Is This A Good Muay Thai Gym In Toronto?

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i live near this muay Thai gym in toronto and I'm wondering if its good. heres the link you can check it out for yourself. it costs 85 dollars year with a 1 year contract

Why don't you just go to the gym and try it?

id probably go to siam number 1 or M1 if I was in toronto

id go siam n1 too

and this one seems to be connected t siam n 1
should be good
try it

85 dollars a year is really cheap! Thailand can learn something from that...
in Europe most gyms charge 20-50 dollar a month

in the UK I pay 70 (approx. 100 dollar) a month...... but I think it's good value because of the quality of teaching, the amount of open mat/bag time outside of classes, and there's a decent gym and conditioning equipment....

In the UK a good gym on it's own can be 30 a month...

What can Thailand learn from that? How to go bust in record time maybe?

the fact that gyms in Thailand are to expensive ,
but I understand why, you need foreigners to make a living as a gym nowadays

So that gym would most likely be 1 hour classes of glorified Muaythai aerobics with one person taking a class of 40+ people, compared to having a gym with maybe 6-10 or even more trainers specifically working with you! no holding pads for someone else who then holds them for you, but doesn't necessarily know how to properly. All those trainers getting paid a decent wage for where they are and you think thats doable at 85 dollars a year.

no you a re right Rob, MT outside of Thailand sucks because students have to hold pads for each other.
still you have to admit MT is getting really expensive for foreigners in Thailand, because gyms need the money of foreigners to survive..nothing wrong with that by the way
every thing for torists is expensive

tbh I think the training in Thailand is still a bargain bearing in mind the amount and the quality of padwork you get at Thai gyms, Robs gym still cheaper than most in Phuket and you have Lumpini fighters knocking around

5 rounds of pad work twice a day max? Yes Phuket gyms are way overpriced for what you get.

There are some gyms taking the piss a bit price wise without a doubt, charging a lot more than what they deliver in terms of service, my point was more about something you see a lot on the net, people complaining they only pay 30 quid or whatever back home for a month, but you can't really compare as totally different buisness models

The gym originally posted is not $85/year, its $85/month. I suspect it was a typo.

ah ok lol.
in that case it is to expensive for what Rob calls aerobics

Thaiboxercise :P

yeah Thaiboxercice, good name for it Rob, maybe you should make some video series about it and sell them to housewives.
get a beach body in 12 weeks with Thai boxercice.

Yesterday I read in the nerwspaper about a local celeb who said she lost her babyweight thanks to Thai)boxing, yeah right, real MT my ass

I meant 85 dollars a month not a year. Sorry for the typo


sorry mate but I don't think you'll find the answere here, this is an international board and it is clear by now that nobody is from Toronto...

Looks like they are linked to Suchart who runs Siam No.1 gym in Toronto. Trainer of Simon Marcus and Matt Embree. I'd give it a try.

Found a video of them on YouTube

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