious these days?


are there headguards involved? because that research basically showed that headguards increase the dissiipation of blunt force trauma across the skull.

Apparently concussions in rugby happening in every 6 nations match now, mainly from tackles

It also depends a lot on the way you fight. If you are willing to take a hit to give one back, that will probably fuck you up over the years. If you're a bit more defensive, I think (or hope) it's not that bad. It also depends if you compete or not. Or which weight class you're in. Getting hit by heavyweights will rattle your brain a lot more often I guess.

What's really scary to me is living my life not doing the things I like. And I happen to like a couple of sports that involve getting hit in the head.

Good posts. Food for thought!

I don't regret the 10+ years of getting punched in the head. I was KO'd once in that time but I suspect the constant blows over the years probably did more. My memory seems to be ok still anyways.....what was this thread about again? Lol

True enough about the type of fighter you are. I'm sure those who are more fast and evasive have healtheir careers than the punch bags.

I've never been really ko'd, but I do remember a few times I went to bed with a slight headache or when my lights went out for a split second. That probably did kill some brain cells. A lot of people I know have had fullblown concussions from walking face-first into a door or falling off a bike. I even had a big tree branch fly just past my head in a sudden storm.
Life is never 100% safe. You could constantly be paranoid about brain damage, diabetes, cancer, etc, and then get run over by a bus and die on the spot.

That said, I think being careful is the sensible thing to do. It's retarded to go 100% in sparring every day. You could probably beat the shit out of eachother's body and legs, go light on the head, and still have the same sparring 'quality' compared to knocking eachother out. At the moment, I'm more concerned about the visible scratches on my face. I have to look like a civilised person for my work.

A Night Out with a Big Hang-over = a Knockout loss

vlad, you got a source on that?

No only my own impressions

Cryotheraphy or just Cold Water Immersion regrows your Synapses in the brain. It works for rats with Altzeimers. And top UFC fighters do it.

Proven shit.

I Need to Check this out

Start watch it from 18:50 - Cold Shock (just watch the first 90 seconds from 18:50 and you'll see)

Watch from 18:40 to 23:00

Seriously just watch it... It hasn't been shown/experimented in humans but human produce RBM3 too so in theory it should work too, they just have done a study on rats only for now, same same, mammal.

I'm taking Ice Baths daily for 8 minutes.... I'm making 20L of ice in my fridge now, tomorrow I will go in for a 30 minute session as they did in the rat study....

My brain is fucked (subdural-hematoma, countless concussions), memory, cognitive function, and so I'm like ""Well I can replicate this shit at home!"

Good Test Levels + Protein rich Food + mental exercise
That recreates some brains
But preventing damage is always better

I've been punched in the head more times than I care to remember. I have to write everything down now at work otherwise I just forget it within a couple of minutes.

Short term memory is sooo bad it's unreal. Also I get dizzy spells where my centre of balance is just off.

To sum it up, practice head movement.

Watch 4 minutes of that video and start having Ice Baths!! Proven shit. Makes your brain regrow it's Synapses which are the connections between 2 nerves which form a memory.

what about when brains shut down due to hypothermia? theyre not damaged but their metabolism slows right down for protection

Don't know..... I know that when 2 rats are genetically engineered with the alzheimer's disease gene that the one they use Cold Shock Therapy on shows the symptoms later than the other rat - and they aren't 'cold shocking' them as far as hypothermia levels.

My understanding is that damaged synapses regrow/repair with the expression of this RBM3 Protein which is released/produced when a mammal endures cold water temperatures of 11 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.

Donno donno, sounds promising though.

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