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Hi team, I just wanted to start a thread to get some of your experiences around lifting, especially you older cunts.
I plan on putting on a few kg of useful muscle over the next year.
Generally I will be doing this while trying to: improve explosive power, not fuck my joints, maintain my athleticism.

I lifted very little at Uni and have recently done bodyweight stuff everyday.
Ideally I'd like to have a minimum of 2-3 mooey sessions per week.
I know strenuous lifting plus lots of boxing will fuck me as I don't have adequate time to rest, so I will do more of one and forego the other.

How have you older cunts found lifting? how often have you trained and what have you done to prevent injuries etc?
I plan on three days: push, pull and press, I hope to get some Oly lifts in as well to get the fast twitches working.
is this fucked? Will I fuck myself? Should I forego strength exercises in favor of Oly only?

How old?
Generalising, and there are always exceptions, but proper old cunts like me (50+) should give each body part a week to recover. Your choice however many sessions you need to cover the whole body. Getting on old cunts (40+) should give each body part 4-5 days to recover. Isn't press the same as push?
Be extra careful with heavy compound exercises. Unless form is 100% it's very likely deadlifts and squats will fuck your back - as I have learned to my cost and can no longer do them. In fact my back is so fucked I can do very little and avoid going too heavy.
Also old-timers tend to believe in our hearts we can still train as we did in our twenties. Big mistake. You can still make gains, you can still get strong(er) you just have to be a lot more careful.
Personally I'd avoid Olympic lifting unless you have plenty of experience, your form is absolutely spot on, and you aren't that old.

you don't have to give a bodypart one week of rest if your training volume is lower. It's all about training volume.
I use the golden six method ( by Arnold, google it for info :-) ),
it is a full body workout but instead of doing it 3 times a week I do it twice.

And a very good advice is not to go to failure.
If you don't go to failure you'll recover much faster and can do higher volume.

Like Croatoan said, Stay away from olympic lifts OR be careful with technique, load
Proper warm up prevents most injuries

"Be extra careful with heavy compound exercises. Unless form is 100% it's very likely deadlifts and squats will fuck your back - as I have learned to my cost and can no longer do them. "

I cannot do them anymore neither due to multiple herniated discs
but my friend ( he is 74 now I believe), was a multiple time world and European champion powerlifting and has zero issues.
And he trained really heavy, till failure with high volume.
He told me his secret was being roid free and doing alot of stretching before his training.

To gain muscle mass quick, lift weights 5-6 times a week.
I've seen hundreds of people at the gym year after year after year looking the same.
No changes, same weight, same muscles. If you want to put on mass, follow these 3 rules.
Go 5-6 times a week, pick out a routine from online, FST-7, ETC, every set, put it your work.
Don't get lazy and skip sets. Every workout, you should be giving 100%. Every rep, put in the work.
Use proper form, don't cheat, your only fucking yourself over. Don't lift with your ego, lift with your muscles.
Don't lift with your joints. Put in the fucking work.
If you want to put on muscle mass, eat carbs + protein after every single lifting session.
EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU LIFT, WITHIN AN HOUR EAT! Eat carbs and massive protein. You want to grow muscle, so
you need extra calories, so eat real food. Food beats powders any day. Remember, if you want to bulk, eat more food, if you want to cut, eat less food. Do not be the guy whose fat and says he eats so little but never lose weight. Do not be the guy who says he eats all the time but is still skinny.
Google workout routines, go to bodybuilding websites and get a real routine. DO NOT MAKE YOUR OWN ROUTINE UP. If professional athletes have coaches telling them what to do, why do people think they're knowledgeable enough to create their own? I see tons and tons of newbies lifting weights trying to gain muscle mass start to make their own routines. They create their own sets and exercises. DO NOT DO THAT. Follow FST-7 religiously, and never miss a single set a single day. Do not be the guy who is fat as fuck or skinny as fuck and goes to the gym to do his personal routine. He only does the exercises he likes and he only does them for however many sets and reps he likes. Do all the exercises of the routine, do all the sets, every rep. Do not skip them. Do not be the guy who skips an exercise in a workout because he doesn't like it. Switch the routine every 2-3 months. Or do the same routine but switch up the rep count.

If your goal is to put on muscle mass, follow those 3 rules, and you will get jacked.
As for joints, all I can say is lift with your muscle, not with your joints. Leave your ego at the door.
It baffles me as to how many fucking idiots at the gym are trying to lift weights that are too heavy for them.
It's the contraction that grows muscles, not your elbows or shoulders taking heavy strain.

I put on 25 lbs of muscle in my first year of lifting, following these simple principles.
I didn't even go to the gym with a gym bag. I didn't use protein powders. I didn't buy fancy clothes.
I didn't talk about concepts, strategy, or theories. Don't over complicate lifting weights and gaining muscle mass.
Ask the most muscular guys at your gym, they'll tell you the same thing.
The most advanced bodybuliders will be talking about their diets and intake of supplements in more detail, but that's only 1 in 100 weightlifters at the gym.

Hi Andy, you're correct I'm walking around half asleep so it is press, pull and squat, in terms of strength I'd probably get into some kind of overhead press, a squat and deadlift.

If I cant do oly lifts would plyo's help produce similar power?

Thanks for the encouragement bullet, have you followed the FST-7 yourself? (yet to look it up) If so were you still able to muay Thai regularly? do you see any significant reductions in your muay Thai related athleticism?

most old school bodybuilders trained 3 times a week ( Reg Park, Steve Reeves as the most famous examples), full body..
And no, if you do bodybuilding your MT will suck, you can't do both

I'd confidently predict that the vast majority of older guys - I repeat, there are always exceptions - will eventually fuck themselves up lifting 5-6 days a week at 100% effort, especially if training to failure and training MT/MMA/Boxing at the same time.
Rest is important at any age and moreso as you get older. It would, imho, be a mistake to pick Mr Olympia's training routine and try and follow it. For a start, these guys are generally younger, have been training like that for years, and are roided up to the eyeballs so can handle high volume training.
Plyo and bodyweight exercises are arguably better for fighters than serious lifting, imo, but sensible lifting will give some benefits.

True !

i think people are missing the point about age
"To gain muscle mass quick, lift weights 5-6 times a week. " Nope.

when I was in my 20s I could lift 5 days a week go to failure and use the heaviest dumbells in the gym for many lifts. when I was in my 30s same, in fact I got stronger, peaked around 32 yo

once you pass 35 your test level drops and your cortisol levels increase. as a result I cant lift shit and need more naps than ever

as such when you do one intense weight workout you end up spening 4-5 days obliterated (Croatoan is right here). And you do not achieve the same gains , at all. In fact most of your calories turn to fat . Bits of you click that never clicked before.
unless youre on TRT or GH you cannot perform anywhere near your previous.

someone made the point about stretching
i would say this is vital esp lower back and hips as you grow older.

also do not underestimate the hell being wrought on your wrists and ankles and also be wary of your grip strength- it wanes incredibly as you get older and its a better indicator of longevity than blood pressure according to recent research.

so get yourself some iron mind/ captains of crush. ive worked up from 150 to 250 this year. I think thats my limit though. also plate pinchers

do deadlifts. but dont try to go for heavy doubles or singles. do deficit deadlifts and you'll never have to squat again either - they force you to reduce your normal deadlift weight and transfer a lot more of the lift into the legs.

warm up properly

"If professional athletes have coaches telling them what to do, why do people think they're knowledgeable enough to create their own? I see tons and tons of newbies lifting weights trying to gain muscle mass start to make their own routines. They create their own sets and exercises."

professional athletes - key words here.1005 of them are paid and pay their trainers 95% of them are not natural and 99% of them lie about their routines. Nobody in Flex magazine is doing what they say nor eating what they say. Arnold use to tell all kinds of lies to Frank Zane and make up ridiculous routines for people to fuck them over.

I would say that Lee Priest and Elliot Hulse have the most realistic appraisals of who lifts what , takes what and eats what.
there somse good routines on the Sugden Barbell site and if you use the % in then you wont go far wrong.

also no two poeple are the same and remember pro athletes also have generally a huge genetic advantage over the rest of the population.whether their lung size, femur length, clavicular width etc etc etc

heres my take

older guys

just lift 2 x per week one day reasonably heavy but not below 4 rep heavy and one day higher volume but not above 10 reps
make it count
dont use machines
get TRT off your doctor if you feel like it
eat steak
creatine , bcaa's and whey can help recovery but take them at the right time

Most pro routines are shit for people like use EXCEPT the old school routines ( 3 day full body routines) if you do them only twice a week imo
I really like Arnolds golden six BEGINNERS routine twice a week instead of 3.
just 3 sets per muscle group, compound, subfailre lifting all the way!.
But for MT , I would skip lifting...

check this out: ...-pretty-interesting/

yes deadlifiting made me more fatigued when doing mt workouts

Like hawkman said
The meal, workout, supplement, drug routines are a bunch of lies

The whole Lifting scene is full of shit and broscience
Supplement distributors have created a bunch of Stories about nutrition

The whole subject of nutrition is a fucking ghostship and a relic from the 19th century

So regardless of age you need to eat lean and clean
And lift for Power (work / time) and for work (Force x distance)

When it comes to Arnold, that fucker sold multivitamin pills as steroids back in the days in Munich

Lifting till failure in each set is fun on drugs

A buddy got mad over me last week telling me "you llift like a pussy" and "you need to give 100% and go trough pain"
I Replied that I am not juicing and do not give a fuck about lifting cos boxing / mt is my favourite
That's where he got mad and said "juicing doesn't mean shit" "you need to set goals" "follow your plan" and all the other mantras

Next week we will Spar a couple of rounds

about juicing.
research showed that people on the juice who don't lift gain more muscle mass then people who lift.
So yes, it is all about the juice...

TRT, HGH for immediate gains

Form over anything else. Over maxing your max results in injury.


The full body over five days bodybuilder thing is something I'm going to avoid, as said previously I'd prefer to do something like the big three lifts if possible. I definitely couldn't afford a coach to teach me the intricacies of Oly lifts either and friends that I have who have clues about those kinds of things live across an expanse of ocean from me.

Appreciate the pointers Pat, my back and hips are in good order but I do have a fucked ankle from an accident, I have fused bones and cartilage which may make the dead difficult and a decent squat of 1 and 2 reps near impossible.
I'll likely head down the dead lift path you've pointed out as I'm more confident pulling up that kind of weight with good tech than having it hanging around my shoulders.
I also very much like the two day approach so I do thank you kind sir.

Tata, what do you mean by the following: 'And lift for Power (work / time) and for work (Force x distance)' ?
Would you know of any examples of routines on the internet?
I will most likely take your and Pat's advice and Frankenstein the overarching principles to turn myself into elastic steel cable.

Good cunts.

I just thought of something,
there is a training method ( I used before) that works to build strenght, is a split and workos on the big lifts. It als will not cause overtraining at all depending on the amount of assistance worko you use.
it is the 5/3/1 method from Jim Wendler. you can read about it on the net.
you train each big lift once a week ( ramping up in weight) and for assistance exercices you can do whatever you want, from 5x10 to bodyweight exercices.

Jim Wendler is/was a pro-powerlifter

thanks rambutan, have seen it and had a crack at it at Uni, very good

I lift twice a week plus HIIT circuits and sprints. I think its a smarter way to train as u age.
PM me on facebook bro if u want some physiology based lifting ideas.


I'm keeping things simple now days.

1) Monday = Deadlifts + Squats

2) Tuesday = Chest Dips + DB Press + Military Press

3) Wednesday = Pull-Ups + Bentover Rows + Reverse Flys

Thursday = Rest

And then Friday I'll repeat all over again. Legs, Chest, Back.

3km fast runs on the beach everyday about 1 hour after hitting the weights (will work up to 6km)... I don't eat till about 16:00 having woken up at about 08:30, it's just easier, and I still do get 3 square meals in me between 16:00 and 22:00.

Changing up my Rep Range between 10 -12RM, 6-8RM, 3 - 5RM after completing each 3 day cycle mentioned above.... I just figure Hypertrophy, Strength+Hypertrophy, Power/Explosive.

Always a good 15 minute stretching session on the mat after lifting.

Doing about 12 Sets in total per body part, per session, for my main lifts.

I don't isolate arms at all, don't want them to get too strong as to cause muscle imbalances everywhere else. Strong arms will dominate so many lifts which is shit.

After I got my 12 Sets of my main lifts out of the way, I usually do some of the following - calve raises, leg raises, lateral/front raises, straight arm push downs (lats), palm grip thing (forearms), cable crunches - - - basically I just fuck around for 30mins after I got my main lifts out of the way

Cheers Blake, as always, you are a cunt

Cheers for the input Sam,
That's a long stretch without food, I couldn't hack it, how do you kirb your hunger pangs? Are you a smoker?
I'll probably do something similar but it would be upper body Monday, Lower body Thursday

I do push ups and sit ups now, high knees, and vertical jumping, nothing else. Weightlifting causes major physical stress to force adaption. It also causes mental stress, which is linked. Fuck it.,

No more frontsquat ?

Hahaha. I was gunna reply the same thing but then couldn't be fucked haha... I reckon if you give your joints adequate rest and have holidays from the gym a few times a year then you should be able to reap the benefits of lifting heavy ass shit without fucking up ur joints too bad... Don't really care, Arnold seems to be walking around all good, but then again he prob gets lots if PRP injections in his joints.

Arnie had a heart bypass and he looks like shit nowadays.Saw a pic of Lou Ferrigno, 64 now, he looks amazing

Lou Ferrigno needs to stay in shape because that is how he earns money, he also charges 40 dollar for a picture....

Just got back from the gym. I'm gonna be so beast in 2 months time. I'll post pictures for yous all to masturbate to.

just got back from the gym also
i tried to do higher reps to get muscle endurance to be ready to train MT again and omg, my shoulders have zero strenght endurance! even when I bench I feel the burning in my shoulders!

How do you guys combine lifting and MT, I mean if I lift to get strong or big I lose all strenght endurance and cannot do 20 push ups anymore

I can do 60 push ups and bench 34kg dumbbells each hand x 8. Not super heavy, but pretty good for a dude that weighs 80kg and is like 17% bodyfat

I can bench 100kg 1 rep but my 10 rep max is only 60kg which says alot about my lack of strenght endurance... btw my weight is 67 kg with maybe 15percent bodyfat

Oh yeh, Barbell Bench Press is way easier than Dumbbell Bench Press. I can do 3 Reps with 100kg with Barbell. With Dumbbell I can only do 40kg each hand for 1 Rep.

I am totally ANTI Barbell for Benchpress. Dumbbells only yo.

I meant the mental stress of lifting is seriously massive. Doing it long term will speed up your aging, gray your hair, and slow down the rest of your life. It isn't worth it. Being big is cool, but it isn't necessary for making girls wanna fuck you, so I gave up. All I care about now is getting to below 5% bodyfat. So long as I'm there, other exercise will do fine for my muscles. I've got a lot of testosterone as it is, super high levels, so I get pretty big chest and shoulders just from doing push ups. And push ups, sit ups, so on, they don't cause fuck all mental stress.

Google search "Alexander Ludwig" for example. You don't need weights to get a body like that, and that's the kind of body girls want. I dunno if Alexander uses weights, but I can get his body without them easy as fuck. Yes girls also want Dwayne Johnson, but ask girls who they'd rather fuck, Alexander or Dwayne, and they will 50/50 it. Definition is all that matters, size is irrelevant. The only difference is, Dwayne works his ass off to look like that, whereas Alexander has much more time on his hands for actually fucking girls.

I think size is frankly a male-male thing. Men want to be bigger less to impress other girls, and more to intimidate each other (thus scaring their rivals away from the girls, in evolutionary terms). This is an unconcious thing, you won't be aware of it. You'll think you're doing it for the girls, but since the girls don't give a fuck, how does it make sense? Focus on a lean body, a v-shaped torso (brought about by a lean waist and only moderate upper body muscle development), and nothing else matters.

Yesterday my training was basically, do push ups, sit ups, and vertical jumping for a few minutes, then I went to swim for about 2 hours. I swim with my daughter in a pond. Basically I am just treading water, doing short burst of underwater swimming, free style, or back stroke, so on, then tread again. Nothing rough. Get out every now and then to do a few more push ups and sit ups, then swim again. Frankly it's fun. I'm enjoying training for the first time in my life, spending time with my daughter (she's five, and learning to swim) absolutely no stress, and I'm aware that when I achieve my goal, basically every 13 year old girl in Bangkok is going to want to fuck me. I'm looking forward to it. My next wife is going to be a tight fucking virgin. Not settling for used goods again. That was the dumbest shit I ever did.

You guys need to ask yourself WHY you do the things you do, and have a good hard think about if anything you're doing makes any fucking sense whatsoever. A good book to read is "A Natural History of Rape." (Can download it in torrent). Not because it talks about rape, but because it explains male sex strategies in frank, clear, concise terms. People who don't understand sociobiology do fucking stupid things, I've come to realize. But if you understand it, you can form a much more coherent reproductive strategy, and stop wasting time doing shit that doesn't work.

RE: Bodybuilding, Stress, Aging

Yeh, stress is a killer. The amount of stress that heavy lifters put on their CNS is insane. I personally can push so hard that I feel light I'm gonna pass out after completing a Set... However, in terms of whether you can compare it to regular stress such as stress from work related emotional shit, I'm not sure. Cos with bodybuilding at least you get increased hormone production all round, not just the stress hormones, where as with stress from an office job or some shit you would just get stress hormones only.

RE: Girls, Copulation, Ego, Bodybuilding

Firstly, I'd like to say that I think you underestimate a lot of people, Tenchu. While there are a lot of ignoramuses out there, I'd say the other 35% are pretty clued up... In short, while you are an exceptionally switched on human being - I'd say your biggest flaw is underestimating other people and/or overestimating yourself.
Some of us get so much pussy that pussy and bitches is only 33.33% of the focus in our lives, with the rest being somewhere in the realm of 'world domination'.

Regroup, reevaluate, restrategise.

P.S - As for the 13 year old girl jokes, that ain't cool. I think somewhere in your path of wanting to be as funny as Hawkman in your sexual innuendo and what not - you got a bit overboard there brah.

The stress from heavy lifitn gis why as a powerlifter you do low volume sub-failure lifting. If you do that the stress aint so bad..
yesterday I changed things up and did 20 rep sets and went for a long run aigain.
results: my fucking herniated discs bother me giving me neurological issues in the legs and arms and woke up with lower testosteron ( no boner). and my back feels broken.

if it stays like this I can forget about training MT in november...

sam I think he is part right- but yes he DOES woefully underestimate the users here. Which is why Rob has caught him out so often.

most people are either cunts or idiots
whilst we all occasionally have a flash of either/ both ,i think the 1-2% of us that are not idiots and realise what is going on around us, believe the other 98% to be a pointless waste of oxygen and a massive cull is needed. Beginning with China, then followed by Holland, singapore,Canada, India , Israel, Mexico and South Africa.

if you want to know what we do, look at your relationship with your parents. if its fucked chances are you are too. if youre aware of how it has fucked yo up, you are ahead of the game. simon Baron Cohen touches on this in his diagnoses of empathy, autism, psychopathology in Zero degrees of Empathy. I believe it was also Philip Larkin who said:-

They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you.

Dwayne Johnson btw is a fucking good case of what growth and Tren will do for you
look at any movie he made 5 year ago, nowadays he is a good 50-60 lbs heavier musclewise.

lifting may cause grey hair? I dunno I think thats genetic, in my family it certainly is.
stress- never felt more relaxed than when I am in a gym
stress from work is totally different because you are fighting your instinct to tell people to get fucked or rip their face off,, you cant because of the artificially imposed hierarchies.
when I stopped stressing after I left my old job I lost 10 kilos, my indigestion left me, my whole body which had been on fire/in pain stopped aching
I still want to fuck some people up though, That never goes.

Rambutan- I thik the morning boner is overstated as a measure of test - its also a biological mechanism to prevent you pissing yourself.


"Get so much pussy" actually means you're a beta male. Men who constantly strive for casual sex instead of pulling reliable wives to breed with are using a beta reproduction strategy. It isn't how many women you get, it's how many children you have, how hot your wives are, and how successful your children go on to become. And of course, your ability to avoid being cuckolded. Men who seek only casual sex are generally failures. They are perusing that sexual strategy as a Plan B, after Plan A failed. I.e. they are beta males, not alphas. True alpha males get wives young, live stable lives, reproduce quickly, and have children which go on to climb high in society. You cannot view yourself as successful, or any kind of alpha, if you are not contributing to the future generations. And "world domination" is genetically encoded into alphas in the reproductive strategy, which is why I keep mentioning having SUCCESSFUL children. Children which are perceived by others to have a high mate value, and thus also because alphas, this is all tied to the ability to obtain resources, esp. for males.

I'm not joking about 13 year olds. Men are aroused by optimal mate value. That is, girls with perfect bodies at prime breeding age. Science has proven females are the most attractive to men during the teens, esp. the early teens. It's only in modern times has societies invented "statutory rape". Do you think "statutory rape" is a natural concept? No. And if you do not see females of prime breeding age as attractive, then you have serious flaws in your reproductive strategy. Honestly. You might as well be gay. Fuck the law. I'm looking for a hot girl who wants to fuck and can make a lot of babies. That's what nature meant for me to do. The law is only an obstacle.

I stopped reading at Beta

Your confused when using the term as Beta and Alpha are interchangeable roles within a social group with individuals taking on leadership and subordinate positions where it suits the overall betterment of the group

TENCHU is clearly an ALPHA

My usage of the term "alpha" is admittedly flexible, perhaps unique. But you have to view it in terms of success in the field of reproduction. Genghis Khan, biggest alpha ever. He had more children than any other man ever did.

Anyway, you can say I'm "wrong" about my usage of the word "alpha," but what I'm saying is still true. Sam is implying that having casual sex with sluts makes him awesome. This is complete and utter bullshit. Sluts are easy to pull, that's why they're sluts. There's nothing impressive about it. In fact, you can buy sluts for money. If you want to impress Tenchu San, marry a sexy virgin, keep her fidel, and pump her full of cum until people start spilling out. Because sexy virgins are undeniably the optimal mates. They're rare, hard to win, and expensive to keep. You only prove you're a true stud by doing this. Fucking sluts is just a retarded waste of time. It's so easy that ugly men can do it, and they don't give you children, so you're wasting your cum. That's a fact.

Tenchu out.

animal behavioral scientists say your wrong about you're usage of the term

Casual sex with sluts is fun

See ya Alpha pikachoo

Alfa Pikachoo mothafukkaaaa!

Posh cunts and their sexy virgins. Anything that empties my sack will do the job

"Genghis Khan, biggest alpha ever. He had more children than any other man ever did" - after 6 years in Asia I reckon I might have come close to his record. Fucking irish reproductive genes of mine.

Zyzz was the most alpa ever....

Zyzz and Chestbrah= pair of cunts

Hehe I just sqid it to see what reaction I would get

Zyzz = Hoverhand

Shit, Tenchu might be right on that alpha and virgin thing

Chestbrah is a brain damaged faggot he even was before gear and extasy

Virgin chicks rule. Face it.

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