Shin Injury (periost Inflammation)

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I`ve trained at pads with a new trainer.

He was not the best padholder, always too close to me and holding the pads at a inappropriated angle.

Like this the impact of my shin was on the edge of the pad. Instead of the harder and lower part, I`ve hitted the pad somewhere with the upper area of my shin.

After all 4 training session I`ve done with this trainer, I had a bruise in this area of the shin.

At home I`ve putted some ice (coldpack) to reduce swelling.

After a two day break, the swelling was gone and I went to another gym to avoid that pad holder... I wore my shin pads during pad rounds, but it didn`t help much.

Now, I feel very sensitive at that area where the bruise has been. It is still slightly elevated but not blue at all.

I guesss I have a periost inflammation and think I have to get some diclofenac (voltaren) pills today.

I`m pretty sure many people had it before, so could you give me some useful advice about:

1. how long did you let your shin rest

2. name, dose, duration of antiinflammatory you took

3. any other helpful treatments (cream, hotpack or coldpack,...)

Thank you...

I had the same thing a couple of years ago, it drove me nuts! But after trying to carry it and do quick fixes, I finally decided to rest it properly and after about 2 weeks it was gone and never came back.

Oh and also, I saw this online a while back. No idea if it actually works or not, but sounds like it's what the Thais do. If you give it a try, let us know how it goes:

I think this heat treatment is to remove these bruises / bumps.

Through the heat, the blood under the skin becomes more liquid and it`s possible to spread it in a larger area instead of last at one place.

In my situation, the blood from the bump / bruise has already gone away. What is still there, is the pain :-(

Well then all that's left is whatever damage you have done to your shin, no anti-inflammatory or ice pack will help that.

Just got to rest it mate, as much as it sucks. The good thing about Muay Thai is that you can shelve the kicks and still work punches, knees, elbows and clinch :)

When I have really bad muscle soreness, I put a hot pack on for 5 minutes and after that a cold pack for 5 minutes, as it helps to promote the blood circulation.

But I`m not sure if it`s good to promote the blood circulation in this case...

i took a bit of a chunk out of my shin by hitting the pad like that. kept kicking with it and it kept opening up again, but luckily never got infected. now I've a nice little round scar in the middle of my shin

i had a shin bruise from sparrign because I was using some terrible shin pads and it was a hard spar session. checked by knee. had to rest it until it got better. I switched to left kicks during this time and other strikes, just avoiding right kicks. Rest is good!

Ice WILL help any musculo-skeletal injury, if used correctly- ie 20 mins on , 20 mins off.

Inflammation is sympomatic of many injuries and by addressing the inflammation you can address the pain/inflammation feedback loop. Voltarene gel, ultrasound, accupuncture, ice all good. I would go easy on oral painkillers, NSAIDs etc as they can cause gastric irritation. if you must take diclofenac do it topically or by suppository.

If the causation is chronic/functional then that must be addressed longterm regardless of any short-term improvement in symptoms using the above.

"i had a shin bruise from sparrign because I was using some terrible shin pads and it was a hard spar session."

that's why we don't spar Thai style hard, only boxing. You get punched hard and you are fine the next day. You get a bit of shin on shin (or knee/elbow), and you will feel it the next day. Not worth compromising future training sessions in order to spar "hard." some people think hard sparring makes you tough. training hard, but smart, 6 days a week is far more effective. not to mention, muay Thai is more about rhythm, timing, technique and style, which are hard to work on when you are getting blasted with hard shots. last night I sparred with a guy 30kg heavier than me and another guy about 40kg heavier. if we had been going hard that wouldn't have been good for me at all

It was like one hard spar session out of 100 man... most of our sparring is technical, speed but controlled power. I train with a Thai trainer not some European retard who thinks he knows MT and makes every spar session hard like Predrag Galic. It was my fault for using a shit shin guard and the session was in prep for one of our fighters. i've sparred hard with proper shin guards since then and its been fine and ive also spent more time conditioning rather than spamming kicks repeatedly.

This guy jumping to conclusion and telling me about that style lol

imo using cold / heat, massaging, wearing a shin guard, focusing on other techniques ( 7 limbs left ) and dieting / supplements

is all you can do to speed up recovery

and why is that chick has to sit there tattoo first ??? it doesn´t make her ass prettier nor makes it her kick any harder

not jumping to conclusions, just making the obvious conclusion that you sparred hard, got injured and that compromised future training sessions. not trying to be critical mate

who is your Thai trainer? I'm lucky to have one myself, worth his (admittedly not very high) weight in gold

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