Shaolin Monk YI Long VS JomThong TOP Muaythai Champion KO

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shaolin monk KO MUAY THAI

he is not a real shaolin monk but he has KO a few Muay Thai guys.

he has also beaten Cyrus Washington

lol what a load of bollocks Jomthong top Muaythai champion

the comments on that video are some of youtubes most retarded ever and thats saying something


i think he has beaten Kem Sitsongpeenog too I think ?? is that him? Thai guy touches him on the head after lol must be pissed!

rofl & holy shhhhhh
some of the comments are GOLD.

Not much different to Thai fight.

Fly in some crap white people to fight top Thai 's and make out that its the best fighting the best.

Nationalist propaganda in one form or another....

There's something not right about Jomthong, Can't put my finger on what it is though...

No that's not Khem!

@hobz yeh thats defo what they are doing! Its quite intresting to see an actual chinese fighter fight in full contact competition against other styles, never really get to see them fight. Chinese martial arts in my experience never really practice "Full contact" or hard sparring. This guy styles according to google is shan shou and tbf he has koed a fair few muay Thai guys.
The same promotion flew in simon marcus to fight their chinese champion..simon got koed lol was shocked at that!

Jomthong is like 10kg lighter than him.

Cyrus Washington is a fair bit past his prime these days, and lost on points to him in China getting dropped along the way.

I thought Buakaw was gonna fight this guy and silence all Shaolin nuthuggers? Has that rumour since been quashed?

You're right about the comments inducing some significant brain rot from a bunch of kung fu raised IT geeks who have never stepped foot in the ring.

Damn even joe schilling got like to these chinese fighters fight muay Thai rules instead. This fight had takedowns? Lol ive noticed a couple of pure muay Thai guys crossing over to glory dont do so well Nathan corbett, simon marcus, steve mikkinon, kem, off top my head, I'm always rooting for muay Thai guys! But they always lose lol N yeh I think it fizzled out the fight with bukaw, the shaolin fella fought Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee and lost! I can post the vid if u want..judges gave the nod to klinmee in china lol yokkao promotion though think thats why lol.

Sanda is not the Kung Fu most people watching these videos have in mind. It is just Chinese kickboxing...

Like I said before if that Shaolin stuff was that good
the greedy chinks would grab all the Major martial Arts titles like Boxing k1 MMA

Cyrus is average nothing special never was like all other paper champions produced by Tiger & co

That Thai fighter doesn't clinch or use elbows so the flat head neck back like a slice of bread chinese can easily outbox him on the inside

I've seen the Sudsakorn fight. Sudsakorn plays with him for a cruisy points win and all the Shaolin nuthuggers troll the video comments saying Yi Long was robbed.

I would prefer to avoid the brain rot of having to navigate through that again.

wow yilong powerful much. gongfu no.1. better 18 subduing dragon technique. more stalongsunflower manual. so stalong jomthong sak yant no more there. sak yant gone becot gonfu yilong no.1:

the image exists omg.. ""

That's not jomthong chuwatana!' Real jom thong will.murder.yi long. Thas imitation.

Right now there are 10 guys walkng in the streets of pattaya who would beat yi dong for 500 baht


He can take a punch looool crazyyy!


You have to show this also, lol. What a fool.

^ Bahahaha.

Love it how there are no Shaolin nuthugger comments on that youtube video.

Hahahahahaaa not seen that haha thats soo gud! Love the crowd reactions

First guy with decent punching power knocks that bread slice out
what a surprise

what did he expect?

Yi long scandal. Every time his opponents kicks his legs, or get kicked by him it appears they get injured most of the time. He always wear pants, he could be wearing metal shield underneath. It is in cheating China.

yilong hab goot gongfu. y u no understand?

Yee lung gong fool goot.

Yee lung gong fool goot. He not get knock! It is fake show for fan. Yee lung cannot get knock.

Buakaw will fight Yi LOng on 6 June 2015, just saw it on facebook

Great !!!

hope it will be a real fight with honest judges...

Will be no need for judges

a KO should do it

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