How To Fund Raise Your Next Thailand Stay

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Any idea how you would get a decent sum for a luxury stay of 3 weeks ?

by working....

Beat me to it ^

I kept it a bit short
Working is not an option also getting a 2nd or 3rd job or a better job and so on

Why you need the"luxury" stay? Can't you just stay in a 200 bath room near the gym?

Sell your ass

Yes yes, buy a dress, lipstick , make a hole in your nearest public bathroom with a drill.

Work , nothing is free in life. No money no money

Slut yourself out on kickstarter and find suckers willing to find your selfish cause.

eat cheap, get off the booze. try to go everywhere by bike instead of a car.
If that doesn't work, sell your organs. You don't need half of them anyway.

If you were a hot girl you could make a page cos old men would just give you money for being alive, or for pictures of your feet.

But you're not, so don't.

Really though, just hustle. Why is working not an option?

you could also do it cheap and save the luxury part for home.

Go to Pattaya. Then buy heels and stand on the soi south of soi 6. I think it's 5.

no it is soi 6b or 6a

Right now we know There is a bunch of whores here

Camdiggy because I already work that shit is hustling backwards also need to finally get my degree

Rambutan why travel so far to Live in a shithole ?

Tony except selling my guts i've already done everything

professional gambler

Vlad, what degree iare you trying to get?

I didn't say you have to live in a shithole but in the North of Thailand you can get a decent room for 1 month at 4000-5000 bath MAX.

Mech. Engineering Rambutan

Gambling often results in the opposite

Maybe tenchu got an idea

Find a niche and fill it with product made cheaply

Become a monk get free breakfast. Then in the afternoon join a band of soi dogs and scanvage for scraps. At night make a hole in a wall. Then suck anything that comes through it. Bingo

lol sanchoy

this site is offically no longer shite


Sanchoy fuck You Fagott
Keep dreaming about ladyboys and gloryholes

Plenty of hate envy and jealousy

The kickstarter crowdfunding has been the best advise so far

A fighter here from Ottawa did a crowd funding thing about a year ago to fund his trip to Thailand and he actually made enough for about a 5 month stint. But he caught a lot of shit on Facebook for it, people saying he's a lazy fuck, entitled asshole, etc. But it worked, so it's like "yeah I'm an Thailand."

Try it out. Might work for you.

sell drugs, you never see a skint drug dealer

Why doesn't anyone want to work for anything these days?

Vlad I'm sorry to give up your secrets. Now everyone will know how to do it. Hee haa

Thx camdiggy you're Right on that
I expect people to tell other people to fuck off if asked for money
But did not expect the same shit asking for advice

Blake I work to pay my bills after the bills theres nothing left except piss stained underwear

tbh working hard is no guarantee of financial reward.

look at the Kardashians or that whore farah Abraham , tell me when they have done one fucking days hard work in their pitiful lives , yet they are rolling in absolutely millions of usd

There is a whole bunch of such maggots
Always scared of a poor commie russkie coming to expropriate them

Hey OP another way is to clean bathrooms in the malls in Thailand, you can live in there while you work. So you won't need housing expense.

Perfect for the hole thing. Dual income

Fighting Spirit gym used to offer free housing and training if you worked in his gym, but that is a few years ago..

Sanchoy I could sell your nasty shithole of a mouth for decent money
A lot of perverts would love to fuck your faggot throat
You'll get your share, 30% ! Best money of your life !

The whole thing is about raising income not cutting the expenses

Fuck the thread Time wasting
I'm out

VLAD you not want idea? You ask you receive. You want to raise money for honey? Right? You not want shut you big mouth!

...well that escalated quickly

Sanchoy you stupid piece of shit keep repeating that garbage
It's neither smart nor funny
Oxygen wasting cunt

You underdeveloped katoy! You call me stupid? When your the dip shit asking for advice how to fund your stanky clit. Go work idiot! But since you can't comprehend that, you are left with these options I gave you. Don't get mad, accept your stupidity

You foolish faggot
The question is equivalent to: what would YOU do to get some extra cash ?
All you do is keep repeating "sucking dicks, selling ass and so on"
Your Mother took twenty and gave Up plenty
End of discussion

what do you do for money now? What kind of job you have?

whatever job or scheme you come up with, you'll have to work at it regardless

Possible options (most of which I do not condone):

1) Become a Youtuber and monetize your videos

2) Crush up Rits and mix it with a bit of Lidocaine Powder - tell some stupid fuck that it's Yayo and get him to peddle it for you (huge profit margin)

3) Grow Kush indoors with CFL lights (super cheap and super simple). Get a couple 65watt lights, 1 x the blue one + 1 x the orange one should be enough for 1.5m2 if you line the floor and sides of the enclosure with the shiny side of tin foil. Use small computer fan for some air circulation.

4) Sell some shit on eBay

5) Become an Uber driver

6) Set up a lemonade stand in front of your house

7) Learn how to massage and advertise that you are a massage therapist, obviously you can pick and chose which clients you are willing to take on. If it's some dude just be like "sorry, fully booked brah)

8) Grow the best tomatoes and sell them to some person who has a stall at the Sunday markets. I am a bit of a cook, and I must say that I will not bother cooking spaghetti bolognaise if the tomatoes are not the best.

I DO NOT condone points numbered #2 and #3 as they are illegal in most countries. Neither have I ever done any of these things. I write them simply to entertain the ideas hypothetically.

People can make a supplementary income easily. All it takes is the courage to take the initiative, and to not fear what ridicule you think you may be subject to.

#BreakOutOfYourShell !!

Fuck, I'm feeling all Tony Robinson today bahah. TOo much coffee bruz.

Rather than raising money to stay in Thailand, do the opposite. Buy a one way ticket and ensure you don't have enough money to leave. Then you can stay forever, like me!

Vlad you female butch ! Can you read? Maybe ask your boyfriend to read for you illiterate retard. all off us have you ideas provided you with ideas you may be only be capable of doing, unlike us you can't just work and go to Thailand!. So Obviously, you are struggling and drowning, And praying for handouts. Use that thing between your ears for once! And maybe you can read this message without having your boy friend read it to

I like Tenchu's idea alot :-)

Haha nailed it

Tenchus idea is good if you like to stay

Thx Sam I am already doing some of these things

Sanchoy you dumb faggot according to your stupid logic anyone asking for camp Information or lifting regimen is praying for handouts

The only problem is, one day (like now, for me), you decide you DO want to leave Thailand. Try and picture how hard it is to return to a Western country after having crashed in Thailand for a decade. If anybody has a spare 100,000 baht to lend me, all you need to do is PM! Gods it's fucked.


tenchu are you fluent in Thai now? maybe you can get a job as a restauarant inspector you know food and hygiene, they always want oriental speakers

I'm going to shut this shitty Restaurant because you're a fucken Thaksin supporting racist farang overcharging scumbag

Tenchu @ work

Vlad you cum drinking whore. These are the only way you can possibly make money you skank:

- Join the alligator show, and get your head chopped off by a gator, you won't need your head anyways your a moron remember
- buy life insurance, then die! Bingo your a rich dead man
- accept you are a girl, then sell that ass, to the perves
- find the highest Cliff, then jump off, your a bird flying for money
- buy a gun, point it to your skull, pull the trigger, bam you are rich!

Fuck you you son of a filthy HIV whore
Fuck you and your shitty piece of a brain
Your dumb nasty and retarded like a incest gypsy baby
Keep this Thread alive you cheap whore

Lol you misfit inbred. No wonder why your here begging for ideas. When Your father gave birth to You, you were born without a brain. Quit wasting air, stop breathing. Lol

Im in delicate mental health due to being in hospital, can u please stop Sanchoy? Vlad was just asking on ideas for extra money. Please, I can't bear reading all this hate.

Im in delicate mental health due to being in hospital, can u please stop Sanchoy? Vlad was just asking on ideas for extra money. Please, I can't bear reading all this hate.

Lol, anything for you Sam.

I got a broken leg in 5 places and a broken arm. Im without any family or friends. And when family was here, they would only fight. I just can't take anymore.

How about mowing peoples grass?
Land scape someones garden?
Clean pools?

Sam were you in a Muaythai fight? Sounds like you got banged up good

Your mother must have had about 1000 muay Thai fights you cunt
Some of them against multiple opponents
even during pregnancy

Sam that Garden stuff Sounds good

Vlad I see your back from working in the bathroom stall. That's not a milk stain on your shirt, clean it off ok. You filthy cunt.

Sanchoy comes off as a 12-year old troll.

My name is mylittletony troll


no posts in 2 days....this forum is officialy dead...

Yep pretty sad, all the old schoolers are leaving or have left

a lot of people left when identification through facebook became necessary...

yeh I had a flick throubh yday also thought what a pile of shit

no more


I lurk here in the shadows.
but the site is generally shit.

Do you guys remember Saint?
He was posting a lot about his Thailand adventure in 2011... I wasn't around much that year but still remember him...

yes he was a deviant who claimed to have killed a monk

I was reading some old posts by Saint because as I said, I wasn't around much when he was.
By doing so I ended up reading something written by Dave to Tenchu.
At the time of writing Dave could not imagine how true this would be...

"Hey, remember when you used to throw hissy fits and leave this site "forever", saying how once you were gone the whole place would fall apart and no one would use it? I think you did this roughly every few weeks or so, if memory serves me correctly." ...2928-0mbt#contenttop


epic :-)

Yes this site has really gone to shit, because there is no one with mental issues to laugh at anymore, because thats what it should be about right? my life is that sad I need someone to laugh at to feel better about myself!

There still are people with mental issues but there aren't funny people anymore. It is not about laughing at someone it is about the humor...
There is only so much to say about training in Thailand so after a while it gets boring...

Yeh it's not about laughing at anyone, it's just humor yeh right of course it is, when he is ranting and people are starting shit about his wife or the state of his shorts everyone is just laughing at the humor of it not at him, that's nice to know.

So you are complaining about being bored about posts about Muaythai on a Muaythai site, you do realize you don't have to come here if that bores you? There are other sites out there, the reason I don't really come on here is not because I'm bored about talking about Muaythai I could happily do that all day long, I am bored of the constant weight lifting threads about deadlifts etc.. I am also bored of the whining about how it's gone to shit because certain people arnt here flaming each other like that's the be all and end of of what made it good here before

I never laughed at Tenchu or insulted his wife etc and I really liked the discussions/arguments you had with him about Thai politics etc because I learned alot from it, it was nice to see both sides.

I did not say I don't like M or don't want to talk about it but as I said, there is only that much to be said about training in Thailand.
"Hi my name is A and I want to go 1 month to Phuket, please advice me a camp" is not interesting imo.

Talking about weightlifting, conditioning etc is not a problem imo as long as it is about functional training , for MT, not about bodybuilding..

dont read the lifting threads if you dont like them cocksnot

There is fuck all else to read cuntmucus

Try posting about Muay Thai analcongestant

Anyway it's all irrelevant anyway it isn't weightlifting that's killed it here or lack of unstable mental list flame wars, I blame that cunt Zuckerberg or whatever his name is

Facebook is indeed my favorite place to read about MT,
the pictures and fightreports of muaythaifocus and the group muay Thai pure.

i do think Sam was responsible for many of the weightlifting threads, but I did indeed contribute about deadlifts and I'm sorry about that

i did some bag work yday and nearly puked but enjoyed it

Here's a muay Thai post
I did some squats and deadlifts today, it made my legs stronger, now I kick harder, so solly

where they front squats? cunt

Make some more doco's ya lazy fucker

yeah make a nice docu!

give me some money first

Well if you make a cool video about your gym ( a few minutes long with a nice soundtrack) like Sitsongpeenong did/does you would get money from an increase in visitors..

Like this one for ex.


In all seriousness Robsanklais' doco's were the turning point for me going to Thailand, the only thing I'd change is I'd probably have gone to his gym, no homo

nice to know I've made a positive impact in someones life. Cunt

dunno bout positive but I did go to Thailand

did you become hiv positive after coming to Thailand?


Fuck this really is a sad piece of shit

what is?

Hey Rob, did someone Ever tried to get decent boxing Trainers from abroad to BKK ?
I know it is MT and Punches is a secondary weapon
Still Most Thais boxing Looks like shit
An easy to get counter punched

For example Indian and Chinese they have Cubans over there training their Boxers and sanda fighters

yeh there is a bit of that here too, some well known Cuban coaches involved with the amateurs and some of the pros here, they don't really get involved with Muaythai fighters though

Get some Filipino boxers over!

There are Phillipinos coming over and fighting regular

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