K.Y.N Or Sumalee?

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Going to Phuket soon for training. Read alot of reviews and whats best for what we are looking for, good training, friendly atmosphere and not too crowded or expensive. I also got my mind set on getting a fight or two.

K.Y.N and Sumalee are the top two camp we are considering.
Any advice on the two camps?

Really like Sumalee and K.Y.M , bit not much reviews or info lately on K.Y.N in comparison, Any tips pros/cons? Sumalee seems great and yet to read anything bad about it.

Fucked up gyms that only want your money in advance
Just to make hit dirty bags tire you Out and Count your pushups
Go to Tiger they'll get you a ufc contract

I am the owner of Sumalee Boxing Gym. I don't usually respond to these comments but in this case I make an exception.

All of the people who have written the reviews you have read have actually been to the gym. As far as I know Vlad (above) has never been here.

To address just one issue, we are sponsored by Sandee Thailand and our gym was completely refurbished a year ago and all equipment is regularly checked and maintained.

Thank you ploechan, I'm not taking vlad's post seriously. Looks like we are going to head for Sumalee :-) can't wait!

Sumalee is a great camp, very clean gym, good training, everyday possible for sparring and clinching. And you get everyday 5 rounds on pads. I been 2 times their and had a amazing time. They changed a few trainers now so I cant tell you much about them. But jacky( parinya) is still their great guy and a good pad holder. The only thing is its a bit out of the tourist area so you will need a scooter to go around the island. About kyn I cant tell you anything because I werent their

Lynne nice to get a feedback
Please read again and get the real meaning
Thank you

I've also been to sumalee twice. Might be going again this year!

Pretty much what damien said. You'll definitely enjoy sumalee. Alot of reviews/threads about sumalee here with alot of info.

Happy to answer any particular questions !

Did Oron leave Sumalee?

yes he did, hes now trainer at tiger together with cartoon

milkblitzstreetbomb.com/muay-t... ...ne-miller-interview/

I've no doubts about the quality as I've only ever read glowing reviews, but Sumalee seems quite expensive, for the lone traveller anyway, to stay on camp if I read their website correctly (and apologies if I haven't).
Do they offer single private accommodation on camp? I can see training and twin room standard at 21k, but that does that mean 42k if you wanted the room to yourself?

Wish you could edit posts.
Reading that I'm guessing it'll be less as you can deduct training for one, so, what does it cost for one person training in a room for a month. 30-odd k?

Strange that Oron Sumalee is not at the gym....which is named after his original gym in Ubon Ratchathai. What link does Sumalee have with the original Sumalee now that Orin is gone?

i think it was around 30.000 bath for 1 month with a single room double bed with aircon and mealplan + 2 times training a day, but that was 2 years ago xD just check the website for the prices,

sor sumalee dont exist anymore for a few years, the old gym is just a ruin, lamnamoon is still in ubon and got a gym or shares a gym, all of the trainers that where origanally from sor sumalee dont work anymore at sumalee boxing gym, lampang is together with lamnamoon in ubon, regency is at rawai, oron and cartoon are at tiger, pot is somewhere in chang mai when I'm right, and where peng is these days I dont know

I believe the twin rooms is a set price whether its for 1 or 2 ppl. I stayed in the suites on both my visits though lol. Just wanted something a little bigger and nicer to myself.

Andy, it would be 21,000 for training/accomodation then food/visits/transport/fights are separate costs.

Oh you know what, I'm wrong about the accomodation. Damn I wish you coudl edit posts!

Anyways, best to email sumalee and ask anyway, as with all things.

Reading this thread makes me want to go back soon but dont have enough Annual Leave :*(

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