Please Recommend Me A Inexpensive Option To Go Train At For 6 Months By The End Of This Year

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I've been to Thailand 2 times in the past, and trained in a few gyms across the country. I want to go back in a few months for half a year, but I'm out of touch with the current training prices. I know that going out to Issan is a option but I think that the internet is not reliable there, and that's an issue.

What's a farang friendly gym that's recommended which costs less than 7,000 baht a month for 2x a day anywhere in Thailand with good internet connection and stable electricity? I already been to Koh Samui and didn't really like being stuck there for long periods of time. Are there any options in Bangkok or Chiang Mai for this price range right now?

if you say 7000 a month you mean without room right?

I've had a bungalow in Pai by the water for a week for 1000bt for a week. You could get a bamboo shack with a shared shower for bt per day. 2 gyms in town.

Thank you for your advice guys. How's the internet and electricity in Pai?

for as I remember it was good ( internetcafé, I did not use a laptop there)

If you go 6 months and fight monthly you can easily negotiate a reduced training price. Could probably shop around up north and get them down to 4K baht a day.

Basic accom you can get for 2K a month but it'll be pretty basic/shit. That's a 6K budget and then food on top of that which you can cut costs on by investing in a rice cooker upfront and a basic gas stove to cook your own chicken and stuff.

at the price of street food in Thailand I would not waste my time cooking for myself! Also the taste is just delicious, I wouldn't be able to make mine taste that good.


I agree Rambutan but from the tone of his first post I assume he's a rabbi level of jew and therefore wanting to mitigate every expense possible.


wouldnt cook my own food in Thailand (except breakfast MAYBE)

lol at TomS

Nothing bad with preparing your own meals. I don't see a problem with it, specially when you take in account the high levels of chemicals and sugar in some of the meals prepared in the street. I spent multiple months in Thailand last time eating street food all the time and my thyroid levels were out of range when I came back home.

Now I'm I planning to cook at home? not really... I'm I planning to juice and follow a very simple healthy diet? Yes, and if that means preparing my own fruit salads in the morning then so be it. But that ins't cooking...

Anyway yeah I'll probably head out north once again. I don't want to spend too much money in basic pad holding, which is mainly all we get in Thailand for the most part unless you speak Thai or are a fighter for the gym. Thank you once again guys.

If in Bkk or around bkk
Kiatpontip gym ( rob cox)
Sitjaopho gym in hua hin
My most favourite is sort of North Thai land in ubon with living legend ajarn lamnamoon

Mario man they don't fit his price.
Any Chiang mai gym, most isaan gyms. Fuck it any northern gym will do.

Also chay yai did a promotion for 2,000 a month a couple months ago so I think you can negotiate their price down

Train once a day hard on pads and do your own running bag work in the morning. If you want to stay in Pai train at Charn Chai and they will help you out with cheapest accom around 3-6 a month for a house.

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