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There is something I don't understand about SIngdam and maybe his gym.

All other famous fighters in his class made an international career fighting mostely foreigners.
SIngdam is the only one who seems to only fight Thais.

He only had 2 fights with foreigners and they were both in the same Toyota Marathon in 2014.
meanwhile Saenchai etc are fighting all over the world, beating up foreigners and making good money out of it.

Does this have any reason?

has any promoter asked or contacted him or his management?

maybe he is not famous enough amongst Westerners to be contacted?

DO you have plans on becomming a Promoter Rob? that would be great

fuck that running a gym is headache enough :P

But the big money is in promoting right?

i still hope to visit your gym one day, it is on my to do list,
if I get my wife of my back :-)

probably is, but you need big money to start with, money to be made but big risks with it

yeah and alot of corruption also I suppose....

just buy fighting spirit, it's for sale again

thats the gym in BKK right? for sale again? whats wrong with it? it looked nice before ( on pic)

i dunno, maybe the owner got tired of it, he put it up for sale on here couple of years ago and then changed his mind. but he's got it for sale again.

I need to visit robs gym one day too, I found a new place in london where I train now and my instructor told me a lot of the guys from there visit Rob's gym and whereas most Thai gyms the barrier is a bit hard, you got Rob explaining etc.

What gyms that?

When I was at Kiatmoo9 they wanted to get a website going and get international fights in Europe for the twilight of Singdam's career.

So, the limitation is the exposure. They are a small family gym and don't have good English speakers, let alone a marketing team.

I know he's also fought in Japan under boxing rules a few times. Random.

I personally want Petpanomrung Kitamoo9 to fight internationally more then singdam. Not saying I wouldn't want to see singdam use that lovely round kick of his against foreigners but I see a lot of potential in Petpanomrung and hes skill level is immense!

Hes also young (I think 18/19) so has a lot of time to work on things. Like what Sitsongpeenong have done with sittichai or fairtex have done with Yodsanklai if anyone invested a lot of time and effort into petpanomrung I see him being another southpaw beast!

Just look at his footwork and all those little tricks he does. Add in some power and boxing training and you my friend have something special. I wish I had the money to buy that fighting spirit gym and try sort out a deal with Kiatmoo9 for both superlek and petpanomrung. I wouldn't want singdam because hes at the later side of his career so that might not be a good investment. Superlek can be my next singdam!

@ TomS, I couldn't find anything on his boxing matches in Japan..

@Joshua the "problem" with those guys is that their weight is a bit low tto find good international fights, I just realised the same goes for Singdam.

I also don't understand why Yod never made it in K1 unlike Buakaw, they are in the same weightclass!

@Rambutan. Weight is something that can be controlled and gradually put on over time with the right nutrition plan. Most Thai fighters have to cut a lot of weight before a fight anyway and Petpanomrung fights at 60kg so probably stands around 65.

Sittichai who now fights at 70kg moved to sitsongpeenong I think early 2009 when he was around the same age as petpanomrung and around that time he was fighting at 60+ kg. Over the years they have gradually moved him up. And that's just one example. There are extreme cases like Thongchai who in the space of 2 years went from 60 kg to 72.5kg and in his last fight fought at 77kg! But that was also a mixture of him getting older and taller. Petpanomrung is a reasonable height as well (around the same height as Buakaw) and height is also an important factor.

Yod has recently signed a contract with K1 and should be fighting in Japan soonish. Kaew fairtex has had some success in Japan recently as well. Yod should of signed with them earlier but then again Yod now days is looking beastly.

You know alot Joshua, where do you get all that info? glad to hear Yod signed for K1, would love to see him fight Buakaw once

I'd love to see Buakaw fight Yod too, but I really doubt Buakaw's team want to let that happen...

@Rambutan. Just following fighters and the sport for years. I found out about Yod fighting in K1 off his instagram page: Not sure when hes fighting thou.

Thanks for the link Joshua, I see the picture is from 1 month ago so very recent!

Does anyone really think Buakaw would beat Yod at 70-72kg? Yod would over power and destroy him.

Yod and Buakaw Should have happened about 7 years ago. Now its not an exciting or relevant fight and yes I think Yod would win

Of course Yod would win, to bad they are both over there prime making it less interesting. It's a bit like Mayweather and Pacquiao.

its never ever going to happen, move along now :P

Yods wanted to fight Buakaw for years and I think wouldn't turn down a fight if offered but Buakaw for some reason doesn't want to fight other Thai's.

I think what annoys me is the fact that no one brings it up when interviewing Buakaw or calls him out. You know how Mayweather has been ducking Pacquiao. At least people insult him and talk about it to the point where at the moment it looks like it may happen.

The difference is Buakaw doesn't fight any fighter near his level compared to mayweather who still fights some tough competition. I feel like someone should really put him on the spot to the point where all his fans will start talking. Like putting a story on the MuayThai newspaper out there basically stating that he keeps fighting unfair match ups and is afraid to fight another Thai. That way he might want to prove himself or at least have something to say about it.

I think now at the moment he feels like its okay to do what he does because no one talks or complains about it apart from some fans overseas which lets face, he couldn't care less about. Its the Thai public that need to start complaining about it.

Buakaw will not fight others Thais since it will spoil his image ( for foreigners) of being the best Thai fighter in the world.
Also his purse earned for fighting is 1000 000 bath while other Thais get much less, SIngdam gets 80 000. SO I don't thing he'll earn as much as he is used to fighting outside of k1 etc

Joshua donīt forget all the promoters, managers, adviser, gambler folks which are involved in matchmaking

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