Por Pramuk Gym

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Anybody know what the latest is on this gym? Still operating? Still producing fighters? Still open to foreigners?

I went here on my first trip back in 2006 and was thinking of going back for a few days to rekindle some old memories.

Hobz, did you had any trouble with the smell of piggeries?
I wanted to go to Por Pramuk when Buakaw was still there but heard bad things about the smell.

It did smell a bit but that never bothered me because I was prepared for it. Heard they removed the pig farm a few years back. The training isn't great but it's a great place to connect with Thai culture and Muay Thai . The opposite of Phuket really. I can remember waking up on the firs morning and looking out my window and the river was flowing past and thinking this is as Thai as it gets...

Thats why I wanted to go there, to connect with Thai culture....the view of the gym seemed like a perfect place for that


Nice training video from Por Pramuk before it got turned into a Yokkao theme park. Probs circa 2005

"Yokkao theme park" lol

it used to be very traditional. nice Thai style. jogging, training and eating together was fun. the training was good.
pro boxers at the gym, a immersion in rural Thai life.
i was there a couple of weeks in 06-07 and had a very good time.

Have you guys heard about the financial issues between Buakaw and the owner of Por Pramuk. That whole thing made me mistrust the gym and took away the will to go there

not one word. no issues back then.

i suppose that whole issue dates from 2011-12

www.muaythaiporpramuk.com/ still using buakaw's name lol

the site doesn't seem updated in year,
the even sell Buakaw shorts and posters :-)

That's why I'm not sure what they are up to at the moment.

During the initial split they seemed to be sugar coating the whole thing and still had fighters fighting in the stadiums but you don't hear of that so much now...

if Chok-D is trainer it should be good. he shure is a good trainer. remember he was a happy and funny athlete, strong fighter.

they still have fighters competing and still have the Por Pramuk promotion at Lumpini, but they have mainly young smaller fighters coming through at the moment not bigger fighters

Cheers rob, you know everything ;)

I'm going to drop in in feb so will give everyone an update On the current state of the gym. They're not repkying to my ails so guessing they're not too bothered about foreigners training there anymore.

Johnny where did you hear that chok dee was working as a trainer there?

just saw his pic at the link above, training.

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