Is Buakaw In A New Movie?

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On Buakaws facebook page I saw pictures that seem to come out of a movie in the style of Bangrajun or the samurai of Ayutthaya. Is he in a new movie, or filming a new movie? I cannot find anything on the internet.

For the people who have not seen it, the samurai of Ayutthaya was a great movie, as are Bangrajun 1 and 2.

นายทองดีฟันขาว (good gold white tooth?)

something to do with history, I would ask my wife but she just spazzed the fuck out for asking about this movie while she watching Thai tv! lol nutter

You guys think Buakaw will destroy Yi Long?

Yi long is a joke more of a chopped piece of wood ugly cheat as an average chinese

How many rounds is the fight? I think if its 5x3 FTR buakaw would stop Yi long but if its just 3 rnds, yi long might be able to go the distance. Either way, he would get beaten up pretty bad.

Normaly the Yi LOng fight already happened today but I can't find any reslut on the net...somebody knows about how it ended?

i think Buakaw won but I dont understand vietnamese,
this should be pictures of the fight I think

other people are looking for answers also :-) ...i-Long-PIC-2453071-2

i watched it, buakaw won on points. at one point yi long threw a spinning back fist and nearly knocked him out

im sure the vid will be on youtbe soon


Thanks for the link rainey!

that vid is a bit shit lol there is loads on youtube

i couldnt watch the full fight yet but man Yi long is agressive

Buakaw made hard work of that, not a convincing win in my opinion although he did win.

Would have expected buakaw to have been more accurate with his hands and more body kicks

I Bet buakaw got paid to make it Little more competitive

I think he got a lot of stick from Chinese fans before this fight. The Chinese see themselves as some sort of master race among Asians and the Thais are like some lower class of Asian, so I'm pretty sure he wanted to batter this guy.

very true about the Chinese sense of superiority , they also try to lord it over western people, yet want to own our cars and watches and suits and bags ...i loathe and depise them,having dealt with them for almost 10 years. They are idiotic will very very very little ability to reason or think oirginal thoughts...they copy everything and cannot build anything that doesnt break...last time I was in Phuket the Chinese had replaced Russians as the numero uno unwanted tourist

LOL true

Did the amount of Chinese tourists really grow that much?
I havent been in Thailand for 3 years now and last time I noticed an increase but not likethe amount of Russians

fucking shouty bunch of pasty coachtrip c***s, always destroy the breakfast buffet, they dont know what is what like they will put yoghurt on a fucking stirfry , as long as their plate is fuller than yours.
i pray for another outbreak of SARS

Shuaa shuaa
There Are only a few things that make me go angry in a second
One of them is a 5 ft tall piece of pasty shit yelling right next to me

chinese are weak pasty midgets living 50 to a small room all looking retarded and working 12 hours for a tip for a fat grease ball of boss they are scared of
Power wise 1 white woman equals 5 chinese

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