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I just booked a last minute short trip to bangkok with a friend who plans on being a tourist and probably getting himself into heaps of trouble.. Looking for a decent foreigner friendly muay Thai gym with some structured training or good place for privates within a close proximity to where one would go out to party since I assume my friend is going to make me stay there.. I think he is also going to drag me to pattaya if anyone has gym suggestions for that town as well??? I dont want this trip to be a totally time waste and want to get at least one session in a day..

I really wanted to go back to charne chai this year but I suppose its bangkok for 2 weeks and charne chai early next year. and on a side note, FUCK THIS FORUM POSTING PROCESS!!!! Totally sucks now, and is a huge dick pain..

If anyone is in Bangkok the last 2 weeks of this month and wants to meetup and train at a gym also hit me up!!!


In Pattaya I only went to fairtex but it is in the northside of beach road while the night life is at the southside...
if he likes girlie bars, soi 6 is in the center of beach road so not so far from Fairtex

@ Kao San road Bangkok there is a branc of a famous gym but I forgot the name, lots of tourists that never trained MT but you can get some decent padwork..

Thank you for the advice Rambutan!! I will check both those out..
I am not keen on partying at all I just want to find a place to train everyday but you know how party people are, they dont want to walk far LOL

Sor Vorapin, just remember the name of the gym near Khao San
They have a second , bigger gym at the outskirts of BKK.


OK so this kid wants to stay right down by all the BS in pattaya some jasmine hotel which is like 4km from Fairtex... Is it easy to get public transport for cheap from down by walking street to Fairtex? Or is that going to be a huge dickpain? Any ideas on transoport types and costs? I am thinking a tuktuk for that far would be expensive..

Hire a scooter

lol "my friend"

haha just get it also Hawkman :-)

Ya you can hop on the baht bus at walking street and I'm fairly sure it passes fairtex but you'll get a motorbike taxi there really cheap aswell. Less than 100 baht

Nice and cheap, sweet, baht bus it is... Really not wanting to go there, but if I am forced I am training while he parties :) Thanks for the info everyone!!!

the bath bus passes at the corner of Fairtex., less then 5 min walking


Anyone have any thoughts on Elite Fight Club in bangkok? Apparently its close by to where my friend wants to go out and reviews seem favorable.

Sor Vorapin close to Khao San is actually not that bad. Yeah it's full of hungover tourists but there are plenty of serious MT fighters and students who go there if they're passing by. It's not really meant for long-term dedicated stays, but if you want to keep up with your training while you're drinking Sang Som buckets and dodging the "SOOT FOW YOU" salesmen and old Cambodian women dressed up like Lanna Thai women selling wooden frogs step in your way every 3 seconds and drunk European guys with no shirts on smear their glow-in-the-dark body paint on the shirt YOU are wearing because wearing shirts is what people do out in public and it helps to identify yourself as a non-dickheaded European guy because then people will come and talk to you and be your friend which is nice because you're there to make friends anyway since back home you have no friends and the only way you can get laid is by spamming the craigslist casual encounters section with ads seeking any attention or affection you can possibly get from anybody without any discretion because you're lonely and fat but that's okay while you're on Khao San road because there is bound to be a fat lonely person looking for you but they won't know how fat and lonely you are unless you wear a cheezy Khao San tank top you bought for 25 baht after you haggled the shop owner down from 150 baht.

Yeah Sor Vorapin is pretty good.

do you know a dedent hotel near kao san road? I am looking to stay near there because I want to be close to the travel agencies...

Buddy Lodge on top of the McDonald's. I'm not even kidding. Pretty decent price to stay and incredibly well located, and not nearly as noisy as you'd expect during your stay which you've planned so diligently because if things go wrong you'll have to return to your shitty life at home being lonely and fat so you make sure every step of your trip is planned and accounted for so that when the hotel receptionist doesn't respond to your advances it's okay because you've already planned to get a soapy massage nearby where the girl giving it to you started doing that only to pay for University but after making more than the cost of her tuition in only a few weeks decided she would drop out and keep doing soapy massages for a year or two until she can afford to open a shitty Khao San road tank top vendor stall next to another tank top vendor stall selling booze buckets at night and realizing she won't ever do better than that because she contracted so many venereal diseases during her time as a soapy prostitite that nobody will ever want anything to do with her and you contributed to her inevitable despair because you're fat and lonely scum.

So yeah Buddy Lodge is good.

Bahahaha this cunt

i don't even know what to think of your story Camdiggy..

hahahahhahahhahhahaha Cam!!!!!!! Yea thats about my feeling on this whole trip with a non muay Thai person going to party,, Just going to try to do as much training as I can... I will check out that place and avoid the Europeans lol

Wow bangkok is a fucking shithole compared to up north.. never going here again.. I have no hopes for pattaya which is where I am being dragged next week.

I am in Pattaya now and its fun, was in Bkk last week, Pattaya and BKK became way more expensive then before! Like double the price of Chiang Mai

Rambutan can you give some price examples ?

Food in Pattaya is around' 80 bath for the cheapest and then you still have to pay extra for your rice....

I am in pattaya right now actually left BKK this morning.. and I am pretty sure its even worst then BKK...Bla never going down here again, staying up north from now on...

north is way cheaper then Pattaya and the sea here sucks anyway.. Eyesocket, are you an aussie? Did you stay in central pattaya road? You sound like a guy I met a few days ago

haha naaa I am from the USA, I was in pattaya for about 1 day and got the hell out of there LOL

Pattaya, you either love it or hate it :-)

Shit I was there for 2 days in Bangkok, FSG has loads of farangs, mostly they are farangs but training is relaxed though.

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