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Monday 25/8/2014:

Did a killer run from Batu Belig to Batu Bolong and back (5km), 1 set Plyo Squats + 1 Set Plyo Press Ups (Max Reps) at both ends.
The run was followed by 6 Sets of 70m Interval Sprints and 1 more Set of each Plyo.
Getting 13.5 Seconds for 70m.
Can't remember the last time I ran, feeling beat. That shit take's fucking heart, I was saying "War Machine! War Machine!" out loud to myself to keep my spirits up hah.

3 months out of Bali Summer Fights

body weight work:
- super slow pushups.
-archer pushups moving side to side
- lunges 2x25
- pistols 3x5
- towel chin ups 3 sets
- side to side pull ups / lock offs 3 sets.
- light dumb bell curls 3x50 rep

run 30 mins
shadow 3x3
clinch 30 minutes, plus 10 min clinch technique
pads 4x3
knees on bag 200
sit ups 200.


Jump rope 3 x 3 mins
Burpees for 1 min at end of each round

High knee jump rope sprints
5 x 60 secs with 20 secs rest

Shadow 10 mins
Bagwork 5 x 3 mins


2 sets 15 reps 60 secs rest

Front squat
Bench press
Chin up
Shoulder press
Pendlay row

20 min run
Aggressive shadow boxing for 3 rounds
2*5 min rounds on heavy bag
Hold pads for potential ammy fighter for 5 * 3 min rounds
Do 5 rounds of my own on pads with crunches in rest period
1 long bag round
As many chins as possible in as few sets as possible

had 2 wanks and a nap.

probably walked about 4km up and down hills. too hot to be outside right now though. lots of moving boxes and packing things.

Gods, I was just about to list my cock pulling, but Hawkman beat me to it.


2 wanks? I don't believe you could get it up that many times per day.

Come on guys, don't lie about your workouts!

youd be surprised how well it works mate.

ive been doing some shoulder work to try and correct my kyphotic posture and loosen up my rotator cuff and pectorals. also foam roller.

Ran 3km, took 20 minutes. The beach was in high tide and the sand was so soft my feet felt like they were running over quick sand. My calves = Farkkkk!

Quick lunchtime workout:

4km run

5x Dumbell Snatch
10 pullups
15 russian twist per side w/ 25lb plate
repeated sequence 3 times

then did more core stuff and neck bridges.

Damn pullups! could only do 8 then 5 or 6 on the last two sets.

20 min skipping ropes
hand speed workout ...t-for-muay-thai.html
300 abs
hips flexibility workout

I watched the above handspeed workout video and my initial thought was this exercise is kinda useless. Well, I'm sure it's not useless but wouldn't a more power/speed type workout improve speed and explosiveness?

I'm talking about heavier weights and more explosive movements. Am I off base here? Anyone else have opinion on this?

Sorry not trying to shit on your workout Sam_slim_hound just wanted opinions on that video :)

the truth is that I was bored of my usual workout ( bodyweight only), that video looked funny and quick. I was just looking for something different in a random evening.

Interested in opinions on that video too anyway

Djdaze is right, the best way to increase speed is heavy lifting with low reps ( away from failure).

i once read that the fastest 30m sprinter are olympic weight lifters because they have the highest explosive strenght.

but for boxing strenght endurance is of mutual importance

when I lifted heavy I felt I could hit somebodies head off but had zero endurance, after less then a minute I could punch anymore.

when I only trained MT I could puch for a full training session but felt as if I lost power

never found a way to get both benefits at the same time

sam. read some works by yuri verkhoshansky

he seems to have a fair bit on resistance training for performance

Get used inner tire tubes from a bicycle, cut them up, tie them together to make a long band, wrap it around a post and shadow box while holding each end.... People think that holding dumbbells and shadow boxing will improve speed, that's baloney, what it will do is condition your arms so you can keep your hands up longer and not drop your guard, that's it. ...

I would also say clap push ups are good.

Anything that excites the neuromuscular system.

It's like if you go to the fridge and take out a bottle of milk which you think is full, but turns out it's only half full, so your muscle memory is going to use the amount of force that you're so used to when picking up a full bottle of milk out of the refrigerator door, and you'll probably bang the top shelf with the top of the bottle.

It's like that. Train your punches with elastic resistance and you'll get faster than you ever could when doing it without.

I watched a Youtube vid on it alright, I know what I'm talking about!! lol

Anyone here got experience with soft sand running? It is intense, so much so that when you come across a patch of some harder ground, it feels like a breath of fresh air because it is so much easier.

I did 3km Soft Sand today in 20mins, it is high tide in the mornings so haven't got the option to run on the harder sand near the water. Also heaps of miniature sand dunes to run up and down.

They say running on sand is 1.6 times the intensity of running on the road, and they are talking about the harder sand next to the water, not soft sand. I reckon soft sand running is ultimate - stamina, pain tolerance, will power, heart.... Though it canes your lower legs extremely, like that muscle which attaches to your heel (heel striking), so I wrapped up my legs with my shitty elastic Mike Tyson hand wraps.

Blake: verkhoshansky books costs 60 bucks for the ebook (and judging form the author website I can't even imagine how shitty the editing would be) and 100$ for the printed version. Is it the holy grail of training?
Can you please point me to a particular title? Supertraining maybe?

There is no holy grail of training.
Try to Google scholar search some ofhis aarticles

where I live a basketball coach lets his player run in the soft sand.
He believes it increase their jump.

i ran nai harn beach one day , end and back. couldn't move my calves for a few days

Yeh, your calves die, I went for my 4th run today, only did 2km cos I was lazy to do a slower longer run. I clocked 7 minutes for 2km, it's hardly a "4 minute mile" but I feel pretty good about myself, it's sand running too mind you..... I think i'm gunna do 2km runs for a while, till I can get it down to like 6.5 minutes, then go try a 3km and get faster and faster.

I do max reps body weight squats immediately after running, and then a plank (in push up position, not the pussy on your forearms), trying to increase my pain tolerance.

I think 2km fast runs could be good for Muay Thai conditioning, maybe 3km. Long runs have their benefit, sprints have their benefits, but I think a fast 2km - 3km could be good.

Took a shit
2 days recovery needed

Damn, 2 days? Your boyfriend must have packed in that fudge pretty good.


Bench Press 225x15 245x12 265x10 275x8 285x6 295x4
Cable Flys 4 sets-12 reps
Dumbbell Incline Press 95x8 (4 sets)
Barbell Shrugs 365x20 (4 sets) (I use straps for these)
Military Press (Seated) 185x5 (4 sets)
Dumbbell Shoulder Raise (Front, Side, Rear) 25x10 (2 sets each)
Skull Crushers 85x10 (3 Sets)

run 30 min
shadow 3x3
pads 5x3
clinch 20min plus 10 min tech
3 sets each of:
max pushups - super slow
chin ups
plus 100 sit ups
neck bridging both ways - 3 sets ea.


sprints, shadow, sparring (probably boxing, around 10 rounds) clinch 30 mins. drills: knee bag 200-500.

timo why so many sets up to 295? half the volume and you could be doing 325 for 4

Sam, back on xanax ?

6 x 400m in about 80 sec. with 1 minute rests

swim in a cold lake

Then took a shit like a champion

There ya go, a proper post. Not some lame attempt at trying to be funny, good man, keep it up.

bit tired today
shadow 3x3
hand pad rounds 3x3 with 1 min rest. during the rest I ran the gym stair case.
boxing sparring, about 30 minutes worth, not sure how many rounds
clinch 20 mins, plus 10 on tech
150 sit ups.

1 set of 50 push ups

thats it :-)

Blake, those 150 abs, do you do them in 1 set or multiple?

6 bag rounds
6*30 sit ups
Get interrupted by gossips
Get cold
Go home

i do 1 set of 100, then another 50 sets which is 10 reps of bicycles, 10 reps of of legs in and out, 10 reps sky press, 10 ben leg crunchs, 10 v-ups.

Got a fucked neck
Jog, shadow for ten min, stretch, 1 ten min round with focus on knee and teep, 1 ten min round with focus on heavy punching, one ten min round of kicks, one 5 min round on floor to ceiling bag

run (about 30min)
walking knees 3x3 various drills
tech entering the clinch off various counters.
boxing vs clinch sparring
clinch 30 mins
pad drills, counters.
knee bag 200,
pull ups, chin ups, dips, lunges, shrugs and hammer curls, ab wheel, leg raises from bar.

Curls for clinch?

Jump rope 10 min
Shadow boxing (2 rounds)
Walking knees (1 round)
Heavy bag (6 rounds)
Light Sparring (6 rounds)
Heavy bag 100 teeps and 100 knees
Push ups, sit ups, squats

Ate pizza

only did the curls as ive felt ive lost a little bit of bicep and grip strength with dropping some weight.

Jump Rope - 2 rounds of 4 min each.
Fartlek - 5 rounds of 3 min with 40 sec rest.
Sparring - 5 rounds of 4 min each with 40 sec rest.
Then cooldown and stretch

100 push ups
50 abs
50 lunges
20 bodyweight squats

am - 30 minute run on beach with the dog

pm circuit. 5 rounds of 3 min: 20 mountain climbers, 10 tuck jumps, 10 bar hops, 10 medball power overs, 10 medball slams...repeat for the 3 min. 1 min rest. repeat for 5 rounds
sparring - Muay Thai (approx. 7 rounds)
focus mitts, hands 4x3min.
250 situps without rest.

Fucked 2 hookers for 10 minutes each

walked a lot of fucking stairs. did about 30 mins of hips and lower back stretches

I think Vlad is Hawkman. Just sayin......

I haven't been doing shit lately but eat, I fuckin love food. It's cos I think I'm depressed or someshit.

5*3 min rounds on bag with 30 crunches in rest
40 pronated pull ups
3*12 tricep pushdown
3*10 one arm tricep pushdown
10min on floor to ceiling ball

Vlad is not me, just run it by Dave you muppet . And go back and read my post a few weeks ago about the Xanax withdrawal. So I wouldn't take the piss on that,

Did 10 rounds bag work and some abs and stretching. was fucking fucked. Im in Manila training at a boxing gym. They have no Thai coaches but long bags and shit so they just let me be.

picked up 2 sacks of pheasant feed and a pastie

Oh scatched me balls and nearly broke into a wank but couldn't be bothered

tried this today:

Warm up run then:
1a) 5x Heiden (lateral bound) & stick (per side)
1b) 10x Medicine ball side toss (per side)

Repeat 3-times though, rest as long as required to maintain maximum speed

Then 3 sets of this:
2a) 10x Kettlebell alternating swings
2b) 12x Goblet squat
2c) 12x Dumbbell push press
2d) 12x Bent over dumbbell row
2e) 12x Kneeling hand-walkouts

Today was a skill based day:

Gymnastics rings:
Lever Training:
3 sets of negative front levers
3 sets of alternating one leg levers in front and then around to back with bicycle alternating feet then back down...
3 sets of hanging to lever holds
3 sets of negative back levers

Iron Cross Traininers:
1 set of planche tuck holds at level 3
2 sets of Planche tuck holds at level 1
3 sets of iron cross holds to presses

3 sets of Rope Climbs 20 feet...

All of these are done till failure...

In between sets I do shoulder mobility with bands and stick as well as footwork and core routines for various martial arts movement...

Does anyone on here actually do any muaythai? Lol

Yes!! hahahhaahaha

As a matter a fact I had a pad session today.

Warm up and then right into 4x5min rounds of set combos
then plank at the end and 100 knees on bag.

Woohoo, mooey Thai !!

My training after work today will be : hour run, 10 bag rounds, plus body weight exercise

blake I did mooey Thai yesterday

its like karate but with elbows and shit

this morning weights

face pulls
straight arm pullovers
seated dumbbell floor press
close grip bench
tricep pushdowns
lateral oblique cable woodchoppers

and some functional shit for my rotators.

all very light with emphasis on form and was done in under an hour

hahaha Blake.. RIght now I have no muay Thai place within a few hours of me :P So mostly flexibility, gymnast strength and sparring with karate guys till I get back to Thai land... then I am moving back to a place that has some gyms in november.. But by then I hope to have much higher nicer kicks from all the flexibility training :)

Gonna do some bag work today
Then see how many press ups I can do in as few sets as possible
Hopefully there'll be someone at the gym who can hold pads

Rode moped for 30 mins in fucked asian traffic to Ace Hardware
Worked underground in a super confined work site
Spider Crawls for 3 hours off and on.
Sawed 16 pieces of 5x7cm wood (with a jig saw, but still, shit was hard)
Hammered these beams of wood into place about 2,000 reps, cos they wouldn't fucking fit.
Took several trips back to the shaft to get the tools out.
Cleaned the dirt off the tools with a damp cloth
Took dog for quick shitting and pissing walk.

#WetRot #CatastrophicDamageToHome #FML #ResumeTomorrow #CBF

"Does anyone on here actually do any muaythai?"
i was asking myself the same question when I was reading through the posts



23:35 - 5th Sep 2014

Does anyone on here actually do any muaythai? Lol

No but they LOVE to tell you how to do it

S (Damon) The title of the post is "Share the workout you did today" Not "Share the workout you think you might do today but won't actually do"

I walked around a nightclub for 8 hours watching strippers give lap dances and people getting drunk acting foolish.

Oh I did it and I do it every day, thanks for the advice though muscles

Fuck me I hope this thread doesn't turn into a shitfest. I was actually enjoying seeing what other people's workout look like.

Alden, click the wrench and report the post in which you think needs reporting, then the admin will come along and be like "fuck this guy".

20 minute run
5 rounds skipping
5 rounds bagwork
200 knees
100 teeps
10 minute run
bench press, shoulder press, pull ups

30 mins incline treadmill walking then about an hour myofascial release foam rolling golf ball etc

an bours bagwork.

super slow pushups done at tempo 4/4/4
archer pushups
1 arm bridging
overhead squats
wall sit

run 8km
shadow 3rd
thai pads 6 rd
clinch 30 min
teep bag 200
sit ups 200
plus ice bath.

cunt. you win. lol.

I plan to build up to about 9 pad rounds. I need beast fitness

You need to stop making the rest of bus look like shit

He's setting the bench mark, good stuff :-)

I wanna be at his level of fitness in a couple months, if that is possible :/

last friday's workout was:

30 minute run
4 rounds pads
30 minutes kettlebel swings and sledgehammer-tyre-hitty-thingy

then the actual official session started:

3 rounds shadow
5 rounds pads doing everything
2 more rounds pads working on specific technique (switch kick)
5 rounds sparring
50 double kicks each leg on the heavy bag

tonight will be something like that second bit, prefaced by hill sprints. fun fun fun

This morning

15 minute skip
3 round shadow
3 round heavy bag
Technique training 30 minutes
30 press ups


15 minute skipping
3 round shadow
3 round heavy bag
3 round pads
100 knee bag
25 kicks each leg heavy bag
100 sit ups
40 press ups

Most I have done in a long time didn't realise how shit my fitness has been recently until today. will add running in after a week or so.

That's pretty good for someone with "shit fitness"

10 rounds intense bagwork
Sidelined for 5 days

Onya charlie

When I say shit fitness I mean shit compared to what it has been in the past. Day off today as was full moon last night so no one trains but back to same schedule tomorrow :)


Run 3km as fast as possible
3 x 2 mins bagwork 20-30 secs all out 10 burpees (kinda Ross Enamait style)
Shadow, movements, tactics, defenses
Tabata burpees with a tuck jump
Full stretch


Back to training at the gym, after 2 months out injured I can't wait!

How do you people have so many hours in the day to train?! I get 1 hour tops, morning and evening, must be explosive.

midday - beach run with the dog

evening - took my beginners class, then fighters class: 3x3 shadow, Muay Thai sparring 10 rounds, clinch 20 min, technique 10 min, 100 knees on bag, 100 situps, plus 50 leg throw downs for abs with partner.

I can train a fair bit as I am a uni student again

also I don't find time, I make it.

no workout today sore as fuck. will return tomorrow. and mainly gonna do everyone's mum.

I find getting a bit older I can train as hard as the young guys, but just not as recover as fast from those sessions

exactly. also when you are heavier and older and trying to shed the pounds u have so much shit to lug around I think that means you have to exert yourself more to get the same results

what dog do you have Blake,

my workout today

HIIT on the bike
100 push ups
100 sit ups
6k walk

+1 on the old guys recovery time...


3.5km in 17mins (fast for me)

2a) 5x Dumbbell snatch (per side)
2b) 8x per side Dumbbell lateral squats
2c) 8x Dumbbell push-up rows
2d) 8x per side Dumbbell Russian twist

Rest 2mins, repeated 3 times through

static stretching

Quote: Blake
I don't find time, I make it.

That's a good take on it, I like it and I'm gonna use it.

rambutan: my dog is a bullmastiff

Get warm
6*3 pad rounds with a newbie
2*10 min on bag
60 chins

Had an advanced physiology lecture today talking about over training. Apparently when they did a hard day / easy day protocol with race horses they found it impossible to over train them. Might be something to consider as we age

i could only relate to that kind of study if they used old seaside donkeys lol

Older people should eat lots of Vegetables and Fruits, like a lot a lot, like almost become herbivores and consume Hemp Protein supplements, heaps of Spirulina (eat it with a spoon).... Think, in a perfect world where you had 100% self control, you could make yourself amazing... I wish I had self control...... When you come to the realisation that you in fact do not have free will, it's quite a thing it is...

I'm still drunk from last night, thats why I'm typing/speaking funny. I got so drunk that I proposed to my "interim" girlfriend via Skype and then fell asleep before the Skype session was over... I also crashed into the back of a parked taxi last night, he tried to go all tribal on me but I was like "$100 dollar! Pfffff, you will just put that back on with some super glue, here is $40, you take or maybe I call Police, you see the no parking sign?" he was just like "Youuuuuuuuu!" I was just like "Yaaaaaaa".... I know, I am such a charmer.... "Wish I had a perfect body, wish I had a perfect soul.... but I'm a..."

Oh I did BJJ the other day, it was so bad that I was fearing that a blood vessel in my head was at immanent risk of popping (that's how my uncle died). I did manage to Collar Choke one rolling buddy, but that's Gi, would only work in real life if the guy was wearing a shirt of extremely durable quality.... I also did some chest pressing, of 3RM's, then I suated, and dead lifted the day before yesterday, fuck that stupid long program I wrote here a little while back, I'm just sticking to the big 3, BSD (Bench, Squat, Dead) and 7 Sets of each then outta of that homosexual weights room.

Anyway guys, I'm off to the beach to lay down on a bean bag and recharge. Bye bye.

Jump rope 3 x 3 mins
Burpees 3 x 1 min at end of each round
Bagwork 5 x 3 mins
Single kicks 100 each leg
Full body stretch

Front squat 3 x 5
Bench 3 x 5
Deadlift 1 x 5
Dip 3 x 12
1 arm swing 5 x 10 each side
TGU 5 x 1 each side

my coach has a new "conditioning assistant" ...

Skipping rope 4 round
general conditioning circuit (pull ups, push ups, burpees, squats)
leg conditioning 6 mins of squats
abs conditioning ( plz don't ask) insane amount of every abs exercise , I was too tired to remember)
6 rounds of bag
2 rounds of pads

I had a friend work as a conditioning specialist with one of my fighters before his last fight. didn't really feel he did much. I see my fighter daily, I know inside his head and can sense when his mood is off etc.
I try and keep all the conditioning "in-house" now in that I steer the direction of what they should be doing.
I have the Muay Thai background, plus a near completed physical education degree majoring in exercise prescription. so I find what I put across as more real world than "conditioning specialists.

anyway I slept in this morning

evening ran 8km, technique work in an intermediates class dealing primarily with how to set up low kicks
then some light sparring, clinching, pads, and finished with body weighted exercises
pistols 3x10, swissball hammy curls, chin ups, super slow push ups, shrugs with 30kg dumbbells.

i got a damn virus

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