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i would rather have aids than do tae kwon do

My new gym has people who train lots of different styles, predominantly Muay Thai and K1, but people training western boxing, mma striking and even a couple of TKD guys. Sparring is interesting to say the least.

Sparring against the TKD guy is a strange one. Yes his kicks are very fast and come from all angles, and the guy's a real athlete so I'm sure he has a decent amount of power. But I tend to just stalk him down in a Thai style, wait for him to commit, and let off big point scoring combo on him.

Problem is we are both working from different scoring backgrounds so we probably both think we are 'winning' the round, as he's making lots of smaller contact with my body, whereas I'm making far less strikes but off-balancing, turning his back, etc....

Good for a bit of variation though....

TKD is the worst martial art for self defense. I think even Capoeira would be more useful.

i always believed the same but if you look at Yilmaz how he came out attacking in the second video...just spectacular and effective....imo also the only effective tkd kick

That Yilmaz guy doesn't look very TKD at all. Even his stance is way more straight on.

his kicks are vey tkd like, spinning kicks and his high kick

Yilmaz are from Turkey and they do 2 years TKD in the military, just adjusted the stance a bit.

Yilmaz are from Turkey and they do 2 years TKD in the military, just adjusted the stance a bit.

Oic. Why does Turkey teach TKD in military?! I understand why Korea would do it but you would think they would go with something more practical.

Watch Joe Rogans podcast on TKD, he is a high degree black belt and has competed.... Long story short, he goes on to say how he feels like he wasted years of his life practicing an ineffective method of self defense.

They should teach MT + BJJ in the military, maybe just a tinnie weenie bit of Krav too.

No idea why Turkey train TKD, but I know its a great nation in TKD.

If Joe Rogan wasted years, why didnīt he quit earlier? Sounds strange..........

And in the end, your skills depends on your trainer, when I trained TKD my trainer was great at selfdefence and it helped me out IRL.

I did both TKD and Judo as a kid and find the little I learned in judo still usefull today when fun fighting with some guys in the gym who have a wrestling background. What I learned in TKD has never shown to be of any use in my MT training. In TKD they even learn you to block a low kick with your arm! wtf

lol can u imagine how long your arm woukd last against a good Thai kicker.

In a show of reciprocity, I heard that the Koreans are now teaching belly dancing and buttsex with your cousin in their military.

lol Hawkman

Cos Joe Rogan didn't realise till he got move involved with MMA. He didn't say it was a complete waste of time, you still get mad coordination, flexibility, and learn how to kick pretty damn good...

I forgot which podcast it was, but you might find it if you search Joe Rogan talks TKD.

TKD Ving Tsun Krav Maga Shaolin mexican lucha
all jokes useles scam without any major title @ MMA Boxing Kickboxing or mud wrestling

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