Phuket Or Chiang Mai

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Hi Everyone

I'm looking at traveling to Thai land for training next year, this will be my first time over there and i'd be looking at going over around April for about 2 weeks. So as the title says i'm after some information on what the areas of Phuket and Chiang Mai are like to see where i'd rather go to train, i'd like to do abit of the touristy stuff during the days but not looking to go out partying and clubbing all night., any information would be good thanks.

Phuket - Beaches, Nice hotels, cheap food and drink, easy to get around, everything in one place, heaven under the sun!

Depends what kind of "touristy" stuff ur looking to do, phuket is full of tourists, bars, girls, clubs and beaches etc.... Imo not the best surrounding when it comes to training. Chaing Mai is more quiet and not as much touristy more of sight seeing stuff like best temples which is worth seeing.

the only think Phket has to offer besides more nightlife is beaches
Chiang Mai has more culture, cheaper rooms, cheaper food and more things to visit in the area ( Pai , Chiang Rai Mae hong son..)
tourists and locals in CM are friendlier

so if you don't care for beaches then I would choose CM

Thanks for the feedback, deffinatly like the sound of chiang Mai better, makes it abit easier to look for gyms when you know what area you want to go to

what I don't like about CM is that most gyms are in areas where there is nothing to do or see. but the same can be said of Phuket

Phuket all it takes is a scooter ride especially from Soi Taied everything within 10-15 minutes by scooter, only problem is the prices for shit like clothes and taxis

if you are at Rawai for exxamples everything is quit far....

Chiang mai is a shite hole
Phuket has some great gyms, beaches & nightlife.
Not sure why people say it's not good for training because of the bars ect
Just don't go in them, stay at somewhere like Home Smile or anywhere away from the bars and job done

Why you think CM is a shit hole ? I loved CM and still love going back.
last time I was in Phuket I ran away from it after 5 days ( planned to stay a month)

the only thing Phuket has to offer are Medium quality beaches ( overdevelopped) and a nightlife

Different folks like different things I suppose
I found CM full of smelly hippies, not cheap at all, restaurant & bar staff were rude not a swadee in sight when walking in.
Best thing about it was du so thep (spelling) and the train to Pitsanulok.
Phuket has some of the best beaches in Thailand.
Any beach developments have now been torn down by the army

Rito thanks guys, guess all I can do is pick one and see for myself, really wish I could have more time to spend over there

Doi su thep , the temple in the mountain.
I don't like Thai beaches since I am used to the Philippines :-)
and I like hippies :-) I knew that was what you didn't like about it hehe

Beaches in phuket are a joke, you get harassed every 30 seconds with someone trying to sell you shit or give u a manicure.

I'm not to fussed on beaches anyway so that doesn't really worry me

Fucked if I know what beaches you lot go to.
I've never been approached by anybody at a beach.

Sparky, if you don't go for the beach then please go to the North of Thailand, much more "real", much more Thailand

I love beaches but if I go to Thailand I still prefer going to the North, even if I cannot go to the beach there.

Rambutan, what's the best time of the year to go to the north of Thailand?

here Sparky : ...d-northern-thailand/

i let you read yourself because it depends of your own taste

I don't like the dry season, even if I love the heat because all the vegetations is dead and yellow during that period, thats why I would say september october. everything will be nice and green and I didn"t get much rain during that time neither

Thanks for the link rambutan

I don't know I think certain places are made for and suit certain people, I loved Phuket, hated Bangkok.

I know Chiang Mai wouldn't be my sort of thing, I ain' t the one to go around seeing temples and quiet areas with nothing to do, some pople will like it some won't

End of march-middle April in chiang mai is usually VERY BAD because the start burning all the fields on the surrounding mountains and the air becomes as shit as in bkk

Yeh sounds like it would be better to go around September, mite have to book two trips in and find somewhere else to go in april

I'll be heading to phuket in late Jan and making my way up to chaing Mai late Feb I will be training at santai in chaing Mai if u end u heading there at that time hit me up.

oh forgot.... middle nov till middle feb is fkg cold for Thai standards; they even got snow 15-20 years ago.
during daytime is not bad, but when the sun goes down you rly need a winter jacket (or drink a bottle of wiskehy if you go around with motorbike.
like 10C ish.
Nothing too bad, unless you come with just flip flops, tank top and short pants in your bag ;)
(Chiang Rai and Pai are even cooler)

Monte89, dont come to chiang mai with the same clothes you will use in phuket, dont make my mystake

Haha yes I'm well aware how cold it can get in chaing Mai nothing do different to Melbourne weather. I will also be heading to chaing rai for a week or so, will be defiantly bringing some warm clothes. I made that mistake 3 years ago ended up buying a whole new wardrobe.

Will do monte89, still hadn't decided on which gym yet, am still tossing up between santai or going up to pai to charn chai or sitjemam, thanks for the tip polmol lucky I don't mind the colder weather :-)

If u do decide santai be sure to book with them as soon as u know when ur going. They have a class limit.

I was told there was lots of burning in april last year when I went but I didn't notice any air quality issues up north.. I was in Chiang Mai and Pai from end of april through end of may and it was about 100-110 degrees every day.. No burning issues.. and right around a week into april it started having mini storms for 10 minutes a day then cleared up.. Weather was pretty good overall for training if your use to humidity already.. I am from the northeast US so I am use to hot humid summers... no issues here, I kind of liked it since it was snowing when left the US..

Oh if you hit up charn chai I will be there April 25 - May 14th this spring...

well, is not like they have fixed dates to burn stuff, last year started around middle march so at the end of april was not that bad. Then again, is different for anyone of us; some ppl have even no problem with bkk pollutions.

here's a pic of chiang mai view from my balcony, end of march.

haha yea that looks like shit!! Wasn't like that at all for me, I will hope my april-may dates this year are good again. Though actually I do remember about half way into my trip the surrounding mountains being much clearer to see in Pai... Could be from the burning, though I thought it was just fog.

Yea I was told if you are a smoker it hits you harder.. Not sure if that is an accurate statement but something I read on a thread in this forum last year.

I was in CM in march-april and didn't notice anything from the burning.
the only thing that sucked was that one I day it was 40 degrees Celcius and the next night 17.....

Doesn't look like it would be much fun running in that smoke, gee 40degrees I wouldn't even need to train to lose weight

40degrees but not humid, I rode my bike up the mountain at 40 degrees.. If it would have been 30 degrees and humid, that would have been much worse.

Anyone heading o Phuket hit me up I will make my second pilgrimage, I only got back from a months holiday 2 days ago and I am already planning again lol

in may*

Living the dream aren't you minr :-), what gyms you going to?

Will split time between Dragon and Rawai Supa, will do all my privaes with Kong Beng at Rawai Supa for sure I am absolutely stoked mate!

I'll be in phuket Jan 23 :)

I will hit up phuket with you on your next pilgrimage, I would like to check out some gyms down south.. But I already booked for up north for this spring.. So next time...

Haha, any time bro, just let me know whenever you got plans to go and well organise something, just have fun that's all that matters.

yes always about the fun!!

Gees all this talk of going over gets a man keen, mite have to book two trips next year :-)

haha Sparky!! Same here.. I almost did 2 this year but then booked tickets for next year instead.... But next year is going to end up a 2 trip year :)

Forgot to point out sparky, the girls are better looking in Chiang mai ;). But if ur into ladyboys and hookers phuket is ur place. Lol

I wonder how the bank account would cope booking two trips eyes0cket lol, not to good I'd imagine!! Well phuket it is monte89 :-) haha nah I got a misses so none of that matters to me

Depends on what u do u can live off 1-2k per month if u dedicate your time to mostly training maybe a tad more in phuket as everything is pretty much double in price than Chiang mai

Yea in Pai with an AC room, training twice a day and food I only spent about 800 bucks in 30 days... Really wasn't that bad, but yea I have heard phuket is like double. But I literally did nothing but train twice a day and then gymnastic ring workouts. My spare time was spent online working no partying or any of that...

Gee that's cheap so even if I wanted to check out the sites and have abit if spending money $1000 would be enough

yea should be fine... PAI and Chiang Mai are a bit cheaper.. Prolly would need more down south... Just make sure you have backup money in your atm in case but I think you would be fine with 1000 if your not out drinking..

two weeks 1k for training food and site seeing is plenty. It Especially in Chiang Mai. Your looking at roughly 30-50b per meal which is $2-$5. And most temples are free of charge. But it's always good to bring abit extra just incase I would say 1.5-2k and u will have no issues.

If it`s your first time in Thailand go to the beach... Stay near your gym, rent a scooter and go around.
If you stay only two weeks you`ll get the most out of your holiday when you fly directly to phuket.

30-50baht is more like $1-2..

Yeh ramson thinking I will go to phuket or koh samui next April then head to chiang mai around september, what's the difference between phuket and koh samui?

Koh Samui is a proper island in the middle of the sea, only Bangkok Airways gets there, it is smaller and cheaper than Phuket I guess lol

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