Should I Stay At The Camp Or Not?

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Hey, going to Thailand in a few months to train for two months, for the first time. I am going to Phuket, and the camp will be sitsongpeenong or sinbi I think. But I would like some advice about staying at the camp or not. While I am here to train it would be nice to meet some people and have people to chill with when you are not training.
At the same time all the rooms in my budget are shared which could be good, but its a bit of a lottery to who you are with, and a bit of personal space can be nice. Do the pro's outweigh the cons? Would be good to hear from some people with experience.

depends mate

some gyms can be very noisy, gods, roosetr, motorbike, playing Thai music on mobile phones at all hours and if you want a lie in one day when you are a bit sore/ tired that aint gonna happen

its convenient for food and getting to know the trainers.
but it prevents you from going astray (beer, hookers, ladyboys, ya ba) as well if all you can do each day is limp into the gym and then rinse off have your snack and then nap.

"but its a bit of a lottery to who you are with"

if they snore, have BO, compulsive masturbation, up all night playing candy crush saga or suddenly go psychotic...i cannot even imagine myslef sharing with friends let alone strangers

Always outside camp. Donīt like taking unnecessary risks as long as you can afford it.

Own room, own toilet and personal space to take a girl in case you are lucky. Meeting people and getting along with them is more a matter of actitud than sharing space.

I met a girl who lived 6 months in BKK camp onsite and never got along with anybody. I have always stayed offsite and always made "friends".

NEVER STAY AT THE CAMP! cheaper and better to stay at a hotel.

Yes, never stay at the camp. And never never never stay at a camp sharing a room with a stranger. Privacy is best. You can be bunked with a stinky ass. Unless you like watching men? Ish

Well in Phuket I used to regret that I didn't stay at the camp because I always had to write my motorbike home while others where having fun at night at the gym

Waking up @ Tiger onsite been like a bad dream
Yoga music, Thai music, about 20 padholders yelling oooey oh wayy the noise of kicking pads
Two thoughts
- fuck I overslept again
- need To get Out of here NOW

u fuckers are antisocial, for me staying at the camp almost always has been more fun and sharing a room with a stranger often evolves like a pokemon into sharing a room with a friend
u cant oversleep as easy and u get to know the other boxers and trainers

but it all depends on what u wanna do and how much u need to jerk off, I guess

try it out and see what u like

Jerking off while in Thailand is the meaning of being tight

Your right Anders, if I read the comments I to would believe many are antisocial here...

Rewind to 2009, I was holed up in a pungent stench shared room in Fairtex bangplee ( not the luxury pattaya location ). I showed up with no reservation, and they coup me with a smelly bbw fat Indian broad. The room has no windows and only consisted of a shared small fan. The strong odor of unshaven armpit radiAted from this chick. She smelled worse then a bull African gorilla in Heat. She was very nice, but you can tell she was there for fat camp and to get laid. The stench of unclean armpit aroma filled the entire room. I would have stabbed her at the time, but I was not drunk and was training seriously for a match that time. I almost puked when I was there. Spent only one night then found a place 2 blocks away for much cheaper, without the smell of gorilla in the mist.

Did you end up making sweet love to her?

If I was liquored up and had a cold so I could not smell. Ask yourself Would you stick a 230lb skunk?

hehe I am sure she got laid by one of the trainers anyway :-)

Staying the gym not for me. Chickens going off all hours and poor hygiene and facilities.

I like to go to my own pad and relax after a day's training.

Don't get me wrong, I still like to stay around at the gym and have breakfast and/or dinner with them on the matt and sing some whiskies in the early evening. But, when it comes to having dedicated space to relax and recharge you need your own room.

sorry - I put "gods" instead of "dogs" fucking nuisance those cunts up all night and then napping all day

stay off camp, you still meet loads of people if you are training everyday anyway. so many people travel on there own, its easy to make friends

then again, ive had a laugh staying on camp aswell, so... guess this doesnt really help!

the simple answer is: stay NEAR the camp, so you can hang out with the guys and sleep in a nice quit bedroom at the same time.

think about taking a pussy into a small onsite room with a single bed

You'll save loads of money by getting your own apartment plus you will have the freedom and privacy to do what you want when you want without worrying about anyone else.

In conclusion you would be mad to stay at the Gym

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