How Thailand Has Changed: An Old Post By Dave

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I was browsing through the forum and decided to look up some old post.
By doing this I ended up reading this post made by Dave ...ips-980-0mbt&nc=7739

It shows you how much Thailand and the world has changed in the last 15 years..

"Phones: I didn't have a mobile phone in 2001 and for some stupid reason I left my mobile at home when I came in 2003. I had presumed that no one would have one over there as they hadn't on the trip before but I was extremely wrong. Everyone has a mobile. Lots of the boxers and all of the Thais have them and I could have bought a new Sim Card from a 7/11 very cheaply and been able to text, phone and take numbers off girls in clubs with ease had I brought mine. I almost considered buying a new one out there but as I was only there for 2 months I decided not to in the end and resorted to texting off Blake's instead. If you have a mobile then make sure that you bring it to Thailand as you'll need it, "

15 years ago ( how times change)

- MySpace was big
- No Facebook
- No muay Thai web sites, if so very limited
- No fast dsl internet ,
- Dial up internet
- No smart phones
- No youtube access like today
- Muaythai fights were watched on vhs
- baht exchange rate were better
- Less muay Thai cross fit gyms
- Thailand was more mystique, more adventurous
-k-1 max tournament was not started
- Y2K fear spread
- I was in high school

15 years ago, I wish the current me could have a chat with the old me about a few things....


they even show MT and krabi Krabong at the10min mark

if you watch the man with the Golden Gun, see how the streets of BKK have changed.

the whole world is changing....i liked it better before the smartphone age...

yes. smartphone in asia has replaced brain and conversation

Europe also, but maybe not as bad...yet

on my first trip to asia I didnt even know how to use the internet. ive done some browsing, but I did open m 1st email account in india (or nepal). not to mention mobiles .... or ATM. I used to travel with travellers checques. in dollars and deusch mark. still no euro currency at that time .... and no country in the world would accept our (beloved) lira at any time ....

felt good in Laos where they gave my a rucksack full of money for a traveller ch. of 200 D-mark.

also the english speaking improved a lot. back in the ninetees for example nobody in rural china spoke a single word of english.
now loads of ppl do. everywhere. no french (and no esperanto) needed anymore :-)

Thais are still shy to speak english, but at least they do understand if you repeat the same sentence a couple of times ....

yes "you suck me, I give you 1000 baht" is probably one of the first phrases learned at Linguarama, Nana Plaza

Hahahaha ^
Somethings will never change

only the price has changed...

I wish girls were 1000฿ a suck in England.

I wish smart phones and good old conversing could live together in a harmonious balance.

I'm not a fan of gobbies, I wish a fuck was 1,000฿... I know that Public Agent shit on YouPorn is fake, but how much you reckon it would take to convince a random girl to fuck you in England? ""I'll give you a 100 quid for a quikie in my car" too low? I'm fascinated by prostitution and how much a girl values her self.

it will usually cost you a handbag at first then finish with a house.

Somoene did economic research on why hookers be so cheap and thats cos easy bitches giving out their shit for free- think its one of the chapters in Freakonomics

Filth is always bought cheap

I reckon if you were on a night out it'd be easier cause they usually expect to get snagged, but I'm not sure either I reckon they'd say no to 100 but if you like flashed 200 at them they'd be like ok cause you know once you see it then it seems like a lot
I saw this video in america where the guys asking some girl and she's like no that's disgusting how low do you think I am and he just tripled the amount to like 600 and she was like fine but make it quick
Every girl has her price

Hahaha ""Hmm to go with a free slapper or to pay for slightly better looking girl?"

Yeh, every girl does have her price for sure. But then again, a straight guy probably has his price too if a homo were to offer him a shit load of cash, just saying that as to not be so sexist..... I personally would rob a homo who approached me seeking sex, knock him out after he put in his pin code at the ATM machine lol... (just kidding, I would never commit a crime in my life....)

You can get a good looking girl but you're gonna have to pay anyway for drinks and to move into VIP cause that cements it, so better to just pay in a lump sum instead of having to compliment and spend time with her haha

and yeah but that would be homosexual whereas the situation before is heterosexual, it would be more suitable to say a fat woman or a really ugly woman but she's disgusting, I reckon I'd have a high price though I ain't ssnagging some fat bitch for 100

Good point re: homo's.... I do a yucky bitch for 100 as long as I didn't have to kiss her, as long as she didnt have warts and shit obviously... Fuck it, wear a condom, all is good.

Hahhahaha yeah true, thinking about it if she just lay down wet legs open and I could stand and do it with my eyes closed then yeah but if I had to make physical contact with anything other than my dick then I can't do that.

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