Pacquiao Vs Mayweather

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What are your expectations for this over-hyped fight?
Different people who never ever watched boxing in their live told me they will be at the pub at 3am to watch the fight, all due to the hype..

Mayweather wins.

yes I go with PBF.

i reckon Manny leaves himself way too open. Both have the power, but Floyd has the defence.

I also go for Mayweather

Why do you think its over hyped. Just curious, I don't follow boxing religiously but wouldn't this be one of the biggest fights in recent history. Isn't the nature of the beast to generate as much ppv buys as possible??? For what it's worth I also think Mayweather wins.

i think it is overhyped because both of them are not in their prime anymore
the fight should have happened way earlier

Mayweather for me

Ah okay, completely agree in that case

Could become a boring dirty fight with split decision for Mayweather

Hope Mayweather wins so all the flip trolling on boxing pages will have an end

i hope it also , when I lived in the Pinas I ot so tired of their Pacman idolising and mayweather bashing

The stupidity of it is overwheming
Jesus vs Satan

Don't know about Floyd but manny looked drained two days ago
Think the ped testing did affect him a bit just like the klitster didn't look as muscular as always last night

this is what I ment James, ...ewell-tour-1.2121887

nice read, Rambu. agree with many points.
anyway I hope pac man wins by KO. (on point in the states
it wont be easy ...)
just like his style more.

Bit of a shame this fight didn't happen 5 years ago, but it'll still be a fun spectacle to watch, I'll be heading to the pub to have a look.

Mayweather by UD for me.

Hmmmm, let me ponder. Biggest prize event in the history of Sports! Oh that might be

I want Pacman to win but I think Mayweather will win decision.

Mayweather will have to KO him to get the decision and I think the KO will come earlier in the fight than many would believe . I am thinking before round 6

You think Mayweather will have to KO him to get the win? Interesting. I was thinking the opposite.

Neither have won by KO since 2009 if you omit Victor Ortiz fight so very little chance of that happening in this fight imo.

Split decision for me, but think Mayweather will control the fight and win with ease but you always get one judge that scores work rate and aggression. Probs calls of robbery after the fight similar to Maidana fight.

See this fight going a similar way to Mayweather vs Marquez

I knew Mayweather would win!!!!!!!!!!!

Easy fight, as expected. Manny now saying he fought with an injured shoulder, no doubt trying for a rematch but there seems little point - other than the money - as Mayweather handled him with ease.

Most Filipinos I know are tellling me pacquiao shoud have won blablabla, Mayweather was running blbla mayweather cared to fight....
they will never see the truth , that MAyweather is simply better

Class performance from Floyd had Manny playing how he wanted him too, fight went down exactly as I had imagined and guessed, and it was free in Thailand too haha

Though Maidana had a better crack at it than Pacquiao in the end.

Anyone that says Pacquiao won the fight is just a plain idiot.

Thank God we can all agree that Mayweather is the better fighter and everyone can go on about their lives.

on the forum of my local ewpaper and on fb lots of people are arguing Pacquiao won

No-one who watched that fight could argue Manny won unless they were blind, delusional, or both. It was pretty much a stroll in the park for Mayweather who controlled the fight from start to finish.

As long as Mayweather doesnt knock out Pacquiao, the Pacman fans will still believe he is the better boxer.
I hoped his loss would shut them up but it didn't

It just turned them on

it's terrible, my wife even told me to remove a post on fb saying Mayweather did weel because she was scared it would enrage the Filipinos in my firendslist

I lost $50 betting on this fight - 2.55 to the dollar for Pacman....

I didn't like how Floyd won, but I guess that's boxing.

Something fishy was happening with the ref I think, he wouldn't let Pacman brawl.

I reckon Pacman is the better boxer skill wise, give him the reach that May has and May would have got knocked out.

Skillwise manny lost

Yep, Floyd is simply the better boxer. I was hoping Manny could pull it off but Mayweather had a brilliant fight.
No rematch necessary.

Depends what skills you're talking about.. If you're talking about being a boring fighter and just thinking about he money, then yeh, May has better skills.

His skill is his aibility to win....even if you call it boring, he gets the job done

i was very disappointed with manny to be honest especially as I wanted him to plan looked virtually non existent and he was handled with ease...all this stuff after the fight as well is disappointing...complaining that mayweather would not stand still and fight I mean come on has he seen mayweather fight before...and this stuff with the shoulder...if was so bad he should have pulled out of the fight as it has been over 5 years waiting so who cares about any year wait...unless of course he was just in it for the money and did not care about winning on putting on a performance for the people that paid on ppv...couldnt give a shit about the people in the stadium as most have too much money anyway...

and for freddie roach knowing how to beat mayweather...give me a break...such a load of shit he talks

i really did like manny but not anymore and I have doubts about his big wins before and whether they were helped by some drug taking..when he was good he wouldnt take the drug he is not so good he will take it...obviously that could be just age too

last compliants I think...the undercard for the fight was in my opinion a joke...should have had at least one other fight with some recognisable names to the very casual boxing fan...amir khan, alvarez or golovkin at best or even someone not so good.. of course am not expecting paris hilton to have known them but they should have had something of interest on the undercard...big chance missed for boxing I thought to make some new fans

and for me...the whole build up to the fight felt rushed from when it was announced, tickets going on sale etc to the actual fight and I thought the build up shows were quite it to mcgregor aldo which is not such a big fight and this ufc fight was annouced before the may pac fight and is taking place about 2 months after and they did a world tour...felt underwhelmed by the build up too for may pac

The fight was Killed by random drug testing
Even when I did expect both to nullify each other strenghts that shitty performance wasnt worth 10$

Was a boring fight... This shit is meant to be entertainment... It was boring because of May.... Props to Pac for at least trying to make the fight fun to watch.

Manny came in sluggish and wild. No real Energy. May ran like always but his counter punching was on point. Yes, Manny did more damage, but May landed more and strategically won. I predicted no one would be put to sleep, the only one sleeping was me, this hyped up Garbage fight was lackluster. Floyd does like he always does, run, counter, control the pace. MANNY disappointed me, he should of took more risk and go in more. The times he did, he scored.

If you thought Manny won your just a casual or uneducated boxing fan. Floyd scored more, ran more, threw more. The only thing Manny did was cause more damage, but Floyd never met the floor so those only count as regular shots.

Oh and pacs excuse for his shoulder, causing him to paw at the Air instead of Floyd. That was a crock of Garbage. Roach,arum, and Pac should apologize to Floyd. You lost, man up. As far as a rematch, there's no point. It will be the same, without foods it will. The reason to do it again is mo Money


Strange, but if you showed the fight to someone that doesn´t know the boxing rules exactly, has never watched a boxing fight but understands basic competition punctuation, like for example a child, he would say things like:

"They both stood up at the end so I guess its a tie, but the asian dude looks like a fighter to me"

" draw as they re both alive, but the asian guy tried to win and the black guy tried not to loose"

And things like that.

My question is, why is boxing, IMO, moving the oposite direction to the fan likes and getting closer to boxing laws, rules and extreme punctuation?

Ask a 10 year old who won the fight after every fight, it would be a closer decision then what refs say.

Relax and count to 10 before you atack me voraciously.

I dunno what was up with Manny, even if his shoulder was bad. He wasn't moving or using angles like he usually does. All linear movement for the whole fight.

Floyd did his usual counter punching with excellent defense. I did think Floyd was a little more aggressive tthan usual too.

Anyways it was not a very entertaining fight, especially with all the hype it got. I wasn't surprised though. It's boxing.

Everyone has been slating mayweather, saying that he's a bad person, like that should some how have an effect on his life and boxing and that God and Karma should have been on the side of manny and that should somehow have had an effect on the fight.

What a load of bull.

Froach is a cunt, there are loads of videos of him on the net acting like one. Saw one the other day where he was calling people spics, jews and nigg*rs.

Not impressed with manny post fight either, he should have just held his hand up and said the best fighter won, and shown some sportsmanship.

In half the rounds he was throwing less punches than mayweather. How did he expect to win the fight, he had to go in guns blazing and hope he overwhelmed mayweather with his speed and work rate.

At least some Pino trolling have come to an end
Same Same as the other guy, donaire got whooped by the cuban shrimp

The Pinoy trolling is still as bad as before, now claiming Mayweather was afraid to fight etc

Adding these just for a bit of fun:
- Mayweather v.s ortiz KO: - Not sure how many headbutts he did before this but ortiz was penalised
- Maygrappler -

If you thought Manny won your just a casual or uneducated boxing fan. Floyd scored more, ran more, threw more. The only thing Manny did was cause more damage, but Floyd never met the floor so those only count as regular shots.

I did not know that running does count as points or anything like that in boxing.

I saw the stats of the fight and both fighters threw nearly the same amount of punches.

For me pacman scored the harder punches that sometimes rocked mayweather and was
more aggresive while mayweather scored more punches over all.

Not a good fight at all. And I mainly blame mayweather and his very defensive fighting
approach for that. Because I have seen really nice fights of pacqiao.

In edition to that I dont think pacman would have been of better if
he attacked more because than he would have been cought much
more by mayweather and could probably not land clean shots
because of mayweathers defense.
I think pacman had quite a cautios approach and I think it was
a good one.

If you're looking at it from a pure boxing point of view, that is....hit the other guy and avoid getting hit, then Floyd did a pretty damn good job. Manny couldn't find him all night and Floyd was quicker too.

Floyd also threw more and landed more of every punch. Jabs, body, power shots etc ( and headlocks!! lol)

Manny had an excellent 4th round but I believe that's the round where he said he re-injured his shoulder.

There is really no question who won that fight and I wouldn't say Floyd was running. If the stats showed that Pacman threw and landed more punches then I'd agree that Floyd ran, but that wasn't the case.

Anyways...kind of a shitty fight for the fans. Lots of buildup and hype and not very competitive.

Geo you are uneducated in boxing. Look at the official stats from the fight, and honestly ask your self who won. There was no knockdowns so no 10-8 rounds. You are uneducated, because in boxing a punch landed, is a punch landed. The key to winning, is hit more, and be hit less. So Mayweather won.

Mayweather: Pacquiao
punch thrown:435 429
punch landed:148 81
punch connected: 34% 19%
jabs thrown:267 193
jabs landed:67 18
jabs connected:25% 9%
power punch throw:168 236
power punch landed:81 63
Power punch connected:48% 27%

^ yup

Pacman = Peoples champ. Nuff said. Mayweather is a douche.

Mayweather won with ease. People tend to let their hatred for him cloud their judgement which is ridiculous and I seriously dont get how anyone could of thought that this fight would of gone otherwise. Also people saying its a boring fight are people who don't appreciate all aspects of styles. Just watch some of those MuayThai fights at the big stadiums. Not all of them fight like Pornsaneh. Some are technical geniuses who outpoint you like Panpayak, sam-a. superlek and etc. It wasn't the most exciting fight ever but I still found it exciting to watch. There was just a bunch of casual fans who never watch boxing unless its big fights like this one so when they do watch they expect some kind of Mike Tyson show and anything else to them is boring.

I knew Floyd would win but was surprised on how one sided the fight was. I felt embarrassed for Manny. But what annoys me the most is once again the hatred turns towards Floyd with all the excuses. Why are people angry at Floyd for fighting the way he always fights? Hes a defensive genius. You should be angry with Pacquiao after him and his coach were talking so much smack about Mayweather lost his legs, Pac will KO him and etc giving the fans false expectations and when he couldn't pull it off they turn on Floyd because in their minds Pacquiao is an angel and Floyd is the devil so everything that goes wrong always has to be his thought.

I am disgusted by all the racists comments all over social media by mostly Filipinos. They call him nigga, monkey and all that over crap. Just goes to show their true colours. Mayweather is a douche at times but I don't care. When I watch Mike Tyson highlights to get me pumped up for training I dont think to myself "this guy raped a women" or when I listen to Michael Jacksons old school songs I dont think about his alleged past because I don't know them and that's not why I watch them.

I am in BK now but was at Sitboonmee when the fight happened and one thing I respect about Kongsak is he stood out from everyone else. All the other fighters were cheering for Manny of course because their both asian and they thought Manny would win but Kongsak is a big Floyd fan and was saying that hes too good and Manny wouldn't catch him. I was so surprised that Kongsak knows boxing like that. We were laughing at everyone after the fight and I won the camp owners daughter for the night lol just kidding.

i do think that sports are now guilty of oversupplying statistics and that is the fault of NFL coverage in usa, thats where it started

Fuck the casual fans fucked by the fucking Media fucking fuck fucks sake

I did not mention in my post that pacman won, so please dont call me uneducated.
I just mentioned a few arguments when you read out of that I am saying that pacman
lost. its not my problem.

I dont wonder why mayweather is not liked very much if you see the way he acts
and sees the world.

People watch boxing mostly because they want people to beat each other up or
some kind of excitement from the fight and get entertained.
For me Mayweather does not bring that entertainment.

And I would never compare muay Thai with western boxing fights because
the crowd and the whole build up for the fight is completely different.

Yes, like everyone I wanted pac to win. But in reality it's not going to happen. Floyd is too technical and precise for many fighters. His range control and timing is the best in the business, kind like the younger sanchai, he understands range very well. I bet on Floyd is too crafty. His check hook, precise fast punches, movement , and Tie ups are unmatched in boxing. Floyd is smart, that is why he is the highest paid athlete in the world. 48 have tried, and 48 have failed.

Manny looked defeated after round 2. He also looked out of shape. When he rocked Floyd in the 4th he backed off because he was gassed. Roach needs to retire, his disease got too him, roach didn't give any good instructions, they had no game plan.

You can't throw combinatinons of combinatinons without some magic injections

"people who are saying its boring are those that don't appreciate all aspects of styles", maybe it was just because it was boring to watch regardless of what they appreciate! No one is allowed a preference or different opinion anymore without being called a hater or told they don't understand boxing, just as boring to read as all the people saying Pac was robbed.

^ agree with this.

It's like when you taste a glass of wine and think it tastes like shite, and then some "wine expert" tells you that you don't know the taste of good wine.

Entertainment is entertainment and if people are not entertained, well you're better off rubbing your nuts against a cheese grater.

well if that is the reasing we can say all MT is shit because it is not entertaining at all to watch nowadays

thats what Samart said

you can say it if you want, but its exactly the same point, I still see loads of entertaining fights, every week, maybe you need to look harder or whats entertaining for you isn't for others, don't make either side haters (god I fucking hate that expression) just different strokes for different folks

None of you are entertaining. Where's Tenchy? I'm a hater.

tenchu was here a week ago, made 1 short comment and evaporated ( filipino English for left)

ebaforated sirr? he'll be buck.

"I still see loads of entertaining fights, every week" - it must be true, because we see a lot of your photos from fights.
i think the point he was making was that there is too much clinch and throw.

if we get back to the mayweather pacquiao fight, most manny nut-huggers wanted a ko, and cos they didnt get that they deemed it boring, even a loss.

I seem to recall many people calling Lennox Lewis boring and a one dimensional fighter, but he was as close to an all time great that anyone has been since Tyson, in that division.

Steve Davis- snooker player - utter precision, predictably perfect- people called him boring.

everyone liked James Hunt but not Nikki Lauda, one was larger than life and a risk taker, the other was a perfectionist and somewhat reclusive. watch the movie Rush, its fantastic. Nigel Mansel another one, world champion, moved to Indy 500 and won that in his first season
Its not a popularity contest, its about who wins.

So by that argument Samart must be talking out of his arse then, as it's not a popularity contest it's about who wins and apparently clinch and throws is what wins nowadays!
Again though that's not really the point I was making, see I don't think Manny was anywhere near to winning and Floyd has the best defense ever, but I prefer to see more action myself, it was to be expected as that is the same as every fight with Floyd, but I prefer more of a fight, but for every deluded Manny fan there is a snobby know all twat saying if you find Floyd boring you can't understand boxing, which is as big a pile of crap as all the people saying manny should have won

Robby, what you stated is the very reason why this fight was dubbed as the highest sporting event in the history of history. Everyone, well mostly everyone except hip hop brothers hate Floyd. We all know Floyd has outstanding, boring, but effective boxing. Most people want to see Floyd get knock the crap out, that is why they tuned in every time he fights.

Manny was the last hope (5 years ago at least) to dethrone and whoop Floyd. Many people paid the high $100 price tag to witness Floyd get his ass handed to him. But 48 have tried, and 48 have failed to solve the Floyd code. Floyd is a smart man, his style is smart, he does enough to prevail. Not only that he creates the image where you would pay to see him get his ass kick. But in reality its another easy pay day for May Day. Floyd is a smart fighter, and business man. For example when asked why he did not donate to Africa Floyd said " What did Africa do for me, nothing". Floyd has a point.

This marketing was also used by the UFC to market Brock Lesnar (as the guy you want to see get his ass whoop). And guess what Brock drew in the highest pay per view buys in UFC history. Now, Connor Mcgregor is trying to take on this role, implementing the Chael Sonnen persona.

The fight also felt like more of a let down and not very entertaining because of all the HYPE. It was so built up and anticipated that it was doomed to be a let down.

yes all that is nice and I know what your saying and agree totally, but again all I'm saying is all the smug know alls saying that people that say Floyd is boring don't understand boxing are just as boring as the ones that say Manny won. That is all!!!!

Man, this thread is shit. Can we talk about something else?

Connor vs Jose will be EPIC!

Sam, I believe the thread is called "Pacquiao vs Mayweather" lol

"i think the point he was making was that there is too much clinch and throw. "
that is exactly what I ment.

This shit is serious. Last I heard, the Filipino suicide count was at 2 and rising due to mannys lost. The Filipino mobs are at arms in full rage mode, swinging short dildos with no mercy. So it is a big deal Sam. It is. To take your life due to a loss of your national hero, that some deep shit there.

no I agree with a lot of what Samart said, whiilst of course the clinch requires great skill, I prefer seeing lots of kicks knees and elbows , however some of it did seem sour grapes was a bit like " in my day" convo.

i agree with the result of manny and pbf, having a defence like that isnt boring, ifyou can keep someone as quick and powerful as manny off for 12 rounds youre obviously doing something right

the whole its all just clinch and power nowadays is exaggerated to some extent, though there are real problems with the sport there is still plenty of fights with technical guys, the last two years in a row has seen one of the most technical guys in the sport get the boxer of the year award and there are still plenty of technical guys at the top earning point in the sport, there are still plenty of great fights if you know who to look out for. Saying that though a lot of what Samart says is true, but he talks about a lot of other things damaging it, such as the gambling influence.


example, last nights main event, if you dOnt find that entertaining your a fucking hater :P


example, last nights main event, if you dOnt find that entertaining your a fucking hater :P

dont you fucking hater me , I fucking hate it when you do that.

Hawkman hates almost everything, he's like the English version of Blake

goddamn they are fast at that weight class! great fight

i must admit I like that fight also, thanks Rob

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