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Im going with my girlfriend for a 3 week holiday to koh Samui and I'm going to squeeze in some training. So we´re probably going to live in Chaweng because of the shopping and so on.
As I understand superpro Samui is the only option so I got a couple of questions!

Have anyone trained there recently and can answer if it was any good? Was the trainers good and did they care about you? Do you get 5 rounds on pad every training? ( I was at Sinbi for 2 months and I got 5 rounds on pad every time)

Do they offer privates and how much do they cost?

We will probably live near the beach, do I need a scooter to get to the gym?

Overall can you tell me about your experience there? Im thinkin about training 4 times a week, so is it a good gym? I rather dont drive to lamai every day to train..


Yodyut Muay Thai is also on Samui. Might be worth a look - the owner Son used to be a trainer at Sinbi. Very good trainer and nice guy too.

Ma air muay Thai is at the Chaweng lake real Thai style (if the gym still exists)

Superpro you will get 5 pad rounds each week

if you´re a pussy slammer stay away from superpro beds
they break way before the pussy
seems that a lot of roided up 2 meter dutch blokes destroyed the furniture in the past

Soreshins, yes I read good thing about Yodyut but we´re going to live in chaweng so if superpro is a good gym, I rather go with that..

Vlad, you mean each session?
And I wont live at the camp, my girlfriend and I will probably live somehwre Close to the beach..

Anyone that can recommend a trainer there?

Andi I mean unless things changed, you'll be happy to get 5 rounds on pads a WEEK

Wow, really? When where you there?

must have been 2012

Basically it was a Euro Style K-1 training guided by Thai Trainers

Hey Andi,

I checked out a bunch of the gyms on Koh Samui in April 2014...

Super Pro was on my list but their prices were pretty steep, though when I went to check them out I saw Alistair Overeem training there so they must have something going for them (pretty sure he's friends with the owner - who appeared to be a European guy).

I ended up going with Yodyut since it's close to the Chaweng area and their prices were better than Super Pro.

YY has plenty of experienced Thai trainers that will do 1-on-1 training (that's what I did).
Unfortunately I don't remember how much I paid though... it wasn't cheap, but it was a fair price for the level of coaching I received.

I looked for Maair but couldn't find it, so not sure if they're around anymore.

There's a couple other more difficult to find gyms in Bophut... but I could begin to tell you how to find them.
But if you rent a scooter and just cruise around for a day you might come across some.

And the more south you go the more options there are but that was too much travel time for me so I didn't look past YY.

I had an awesome time training there! Can't wait to go back...

Let me know if you have any more questions and I'll be glad to share what I know :)

You can run into a celeb @ superpro that's true

thanks for the answers, I will probably end up at superpro just because that we will live in chaweng.. otherwise I would go for a camp in lamai or maybe yodyut.. Anyone that got a personal favorite trainer at superpro? and I'm still wondering, do you need a scooter from the beach to superpro? how long is the ride?

thanks again!

I'm sure you'll have a great time at Super Pro!
They've got a pretty solid gym too.

It's not really that close to the main beach area though...
I definitely wouldn't walk there more than once!
So get a scooter FOR SURE.
You'll want that anyway, just to cruise around and check things out.

And honestly (in my experience - and of course depending on what you and your GF are into doing with your time) I'd lean toward Choeng Mon beach just 10 a minute scooter ride north of Chaweng.

It's a much quieter beach and good for the whole evening romance experience!

And Yod Yut is literally 60 seconds from that beach.... just sayin :)

Anyway you go, you'll have an awesome time though man. So just go with the flow and enjoy the "serene chaos" ;)

Rent a scooter

I looked at some hotels at and so on, but do you have any recommendations of a hotel not too far from superpro? (max 10 mins by scooter would be nice)..

I also considering Lamai more and more.. but how far and how much is a taxi Lamai - Chaweng? My GF probably want to go and shopping more than once (me too acually). As I understand theres mostly beach shops in Lamai..

At superpro Samui we try to keep on improving our training. We have many people here now coming to prepare for a fight who each get 5 rounds on the pads each session. We have fighters fighting in Max muay Thai, Glory, Enfusion etc so we know how to get fighters ready. We have 5 different styles of room types so even for pussy slammers like Vlad we have suitable rooms:)

Feel free to drop by our gym and try a session. I am sure you will enjoy it. Besides that we are always there and open to hear your suggestions or wishes. Please also let our reception know in the beginning what your main goal is for your stay at Superpro and we can help you accomplish that. We have always enough trainers available to give everybody enough attention

the pussy slammers comment was gold.

I am the Vlad. I don't usually respond to these comments but in this case I make an exception.

To address just one issue, Vlad is more a Sugar Daddy than a pussy slammer so ladies feel free to contact me


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