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The gym I was training at has closed. All I can find in Houston are MMA gymclasses. Does anyone know of a REAL Muay Thai gym in Houston?


fucking hell thanks so much Pepsi for that I need to use that on every cunt who asks a stupid fucking question now

@ Pepsi- I know how to use Google. The gym I was training at was not advertised, had no website, and I only found it through word of mouth. Even then it was hard to find, hidden behind banana trees. It was a GYM, not a class. It was owned by an ex Lumpini Champion who is now in his 70's and has finally decided to retire from it. I know it was a shot in the dark, but I was hoping to find another Muay Thai gym (not class) that trains traditional Thai style as this one did (not mma).

@ finnc99- get off Pepsi's dick first of all. If you have time to troll the internet and jock swing like you are Tarzan in a jungle of nutt sacks, your are obviously not training hard. If you are even training at all, it is probably some mma CLASS you attend 3 times a week so that you can have an excuse to roll around on the floor with other guys. With your lack of respect, you would not last a week in a real Muay Thai gym, unless you are only tuff hiding behind your keyboard which is probably the case. Even then you would't have the heart. Don't waste people's time with your pointless comments. If you don't have anything constructive to say shut the fuck up.

If there are any intelligent people on this forum who are not interested in being condescending, or have nothing better to do than dick ride, please comment. Basically, if you don't know what Lumpini is, or who Buakaw or Saenchai are don't respond to this thread.

well, I would assume you were talking about Kru Pong retiring then.


i suppose this isn't what you're looking for either


says something about houston

or move to plano


who's Buakaw and Saenchai?

Why the hell would you ask such a specific question on this site? How big are the chances of finding other people from Houston on this board? You know the world is bigger then Texas right?

maybe I should start a thread because I would like to know if there are any gyms near my home and asking on this international board that focuses on Thailand seems like the right place to ask.

Why are you so angry hahahahaha, I have no clue who Pepsi is and he's sent you like 4 links directly off google and you can't find any? There aren't even that many active posters on this forum and for them to a place in Houston is pretty unlikely especially when this site is about muayTHAILAND ohhh man you're a genius.
And if you do some simple maths 24 hours in a day even Thai s train about 6 hours a day 24 - 6 = 18 OHHHHH SHIT I have 18 hours to comment on Muaythailand, fucking genius cunt.

And why are you riding Bukaw and Saenchais balls? People who have no clue about Muay Thai know them because they are the most famous Thai fighters in the world you clown.
Then you talk about only intelligent people, when you submitted your fucking picture UPSIDE FUCKING DOWN shittin' hell you are a dumb cunt.
Just to fill you in as well, some of the best Muay Thai gyms only do classes 3 days a week in England, and have had fighters fight in Thai land and at top ranks in England/European/World. Shit you're cunt
in previous post didn't realise that rambutan had already said it's a website specifically made for gyms in Thailand.

Well, that escalated quickly....

Been a while since we had a good ol' MTL flame war though

its ok I only did it because I know he's one of those angry guys who if gets a bad post on Muaythailand it'll ruin his day, and it makes me laugh to watch him write an angry post back

@ Pepsi- I had already looked into the ones you listed before coming here out of despiration. Channarong looks promising but they don't have a location in Houston yet, they are still looking. It appears that they have a gym in Thailand and Florida. The other one appears to be classes, but I am investigating. I have heard good things about Michael Corely. Yes, it was Kru Pong. They will be honoring him at the Legacy FC on the 16th.

@ rambutan- I do realize the world is bigger than texas. Houston is the most diverse city in the US, and many people do travel between here and Thailand as well as other countries. Some of these people train in Thai boxing gyms. If anyone would have good information about a real gym in Houston, I would think an international forum would be a great place to look. As I stated in a earler post, I know it is a shot in the dark but I did not think anyone would get butt hurt from such a question. The chances must be greater than you think, because Pepsi is familiar with the gym I was training at with only a brief description. Now had I asked this question before that gym had closed, I could have gotten the precise answer I was looking for on this forum. If this is a stupid question to you, don't go out of your way to respond.

@ fincc99- 3 posts to my 1? LOL! Who's realy mad here! By the way you defend the 3 classes a week, I know I am right about you. Good math skills, now you have 18 hours to dick ride and wring out jock straps at your mma school! Lol. You don't like my pic upside down because you have to keep spinning your tablet around to try to jerk off to it. I chose Buakaw and Saenchai because they ARE the most famous. You are too stupid to even get that it was an insult. If your hands are as weak as you word game, you're in trouble. "cunt"? Realy? I doubt you've ever seen one. Thats all you got? LOL! It becomes more obvious the more you write that you are a mental midget with absolutly nothing to contribute.

Hahahah if I posted the gym I trained at you'd shut up really quick, yes I only train 3 times a week but its traditional muay Thai and by the sounds of it you aren't training at all so 3 days a week vs none, who you thinks winning?
And nah I'm not mad it just makes me laugh how angry you are, writing those posts took about 2 minutes so no problem there matey anyway why you like insulting mma so much? Just because you're on a muay Thai forum doesn't mean you go and take the piss out of everything else hahahha I've never trained mma but you keep mentioning it like you have a guilty secret?;)
And anyway I'm 17 how old are you grandad? I have time to wank off and spit in your moms eyes because I can. Anyway what you doing this year? Maybe I'll see you in Thailand as you're such a hardcore fighter? Or maybe you'll be stuck with your fingers up your ass dreaming about me doing mma you weird fuck
PS only two were in reply to you, what the fuck happened to you being intelligent ?

brb, just grabbing a bag of popcorn :-)

This reminds me of prim's prime time :D

or Tenchu,
i miss Tenchu alot, has been months since he last posted here...
probably to busy with training for the Chinese olympic lifting team or working on his rubber farm.

I like tenchu in a weird kind of go kill yourself way

@finnnc99- I will end this on a positive note. I get it. Your not stupid, your just 17. I see you are finally getting a little creative with the cut downs, but you still have a long way to go. I was laughing pretty hard about the "wanking and spitting in your mothers eyes" comment. Similes and metaphores help people visualize the insult. Its more effective if you take what they say and make it personal as well. Look, my whole beef with this thread was all the negativity. I am older than you, hell I was fighting in the street and dodging bullets in the murder capital of the US before you were old enough to know what Muay Thai was. In this time I have learned that only STUPID PEOPLE DON'T ASK QUESTIONS. IT NEVER HURTS TO ASK, and that goes for anything in life. Everyone on here has a common interest, our love of Muay Thai. You have to admit for anyone to get all butt hurt off of a question on a thread labled "Muay Thai gyms in Houston" is pretty rediculous. If anyone didn't have any info on "Muay Thai gyms in Houston", why click on the thread in the first place? I wish you the best. Train hard, fight easy, and don't forget to smile.

' I was fighting in the street and dodging bullets in the murder capital of the US'
shit sorry didn't realise I was dealing with a gangster. I can't stop laughing I think I might need some CPR off your mom or something I need medical attention right now.
And I clicked on the thread because I wanted to see what Muay Thai gyms in Texas were like as I know America has a bad reputation for a low standard of Muay Thai, and then found Pepsi's comment hilarious, what is problem?
I think while you are smuggling cocaine and shooting at the crips and bloods, I'll be training in Thailand, have fun GANGSTA.
I'll end this with some of your language 'YH BLUD CHIL FAM I GT TIS TING'
Sorry it's only basic because I'm not a fucking idiot like you, cunt.

Lol! I see your still mad. If you think what I said makes me a gangster, you live a pretty sheltered life. You will need to get some street smarts if you are going to Thailand. From what I understand, the Muay Thai game over there is heavily influenced by bookies and underworld types.
As far as Muay Thai is concerned in the US, this is a MMA dominated market. Many people here don't even know what Muay Thai is, or they think it is what you call stand up in MMA. However, there is a small pocket of Americans and Thais here who are legit.
I have no interest in cyber bullying a kid, and thats why I changed my tone when you told me your age. I am concerned about your shit talking skills. This is not an insult but an observation. Your shit talking skills are weak. Out of the kindness of my heart I am going to help you out and give you some more pointers. First I have to tell you what not to do. NEVER use someones race or nationality, or group etc that would include anyone else. This will get more people to take your opponent's side. I will give you a sample. Don't take this personal. The following is just an example of propper shit talking. Mohamed Ali used shit talking as psychological warfare, so it has it's use.
Your pic perfectly represents you, a harmless little bitch. Your handle shouldn't be rat finnc or whatever it is, it should be Nong Thoom. You just want to go to Thailand to be a lady boy. You watched "beautiful boxer" too many times fuck boy, now you think you can win enough fights to get a sex change. The reason cunt is the only word in your vocabulary is because you dream of having your very own so you can litterally ride dick instead of just jock swinging off people on forums. I'm not old enough to be your grandad, but I did nut in a UK bitches asshole. Your fuck head aditude reminds me of her's so it was probobly your dear old mum. You are definately the product of someone nutting off in your mother's asshole , you little shit. Heres a tip, jizz doesn't help your protien intake. Why don't you come back when your nuts drop, you grow some pubes, and have something worth saying you baby dick virgin, puss ass motherfucker. If your mami lets you go to Thailand, you will just end up smuggleing drugs in your asshole for your Russian pimps. Your just a wannabe sex tourist that will end up at some resort gym, if you train at all' you silver spoon motherfucker. Does your mami pay for your three little classes a week and then take you for icecream afterword you fuckin heshe low test, gynoclamastia bitch? Go eat some spotted dick, our any dick for that matter you dick riding follower. Your pic is in the dictionary under beta, sheep boy.

I could keep going, but you get the point. Again, this is just an example. Don't take it personal. If you wann stay mad, stay mad but come with something more than "cunt" and "idiot". I was not being sarcastic when I said it before, and I'm not now. I wish you the best.

what a boring bastard....

Time for a slot

Couldn't be arsed to read that, you bored me after you said you were a gangster who wears a gay hat and posts upsidedown selfies

I wish I was a native English speaker so I could express myself better and start a crazy rant also but sadely enough I cannot share that with you guys...

Lennon don't waste your time talking to these pricks. All they do all day is sit in front of the computer talking shit. They never stop. Whenever one of these idiots uses the words "cunt" or "wanking" you already know they are an English fuckin retard. Me and Tenchu have verbally torn apart every single one of them. I like Hawkman, but the rest of them know about as much as I flushed down the toilet this morning. I'm glad you started this thread about Houston. Personally I think there should be a thread about every major city in the world in regards to Muay Thai there. This thread is better than 90% of the stupid shit these guys post about "supplements" "training routines" "weight lifting" If you dumb fucks don't already know those things you have no business training.

"Technique" "Repetition" ... fucking retards

This thread is better than 90% of the stupid shit these guys post about "supplements" "training routines" "weight lifting" If you dumb fucks don't already know those things you have no business training............says somebody who believes he can combine bodybuilding with MT...


Timo have you heard from Tenchu at all?

I still think Timo is Tenchu, even if I have seen his stupid videos

Tenchu said no mas to MTL

which is exactly what MTL said to Tenchu

america fuck yeah!

dirka dirka jihad

Ohhhhh dirka dirka dirka

Mohamed Jihad shirpa shirpa

America, fuck yeah! Comin' again to save the motherfucking day, yeah! / America, fuck yeah! Freedom is the only way, yeah! / Terrorists, your game is through, 'cause now you have to answer to / America, fuck yeah! So lick my butt and suck on my balls! / America, fuck yeah! What you gonna do when we come for you now!

Combining bodybuilding and muay Thai is a choice I made because they are both my passions. I'm not a professional at either and don't claim to be.

For the record, I hate the american government and most americans. The government is a bunch of lying, corrupt, scumbags who over-tax and over-police the people and constantly stick their noses is other countries' affairs. Most americans are fat, stupid and worthless. Terrorism is a made up word used as propaganda to fool stupid americans into supporting sending our soldiers to war over oil pipelines in the middle east. I have nothing against England or the UK, I've just met a few Brits who are arrogant assholes. But I love their accents lol.

I haven't spoken to Tenchu in a couple months. Last I heard he was struggling because the price of rubber has fallen way down and he was trying to figure something out for his family to do. He was thinking about moving to Bangkok to get jobs or start growing different crops but he didn't have enough money to do either. I was going to send him some money thru western union but I haven't yet. I emailed him a week ago but he hasn't responded. When I go back to Thailand next month I'm gonna go down to his house and he's gonna help me buy a motorbike.

well I agree with you about the government
its fairlsy simple to buy a motorbike?

I want to see where he lives, and maybe bring him up to Bangkok so we can do the mock fights and I think he could get me a good deal on a used motorbike.

word on the streets of Siam is that Tenchu left to China.
the olympic weightlifting team recruted him to represent their country

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