Question About The Thai Fighters Repetition Work?

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This is a bit of a random question. I have been out to Thailand a few times but for some reason I have never asked this question. After every pad session I used to do like 50 repetitive kicks with each leg followed by 200 knees on the bag but how many do some of the fighters do? Like what's the most you have ever heard or seen a fighter do? I remember one time finishing off training and it sounded like one of the kids was kicking for ages! Especially at Kiatmoo9.

I heard in an article somewhere about a guy who traveled to a camp years ago called Nong Ki Pahuyuth. And he said something along the lines of 2000 kicks with each leg followed by a load of knees in the mornings lol. I don't know if that's true or not but that sounds bloody ridiculous. Like I said its a bit random and its just something I am trying to sort out with training.

Similar to this and this kid only did like 400 knees and 100 kicks (still a machine thou):

Buakaw said something about doing 500 kicks rather than just 200

@with each leg or all together?

all together at the same time!

@Muaythaifocus. I'm confused. Explain?

I was taking the piss! :P

I gathered that mate lol. An answer would be nice thou. I know with all the experience you have in Thailand you have an answer.

50 is not enough imho.
200 per leg should be ok.
up 2 u :-)
ps its important to kick good, fast and strong.
no cheating

I've seen some gyms just do the same drills over and over in their pad rounds and heard that some gyms ie singpatong do 2000 at the end of each session


I think everyplace is different. At sitmonchai it's up to you. At singpatong,when I was there,in the morning it was around 5 sets of 20 each leg and 300 knees but no pads. I guess it all balances out

doesn't doing high rep kicks gives alot of endurance but a reduction in power output?

I only do 10-20 kicks each leg at the end of each round. I belt them though max power.

High volume kicks when you're doing shit power and technique (yes, you cheat the technique when you know you're doing large volumes), I just don't see the value proposition in that.

I'm all for bag rounds of just single solid kicks where you can still do a couple of hundred each leg over 10 minutes.

Doing non-stop fluffy crap kicks on the pads though. No thanks.

Same goes for knees. Sets of 50 jump knees with power are good. Sets of 100 or 200 and people cheat tech and do shit power.

yeah singpatong do around eighty thousand kicks per round

agree with to some degree @toms, theirs no point doing 200 cheat kicks. with poor technique, its only going to give you poor body/kicking mechanics, I am all in favor for doing high repetitions (100-200) anything more than that I mean are you really going to be have the best technique after 200+ kicks? for what purpose is there to be doing an 100 or 200 extra repetitive kicks with poor technique? how would it benefit you?

it does depends on what your training goal is, if it is for a endurance purposes then by all means lower the power keep reps high but keep your technique and speed for a long as possible. once you've reached your limit when your technique dramatically fades stop, you then know your limit, set a target to beat it next time you train..basic progression.

i found that my single kicks if I'm doing say 20 to 40 on a bag become much more powerful if I train double kicks prior to that, with speed but with less emphasis on throwing real power kicks. So 20 kicks in bursts of 2. then rest for a minute of so and throw the singles. Boom

repetition is mother of success

first time to Thai land thought myself these fuckers just trying to tire me out. Found myself improving a lot after 2 weeks of

100 this 200 that ....

Yeah look at this cheaty fucker:

Vlad, I also thought I was just the trainer trying to tire me out!
I still don't believe in the benefit of it besides power endurance

thatīs the biggest benefit, since kicking is most exhausting part in MT (at least to me)

Definately agree Vlad, taking clinch out of the equation bodykicks are 90% of the scoring, the more you do of them the more effortless they become, makes sense to do a shit load of speed kicks from that point of view. Great vid of Nong O btw, fuck all footage of him training available

From experience 95% of Westerners do shit multikicks and knees. They cut power to make a high quantity and I just don't see the benefits in doing that.

Muay Thai is all about pow-wah. I don't think people should compromise belting it in order to make some ridiculous number of strikes that their coach set that they'd never obtain in the ring.

101 other exercises you could do to supplement anaerobic or aerobic limit.


you could be doing this instead

That method's legit. Did you see what that guy did to Eric Sloane?

or olympic weightlifting which forces you into anabolic state

oh shit, yeh fucked him up, Eric Sloane came to that fight with so much arrogance and over confidence, Thais fight different to the Americans, Eric learnt that lesson well, tong beat him so bad hes bound to a wheelchair, theirs a rumor his brother is taking up training,

He's doing some sparring Oready
@boom boom bar

Everybody follows the leader....., cruisin down the streets of Siam

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