How Mut Is Boom Boom Now ?

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just wondering if the private clinching lessons got more expensive ? Weak euro (fuckin ripoff) strong baht and so on ?

Anyone has some up to Date Knowledge to Share ?
Barfine, 1 night, short time, 2 ladyboys ....

too mut! you pay me now ka!

Same same

i know for an hours nuru its 2000 which is ridiculous considering half of it was just time wasting antics

Hawkman you no gooood ! You clay-zee

I guess nuru is Boom Boom maassad ?
2000 is a hell of a ripoff
For a bit much you can shag a Romanian model like hooker for half an hour including a mouthblast here in Germany

What about 1000 baht the Night ??? Am I the only good looking sex tourist out here? :))))

haha mouthblast

Minr you got chaeted. Smoke same same? 1 hour 2 thousand. Way much ok. Next time come see me, I find you lady ok

Lol I know, I go ripped hard, that was the price on the website though and all of them, it was those naughty massage parlours, but I didnt get my full hour so yeah I guess I go smoked bitch couldn't keep up either, and I made big mistake, I got nervous and the fa bitch goes keeen I wecooomenn yuuuu? I go yeah and she pulled out a decent looker, but I see the perv after me he had a smoking hot one.

did you give a big tip?

1000 baht tip

lmao I gave 100 baht which yes is a lot! If I do ever do tha again I will just order one to the hotel from Cherrys lmao, I didn't wanna talk to those freelancers on the road, there were also some kenyan ones who weren't too bad either. But I ain't sitting there buying a fucking drink for a freelancer just to ask so how much.

Dammm, freelancers don't qualify for drinks unless they work for the bar. Freelancers should be dealt with, no bar fine, no tip. Just straight up fee. Sounds like those hoes were hustling you

hey, Its not something I do personally lol but I am in Thai land at the moment, in phuket chalong and couple of fellas I know told me that they have been out in patong payed 1000 baht bar fine and 2000 minimum for boom boom, normally 3000, doesn't include the drinks bought. most places I hear 1000 baht bar fine and 2000 minimum for the night but they fuck off sometimes into the night and don't stay over oh and they ask you to pay for them to get taxi back.

also told that a soapy massage parlour for boom boom in patong that they used was 3500,

you can have a wank for a free...


"you can have a wank for a free..." - plus its sex wih someone you love

what s the difference between an egg and a wank?

you cant beat a wank.

Wank = fucking yourself :D

Hookers can spot naive newbies from a mile away
They could have asked for a 2500 baht dark cockroach infested Apartment either plus 3000 for boom boom and a Taxi and tip and tip for Taxi driver and std test and so on

Vlad is correct. Hoes can spot noobies and softies to gouge the fuck out of their pockets a mile away. Freelancing bitches get 1500 tops, no bus fee, no drink fee

Bar bitches go for 1000 short time plus 500 bar fine = 1500 for you to blow your wad on their tongue

If you rookies do long time, then you deserve to be played. Hoes are for poking not relationships. If you want a girl hook up with one on vacation at the full moon parties. Free pussy

God bless free Tourist pussy !!!

"you can have a wank for free..." - plus its sex with someone you love
this made me laugh quite hard :D

Thailand is cheaper than Amsterdam thats for sure, I walked past the first window on red light district to see the fittest woman ever in a police uniform a polish guy asked how much she asked where he was from he said Poland, she said 100 euros and she was probobaly polish herself lmao

Prices in Amsterdam are 40 euro for 15 min.... 50 if you want positions, idem in Brussels. And for that price you get the best looking once, they all ask the same
She probably said 100 because she didn't want the guy to come in..

Trust me the way she looks, I am pretty sure its a 100£ pussy!, the nicest body and face!

The Amsterdam ones look fitter than pornstars too.

Bangkok you get looker and un-lookers lol

30 euros if you get a cheap one in germany. Don't ask for quality though.

The ones in Brussels look way hotter then in Amsterdam and there are more of them also

Rambutan would you say Brüssel is worth a trip ?
I can remember you Stated sonething like Antwerpen is better or other way round

Antwerp is cleaner because they have a whole recently build complex, suppored by the city itself, so very clean and no cars passing.
Brussels has much more women but is in a bad area ( I used to live at 300m max from the red light district) and most buildings are old and dirty
Also Brussels has no ladyboys, Antwerp does have lots of them.
If you like African women, Brussels has a lot of them compared to Antwerp :-)

free... head to taipan, seduction , white room ...... puss everywhere for the taking if u hansom white man ting tonggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.

Word !!!
Let go nooooow ! Bangla load mak Boom Boom ladeee falang beautyfooa big big dik sexy Maaaan
But no goood haf ladee wheeu sek see boodee but you look other ladeeee you buttelfly maan


Ling linggggggg

She haf monkey face

U had pow were! How Manny!

Same Same Blute Ree

Haha. Havent been on this forum for ages and this is the first thread I open

Why did you go Blake? I know you are bored in your cold NZso come and have some fun with the guys!

ha ha ha .... ting tong

Someone read about Pattaya Real Estate bubble ?
18.000 condo Units empty

So how much is Pussy now ????

Some Figures please

did'nt read abot the Pattaya bubble, 18.000 is just crazy.
I remember reading that the drop of the Russian currency would have a big effect on the market but I thought maybe the Chinese would fill the gap

Chinese same same under pressure of the allmighty dollar now

yes but that very recently.
Also I don't see Chinese buying condo's, they are more organised tour type of tourists.

Chinese are too busy buying up property in London , gettin an education in UK whether Scotland or england and then getting the right to remain. Theyre everywhere, seriously.

True, Hawkman

Quote: Hawkman
Chinese are too busy buying up property in London , gettin an education in UK whether Scotland or england and then getting the right to remain. Theyre everywhere, seriously.

Same here in Australia, us poor convicts don't stand a chance!

i loathe them, swear at them in Hokkien hoping they will understand

quick lesson "Kanee na chow chee bye" means your grandmother's smelly vadge and is a fairly strong one, works wonders with taxi drivers in SG

Lol so does russian swearing
You can scare the shit out of them by acting rude
Just like the Show the bad guys in kung fu movies


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