Merry Christmas And Have A Happy New Year.

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Merry Christmas n*ggas! ;-)

I've never been on board with notions such as "My new years resolution is", because I've always seen it as a way to mentally render your previous years efforts as inadmissible. However, time is a good way to keep your shit in check, whether it be to record your progress or whether it be a check-point to remind yourself of just how fast this shit is spinning.

My New Years Resolution is 'Consistency'.

I wish you all a mad 2015, with regards to Muay Thai, Conditioning, BJJ etc

Shout out to you special fellas ;-) xoxo


P.S - Love you Tench ;-)

happy xmas Sam and good luck

Merry Christmas,
That Feel Good inc. dubstep was some dope shiitake son!

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