Need Training Buddys In Chiang Mai

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Hi, my name is Warn ,29 yo, muay Thai beginner, I live about 30 min far from the city. in a village of Maerim district. I ve got some free rooms for people who want to train muay Thai and whom not affraid to be far from city ,night life, 7/11, and junk food. there is a little camp about 15 min far from my house, where few teenagers training. the professor make us work hard on phisical conditions and work hard with Knees. I rarely train Muay Thai 2 times per day, I always do a long running in early morning , do few work out,and at the end of afternoon I go to the camp.
I live alone, with 4 dogs at home, and want some buddys to enjoy running , training, and want to speak english better. I ' ll stay in Chiang mai untill next year february 2016 . but sometimes go few weeks to Hatyai in the south of Thai land cauz my wife work there. so message me to know if I am in chiang mai or not.

Wish you luck man, and hope you don't get stuck with a twat.

thanks finn, ahhaahahahahahahah no, impossible my wife would probably kill me with a gun, if I get stuck with a twat

Maybe Tenchu can join him :-)

Warn, thats sound like a great opportunity, to bad I am stuck with my family but I hope you find somebody, you can also try posting this on airbnb and/or couchsurfing.

good luck

sawasdee krub , rambutan , today I have 2 friends from france come to visit me, they ll start training tomorow. but I still have some rooms. more we are more we fun.

thx khob khun krub

i bet there are bodies in the cellar before long

tssss Patrick, always thinking negative...


sorry to let you know that you lost your bet patrick , I have no cellar but a dry well water in my garden where I cast some alive bodies and torture them ahahahahahah , anyway people from where I live are sincere, positive and surely not similar than people from some bigger citys. relax , don't stress , welcome to the real Thai land.

at first this posted sounded similar to that gay who made the post about having some gay "friends" to be his rent boys while he trained. hahaha

lol I remember that post :-)

im not bagging on anyones sexuality. but it was an odd question to ask on a Muay Thai forum

same as Blake. I thought about 'homosexuality' instantly when reading this title. I suppose it's cos deep inside I feel it's kind of inappropriate to befriend "bro's" over the internet. But that's just my opinion, no one need take any offense.

oh I didn't think this guy was weird. it just kind of had the same tone as the other thread. lol.
no offence anyone


hey guys , you, who only know Thai land by patpong, pattaya, patong, tuktuk man, lady boys., ............i should you stay in your countrie.......and still believe TV media, networks, or idiots...... I am sorry , my english is poor, this is why I am here, I am a litle shy by nature like many Thai people. so I know it is actually hard to trust everyone, espcially strangers. but I am not here for try to steal your money or for my sexual desire........!!! I am here to learn about people, life, by sharing.

i try to live by the " dharma" way. so if you don't know what is it, search on google or wikipedia.

we are only joking mate.

by the way, never lived in patong, pattaya etc. only chiang mai, uttaradit, and kamphaeng phet.

tuktuk man and ladyboys. lol.

yeah blake I know, I write it for all the readers , didn't target you.

It's more than about learning English. The psychology of people from the western hemisphere is different.

This post has "homosexual" in between the lines, it's just what it is.

My friend, I will advise you to not meet men this way.A lot will get the wrong idea.

its not even just that.
id be really apprehensive about housing random strangers, theres so many fuckwits that head to Thai land

ok, I am really sorry , I dont know western culture, I didn't know that a man who is married with a wife is an homosexual .

by the way my father was french, he never teach me about this.

but he teach me when you are too much nice with people, they think you are an idiot and spit on you


no pointbeing nice to people anymore, theyre all cunts

and your friends are only friends until they turn into your enemy

yep I'd be careful when it came to going into a strangers house, you could hit me a frying pan and steal my money.
but also if a stranger was coming to my house i'd be nervous what if he just was an alcoholic with mental problems and kicked the fuck out of your sofa or something...
I did say at the start make sure you don't get a prick, so good luck :P

i live in a 500 inhabitants village, everybody know me and I know everybody there since I was child. So my wife just read this page, she said that I really waste my time here and it is diificult to find serious people by this I ll keep good mental, training alone in the morning and continue to running with my dogs....

i wish to everybody here to have goood training sessions, and reach their goal.

Muay Thai will never die ..............

if you really want to find people, then sign up to couchsurfing and airbnb like rambutan said


lots of people use couchsurfing and airbnb so what you do is not abnormal at all, maybe not the ideal site but because you want a training partner I can understand.

Please don't judge Western people on the reaction of MC2 (Sam), he is not even Western , he's from indonesia

i really hope you'll find somebody

Fuck all you sensitive bitches.... This shit is full homo, u fucks.... U wanna let random dude stay in ur house for freee fuckin homo shit.U wanna watch while some dude fucks ur bitch? u into that shit? Go on craigs list you fucker.

P.S - Fuck you all.- bitches.

U wanna let random dude stay in ur house .....

This is a serious point right here :)

i would not even let my friends stay in my house!

agreed ^

Blake and Patrick, hope I never get that anti-people as you both are :-)

"No such as strangers, only friends you haven't met yet" - is what they say... I prefer:-

"No such thing as friends, only enemies you haven't made yet"

people are nasty, shallow, base, vindictive, lying,selfish, scheming, backstabbing fucks mainly ....and deserve a fucking thrashing.

Hi warn,

Your post is alarming, as you come off as deceptive. Kind of like a spider waiting on his web nest. Most men would rather live alone, and will especially not invite another cock into his den, when he has a wife, unless he enjoys cuckholds, and mayonaise pie slurping. You also mentioned your age! Which is number one indicator your searching for action

Warn= warning

If you want a friend to learn English, find one at the gym. If you want a three some with your wife, or but homo action then be up front about it. Are you a pimp? Homo? Looking to steal organs as you drug is? Smells fishy like a cuckhold

5 Star thread !!! Love it !

after receiving many notifications on my mailbox , This is my last reply for people who dont want to understand, I have a 2 rooms annex building on the same land of my house, I ever rent it in the past to many farangs, and never had problems with them, for exemple I ever have to take care an 78 years old man, he was very happy to see the smiles here and dont want to come back to his country now he lives not far from here., I have free empty rooms wich sometimes used by my family from bangkok and france when they visit chiang mai. I think it is sad to let it empty to the ghosts live there. I live in a 500 people village ,they know who comes and leaves here, know everything you do and say, like a security check point, every people know me as a good boy who loves fishing and sports activity. I dont drink alcohol and use drugs, I am not gay, idont hate them but prefer to dont have them in my friends and society, in my street lane there are 8 houses, 6/8 have the same blood as me, family, cousins.... there are nothing to steal in my house , I am not a rich man,feel enough I have everything I need, so I dont need to steal people.
i don't need muay Thai to protect my self .....hotel and guest houses also accept strangers and random people you know,,,,,,, here it is the country side, no clubs , bars, prostitutes, or shopping mall,,,,, I am focus on muaythai, trainining and relax , I worked in busy restaurant and now holliday, try to take care my health.,, train muay Thai learn it to teach it to my future own chlidren, I am not here to make you pay an expansive scam or steal your goods.... my muay Thai coach ask me if I know some foreigners who want to join the camp , I said no but maybe can find it on internet.,,, here I train for free, mybe you too if you accept to fight, I don't want to go to the downtown breath the pollution, and pay expansive training fees for training in a muay Thai tourist camp factory. most of farangs are bigger than Thai people, in my camp there are very young boxers or small guys, I thought it can be fun to sparring with same category weight as me 160lbs.... I only did 2 fight , and won both. so I am a beginner. ...... I dont want to know your lifes or your problems, only focus on training with serious people, now I have 3 guests, we train , eat together, they feel the training hard but enjoy it, smile when feel the pain, we laugh a lot, ..... they dont have to pay expansive rooms and expansive training fees, just help me to pay food,electricity, water, bills, take care the garden and the dogs.....they discover the local culture and tradition, and feel happy.. I know I am not on good website , we need to becarefull with strangers, but I am affraid by nothin, I never reach my goals without some risks..... I am realy realy disapointed by some comments here, I hate to waste my times on virtual shit, especially with 13 years old spoiled child mentality guys. ..... I try to get a verifyed account to use personal message but no success... now I am full for the songkran festival new year.. I am focus training for my next fight,,,, people who never come to the real Thai land can't understand me, the essential point of muay Thai and martial arts is RESPECT. many people dont know it or forgot it.

Wow warn, what you are offering is a dream come true for most muay Thai farangs. So good, that huge red flags are popping high. I met an Indian man one time in Thailand when I was a young lad, he said something that made sense. "Nothing is never free in life My friend ". To this day his thesis holds true. He was selling me a clone Armani suit in the pits of pattaya.

Your offer is true clean, that there is a catch. Offer it up. I'm sure some strong lad will strap on the offer

"unless he enjoys cuckholds, and mayonaise pie slurping"


Yes, of course that to hawkman. Can't forget that

Story of my life performed by Warn

I love this site again for threads like this

Blake it's all about the reviews !

Hey Sam
we need You to write a Review about warns house


Any action between our guests, of any nature or otherwise, is solely between consenting adults over 20 years of age at our premises, and is not guaranteed or implied by Rama Kien in any way. Rama Kien's sole responsibility is to provide accommodation for guests, and assumes no responsibility for any actions of it's guests.

Vlad, I had your back motherfucker, now you stab me in the back like Warn likes to stab people in their backsides...... It's on motherfucker.......

I'm sure many strong men want to cum spend time in your empty space

Sam calm down dude
Did not Stab you, just tried to get you back here
Maybe was a shitty post

Vlad officialy eats his last post

he probably just wants to do some after hours clinching practice. Sounds legit to me.....I'll pass tho!

It's funny how the French go to shit when things start going wrong

whatz wrong with you guys?
for me its very clear: warn LOVES muay. same like most of us.
he is looking for training-sparring partners. perfect.
he is not a pro fighter, same like most of us. and he has some space at his home.
its all good and nice.

but reading some of your posts (in part funny indeed), I come to think that some
guys here have some phobias, SCARED to Death, from nothing. you think just because somebody
is a nice guy and wants to share his love for this sport and meet some new and different sparring
partners, there are some bad, evil things going on in his brain? or is it in YOUR brain that strange things happen?
is it you who are dirty people? is it you who have criminal minds? is it you who would drug somebody, steal that little
someon brings with him on a trip overseas? is it you who like or need someone take care your wife or girlfriend?
and again is it you who dream about sodomising guests or be sodomised by guests?

comon boyz, get real.

I WOULD GO TRAIN AND SPAR AT WARNS PLACE FOR SHURE. but if you prefer pataya, puket, Krung Thep
and all the night-life-entertainment go wherever you feel. UP 2 U!!!!! and pay a thousand baht or more a day for
kicking pads 3 rounds with someone telling you youre doing great.


finally a normal comment Johnny, the other comments of other posters made me think I was the weird one

I wasnt going to drug, rape, and steal from him...but I am now. Your post was so convincing. Thanks johnny

This reminds me of this song
About Johnny eating sugar and opening mouths

This reminds me of this song
About Johnny eating sugar and opening mouths

Warn has one rule for you Johnny= when he gets up, you have to push his stool in!

very nice song :-)

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