MOTIVATION - How To Stay Motivated?

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I know what it's like to have serious motivation. It's strong and it helps to push you. When you train you feel like your doing it for a reason and that reason keeps you going, trying to acheive whatever your wanting to acheive.
In the past I had some fairly serious reasons to be fit and protect myself. These days I go to training and although I still go most days I don't feel half as motivated as I used to be.
Some guys they come to Thailand and run 10km a day and train 7 hours a day (singpatongs routine).
How do people stay this motivated? If they fight in Patong they might only get 5000 baht. I think it's more than that.

Some people has a strong desire to impress people. I think that can motivate a person quite a lot.

Some don't wank at all

Fuck, that's hardcore dedication. I don't believe it.

I watch Karate Kid and listen to eye of the tiger when I'm running

I just go out watch some people and then I get a desire to break something or somebody 😄

In all honesty - watching Power Rangers, listening to cool music, or watching Never Back Down = That stuff just does absolutely NOTHING for me anymore, it sucks.

I just imagine the smug look on some of the falangs who live here, and think "Chubby little faggot, I could kill you will my bare hands in literally 60 seconds" (Hardass lowkick, clean crisp cross to the nose, then choke him to death while he flaps about like a sea dog)

I set goals.
ie I have two goals at the moment in relation to fitness. run 2.4km under 8min, and also be able to do "100 in the clip" - ie a single set of 100 pushups without stopping.

Motivation comes and goes. But for some people it comes and goes a lot more frequent, I suppose that just means that a person like that is not meant to set out on that particular endeavor.

If you cant motivate your self to train Muay Thai, then it might be cos you don't enjoy it...

I'm very motivated when it comes to lifting, but I also love drinking and partying...... I can never find a balance... It's like a 6 month bender (literally) then a 6 month full just gym craze..... Right now I'm trying to quit alcohol for good, forever, nothing good has ever come from it for me personally.... I actually want to quit everything, not even just "sometimes", I want to be able to be happy and content sober.

compete once, get your ass kicked. Then get to work. It worked like that for me after my first grappling tournament. Don't think a trainer would let you get into a muay Thai fight knowing you're not perfectly well prepared though.

As Bake says I set goals also,
my goals are short term. , at the moment : ncreasing my pull upsr by a rep on all sets, running my 5 k faster, getting closer to doing a split and lose 2kg
Those are in order to work to a long term goal: "getting Thailand fit"

you have programms called SEAL fit etc well mine is called "Thailand fit",
it means getting in such a shape that you can drp me in a Thai camp at any given time and i'll be able to follow the training.

Another goal I have is to maintain such a shape that I can do the physical fitness test of a marine at any given day and get amaximum score.
It is nice to be able to compare your current state to goals you set for yourself

mylittletony got it right...

I had my first pro fight in the UK this weekend..... lost on a split decision, got outpunched in the early rounds then came back at the end a couple of massive rounds in the clinch.... feel hard done by, but already wanting to get back in the gym, work on my boxing especially and next time don't leave it in any doubt for the judges....

nice one...what show was that mate and where?

hello Patrick.... it was a show called Legacy Fightsport in Leamington Spa.... was a predominantly K1 show so although my fight was Thai rules, it was 3x2min rounds.... I think the judges were a bit 'K1 biased' and I lost because my opponent threw so many punches in the first round and a half...

he blew up halfway through round 2 and I turned his back in the clinch twice.... 3rd round I nearly dropped him with a jumping teep, and I kneed the fuck out of him for the entire round..... must have been close to a 10-8 round....

im pretty sure he wouldn't have made it through a 4th round, but unfortunately ran out of time, but no complaints I knew the score before-hand and expected him to come out for the KO at the start....

despite all that it was a good show. unlike a lot of shows in the UK which have a ridiculous amount of fights on the card, there were only 11, which was then reduced to 9 due to a couple of weigh-in clamaties..... 1st fight was at 4 and all done by 8....

hopefully get on a fully 'thai' show for the next one....

i was going to ask the same, what type of show was it, I suspected k1,
no way you would lose a MT show due to being outboxed...
couldn't you teep him away from you when you noticed his boxing was better?

rambutan yes I tried my best to keep my range.... but with nerves and the rush of being my first fight, he got through a few times..... even in Thai rules he would win the 1st round, his punches showed good effect.... I hit him with a big left kick at the end of the 1st which slowed him and changed the fight as up until then he was walking me down too easy....

2nd round I thought was a draw at the time, 2 judges gave it to him 10-9, and 1 judge gave it to me.

3rd round massively in my favour, all 3 judges gave it to me 10-9.

although I feel a bit unhappy with the result, no complaints it was a good experience, and a 1st fight loss isn't a disaster... I have to say the referee did well.... the other guy made no attempt to do anything in the clinch, but the ref let me keep going in the clinch as I was always busy with knees....

If this won't motivate YOU nothing will. Think about mai lee

Also remember your brother! Your brother!

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