(Muay Thai Camp) A Review Of Kaewsamrit Gym By Rarave82

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rarave82 No problems, just the regular tourist visa. 8 days. Big name and I thought I should check it out. Basic structure:

Morning run, wrap, shadow and wait for your pad rounds. The rest is up to you. If youīre a fighter, itīs ok, but if you are lazy like me, you need to be pushed a lot more.

I know youīll all say "you get what you give" bla bla bla. Yeah, well, some people need to be pushed more than others or at least monitorized a bit.

All kind of people walk in a gym, not only fighters.

In Kiatphontip I was always kept busy. If they saw me tired, they pushed me a bit, but if I was really tired it was ok, they didnīt insist.

Here it was ok from the start, I could finish the rounds and go home without anyone even asking. I could hit the bags during three rounds after my pads without being told what to do.

Ok for me, but a guy was really disapointed as he was learning and had no clue of what to do or how to strike. Jaeng is the head trainer. He has hundres of MT fights plus 50 boxing fights.

That was for me the main reason I came here. I wanted to do both, MT and western boxing. The thing is I never got to do pads with him, he held only for Juan Kaewsamrit or for a 15 year old japanese beast (incredible fighter).

That really upset me, but I got over it and asked other pad holders to do some boxing sometimes. They werenīt very pleased with the idea by their looks but accepted a few times. The problem was they held mitts in a MT way. One, one-two. One-two-elbow. one-elbow.

No footwork or sliping punches. Except Jaeng, the others spoke absolutly no English at all. Very surprised to read other reviews pointing three stars.

Communication was like when you teach a dog. You sort of show him with your hands, treat him when he does good and upset when he does bad. Similar here, but the review asks for English, not for communication and if we are honest here, English is 0. Two rings, which is good and plenty of bags.

The old twin bags are good, the new Kaewsamrit bags are too light.

The floor could be cleaner and no space for free weights or free weights either. Just an old bar, donīt know the name in English.

On the positive side, itīs bigger than I thought. Pictures make it seem small, but it isnīt, itīs quite big and spacious.

Gloves and head gear is provided. They have their own shop too.

I did miss the long heavy bags for low kicks. Jus two and one of the has something xtreamly hard and nobody used it. Extreamly expensive and no good value for money.

Those costs are aproximate. Itīs more expensive than that, but It really depends on the season and how long you stay. Either way, itīs expensive. 0 0 no fights watched. The expensive rooms, the ones with AC and wifi are only ok. Very old but at least you have a refrigerator.

The other rooms were not ok. A guy whose staying there, whose name and nationalty I will ommit, said he was very disapointed. No wifi even if the website says it does and shared toilet not good.

About the wifi, you have in a shared space near the office, not in your room, except if you are in AC rooms, be careful with that.

If you live outside you have to get a bus from the apartments. One day is ok, everyday twice a day (which means 4 rides) is uncomfortable. Expensive, depends on the deal you make with the madam, but itīll be expensive, even if its empty.

No logic at all, she prefers to have rooms empty instead of lowering prices.

Really really difficult to understand. One person confessed that they have tried to convince her a few times but... no way.

I supose the cash keeps coming in so... why change? fair enough. Not bad, the lady cook was really nice, polite and even if she couldnīt speak a word of English, she tried her best.

Food was repetitve for me:

Rice + something always.

Tasted good, but I ended up eating outside different things like noodles, steak, soup.. Walking distance some places. I found a nice italian place near 7/11.

The rest were stalls and a small market.

There is also a lady who lives in the corner up Kaewsamritīs street. Taling Chan is a residential area.

Get a taxi cab to BKK and in 30 minutes youīll be in the hot spots. Taling Chan has the floating Market. Once youīve been there, itīs over.

Nothing else. Just OK.

- wouldnīt be here more than a week or two.


-Extreamly expensive and too much time on your own.

-Not a place for long time stays or beginers either as youīll get poor attention.

- Very club oriented. An entire gym from Finland, for example, can show up with 15 guys and all of a sudden you are in an overcrowded gym. It happens a lot here.

- Not much technique is taught here.

- rooms are just Ok, I mean the AC ones. The rest are not really good.


- Jaeng, the head trainer is incredible, good English and expert in boxing too. Nice guy.

- Anuwatīs trainers are still here. If youīre good, theyīll make you better.

- Punch oriented gym. I love that.

-Always get 4 rounds at least, sometimes you can get 5. Always 4 minutes.

- A lot of Thai s. They are young kids but you spar and clinch with them. If you are heavy, not your place.

Not a bad experience, I mean, Iīm not thrilled with Kaewsamrit but I wouldnīt recomend it as a first option.

They should reconsider their prices as it is empty

Always wondered why Juan Mario stayed at this gym for so long. He hasn't really improved much and I don't think the gym sponsors him...

Good detailed review.

Hobz: I think itīs been 12 years now but Iīm not sure about the sponsoring thing, I never asked him as I thought there was no possibility of not been sponsored if you train with them. Not sure how that goes to be honest.

Also, heīs been trained by Jaeng for those twelve years, it would be really difficult to change a pad holder youīve had for twelve years, but thatīs just my opinion.

Croatoan: Thanks, I tried to be honest and constructive whenever I wrote something negative.

More thoughts are welcome.

Cheers Ruben, i've never heard of this gym sponsoring fighters. Even the likes of toby smith paid to train.

Also I was there about 8 years, not sure who his pad man was then but definitely was not Jaeng as he was not there...

Ruben I could teach you Boxing come to Germany mate 👍

Hey Vlad, thanks for offer, but it sounds weird.

You īre always joking arround in here so I will, just in case, decline your proposal, no ofense. lol

Hobz, I think they would charge Buakow.

Nice to read you experience.
To bad about the boxing, I wish I could find a good boxing gym in Thailand.
Kaewsamrit was always on e of my dream destinations ( at least in the past) but after reading this I would never go there...

Hey Rambutan, if youīve always wanted to check it out, give I t a shot. Try at least. That was my experience and it wasnīt that bad.

Others gave it 4 and 5 stars I think.

I just believe itīs too expensive for what you get, but trying it for a couple of days wonīt do you any bad.

Just donīt pay for a month up forward, my advice.

Hope it helped.

haven't produced a decent fighter for ages either

Yeah thatīs true, though they did have Kaewkla Kaewsamrit. Someone told me heīs becoming a monk, really not sure if that is correct or the language barrier made me understand that.

Rob might know something. He lost against Peteng, thatīs the last thing I know.

There are like 6 or 7 upcoming fighters, still very young though. Not even 15 years old yet.

Kaewklar went into the temple as a monk recent, not sure if he is still there or come out yet

Ruben, my interest in the gym was a few years ago but now that I saw the new Sitsongpeenong gym with his top fighters i'd rather go there...

Thanks Rob.

Rambutan, Bangkok or Phuket?

Bangkok of course :-)

Kaewkla been round for ages, he was a top prospect when he was 15 but he always seems to struggle against the top fighters. Nice to watch tho and very explosive hands.

Last I heard he had joined the army

Rob some of your young fighters must be maturing closer to lumpini/ raja titles. Who are your big prospects at the moment?

I was looking to go this place, due to muaythaicampsthailand but guess not hey, I wanna see sitsongpeenong too.

I think them young fighters are from Chai's gym in Ubon, maybe he sold them or maybe I'm wrong.

Ok I'm wrong got mixed up with Keathamtorn... Ignore that post oops

Pe-Teng is out best fighter at the moment, he just won WBC World title in Osaka at beginning of this month and he is currently ranked number one at Lumpini at 122, we have another very good young prospect that is just short of the weights for rankings at 44 kilos so needs to grow a little first, his name is Denkriengkrai and is in top 3 at weight in Thailand now, very good prospect for future and being tipped as a superstar, as long as he keeps on track though

Need to start fattening him up a bit... Send him to kfc

Peteng even back in 2009 was scary with his kicks, now he knees like a beast. Unbeliveable that he is only 44kg, needs to spend more time at that Pizza Company down the road

what happened with Thakisnlek, is he still about ?

Pe-Teng is a lot more than 44 mate I was on about another fighter Denkriengkrai. Thaksinleks still been fighting been on a bad run though, they stopped coming into clinch at ours for a bit and he kept losing, just started coming back in now

Rob, what about the two brothers you had a few years ago?

One, Beer, was sick and holding pads while I was there, and his younger brother, a beast, was fighting.

Are they still with you?

lol I was thinking wtf , 44kg?! he must have hollow legs . No fucking pizza for him then, the fat cunt,

(said in jest btw)

the brothers, we sold the contract of the one that was fighting, he is doing well still ranked at Ratchadamnern, but was a bit of a nightmare he's at another gym now. His brother beer went back down south as got married and had a kid, he still holds pads sometimes at the small gym at the family house down there for some of the young fighters

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