So Just How Safe Is Using A Scooter In Phuket?

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Hey, I will be in Rawai in the coming month for over two months. The idea of a scooter seems appealing and something I think would make my trip better and much easier. I know my way around a scooter and have ridden them a fair bit before. However I do not have a licence for one and I am aware of the situation I face regarding insurance if I crash.
In all honestly how safe is it around Phuket and specifically the Rawai and Chalong area? I will never drink and drive under any circumstance. I will stick to the far left of the road maintaining a slower pace and will rarely if ever drive when it is dark. I am aware that accidents happen that are outside of your control but if I maintain all these rules, and including the fact that it is low season, am I likely to face a crash? I know I am going for a extended period of time and other forums have instilled fear into me regarding scooters with one women claiming to see three dead farangs a week on the side of the road.

first of all you need an international motorcycle drivers licence to legally drive one, if you don't have it and you end up having a deadly accident you 'll see what happens.
I crashed a motorcycle once in mae hong soon but luckily I took the 30 bath insurance....

It's not that dangerous just go with the flow don't be scared just cautious wear a helmet and don't drive around to much
You should Be fine

Remember: there are two ways to make something happen
to wish for or be really scared of

If you have riden one before a fair bit, and drive with a helmet on and safely unlike other idiotic farangs who drive without having ever ridden a bike back home and just go for the higher power ones right off the bat and crash the minute they press the start button, you'll be fine.

Stick left side, don't go crazy and drive at a sustainable limit. Chalong circle is where you really need to be careful, otherwise rawai and chalong are the easiest parts to drive around in Phuket.

Patong to Kata Karon is a great road to speed up and enjoy the turns and hills. Good way to risk your life also :-)

no intention of going to Patong as I am here to train only. I also know that the hill between kata and karon is bad so I will not be going there. I am literally using it to get from where I am staying to camp, and very occasionally the shops which are not walking distance.

i woudl say if you avoid alcohol and are extremely vigilant to the fact that traffic is coming on the left of you towards you in sidecars and other mopeds even when you are on the corect side of the road you should be fine.

stay away form the area round Central now between Chalong and the airport thant new underpass has fucked everything up.
the amount of cars on teh roads in Phuket and esp big , heavy unneccessary SUV's which are everywhere and driven by dicks.

there are parts of Phuket where u can drive no license and no helmet (ie down the SW part towards the port and Cape Panwa), unfortunately anywhere between Rawai and Chalong is a no no as you will get fined, they have some old CUNT of a retired bobby from UK looking at everyone's license , as the Thai s dont necc understand our licenses..... I got busted on a SG licence cos of that CUNT.

i reckon the ride over the hills around Laem Promthep is one of the most beautiful rides anywhere on earth. I remember breaking into tears once when I did it. I was with an irish guy and he had to stop his bike as he was utterly gobsmacked.
enjoy. and just be careful and do not assume anyone can see/ has seen you unless you make firm eye contact with them

"i woudl say if you avoid alcohol and are extremely vigilant to the fact that traffic is coming on the left of you towards you in sidecars and other mopeds even when you are on the corect side of the road you should be fine.
being carefull isn't always going to save you, keep in mind that doesnt mean the other drivers are carefull.

The day after I crashed my bike I passed agan at the same turn and minutes earlier a car got hit there by a truck.
If the truck would have been there when I passed I wouldn't have been writting here now

where is this turn you are talking about? sounds pretty lethal.

Don't think I would be doing any long runs to be honest but I might give it as miss after all.

between Mae hong son and Pai

i crashed due to a sharp turn, while going downhill, wet road, fog and high speed. ...on-loop-by-motorbike

Rawai area is perfect place to practice. Less traffic then other areas. Especially in the morning
. Use common sense.
Don't squeeze the accelerator for the brake
Stay to your left
Wear your helmet

By the way motor bike is #1 leading cause of death in Thailand just fyi

"By the way motor bike is #1 leading cause of death in Thailand just fyi"

(not including Falang "falling " off balconies)

And take it easy with the frontbrake, causes to much accidents when people break to hard with it and lock the front wheel.

OH,. Before I forget.
- Don't drive moto bike off road, some of the ditches are 10 ft Deep sewer rain gutters
- Most areas have no guard rail. You fall, bye bye
- Many blind spots everywhere
- People drive wrong way all the time, if you see this, let them pass, they have the right of way. You are required to, since they are in as rush.
- If you see tree branches in the road, that means there is potentially a crash, or stall car Emergency in the road ahead, slow down.
- If you hear a car horn behind you, that means someone is coming up next to you so don't change lanes
- If you see traffic police, smile and don't stop, if you do they will gives you a ticket

pretty much everyone I know has fallen off their scooter as some point or another, including myself. Its usually the result of driving too fast, reckless driving, or after a night out on the hooch.

its safe if you're driving around in areas that are not heavily populated. Avoid main roads if you can, most deaths are related to people being hit by heavy vehicles on main roads.

I got hit by a drunk Russian driving on the wrong side of the road just outside Cheers bar in Rawai. Wasn't wearing a helmet, rattled my head of the bonnet/hood and went for a somersault over the top of the car. Bike was destroyed and everyone thought I was dead. However, I walked away with only a cut foot and a mild concussion. Could have been way way worse.

Anyway, I still ride a bike over there and love it. Rawai is probably the safest place to ride and some good advice to avoid the roads up to and around Central. I hate that stretch of road.

Wear a helmet, don't go too fast, slow down in the rain. Don't drive drunk. You should be fine.

Wear shoes not thongs please!

a very important remark by Thai boxa!

If you're there for a longer period of time I'd actually consider buying your own helmet instead of the shitty ones they give you when you hire your bike. There's a helmet shop over in Kata and we got a couple of good ones. Brought them home and will take them back next year.

Wear shades or glass Eye protection.

I was cruising kata at night and a giant fucking bug hit my eye! I nearly laid it down, after doing the death wiggle for a block. Fricken critters get huge there, flying everywhere come nightfall.

off topic:

i just realised why Thais on fb always write 5555 when they mena laughing...
It is the energy drink M150 that showed me after I saw a picture on fb of an M150 bottle a story about it and 5555.
M150 in Thai is M loi ha sip, so the number 5 in Thai is ha so 555 means hahaha!

so now everybody knows!

just realised? lol ...

10 years late, but now you know, :-).

By the way, that one means a smiley face. 555

so I was the only person who did not know about this?

If you're scared just bang a bar girl and get her to drop you off on that brand new Scoopy her sponsor bought.

Seriously though, unless you start driving like a cowboy or a drunk twat it's pretty damn safe. Keep to the left, keep your helmet on, and assume that every driver is an idiot who won't indicate when they are turning or coming to an abrupt halt.

If you have to ask how safe it is to drive a bike in a 3rd world country, then u best not drive a bike in a 3rd world country... not trying to be a smart ass, just calling it like it is.... i've lived in Indonesia for 20 years, and the amount of thick shit tourist I see crash their bikes is ridiculous, the road culture is something tourist can't comprehend.

I personally know 1 western guy and 4 Filipinos who died in motorcycle accidents in the Philippines, 1 Thai girl I know suffers from a disability due to a crash in Chiang Mai and a friend died in Belgium after a crash.....

Every bar girl I know, has a scar or knows someone with a scar from moto bike fall

Conclusion of the discussion: motorbikes are fun but dangerous. It is up to you if you wish to drive one

like bitches.


So true. I been seeing a girl I met on Tinder for a month now, been staying at her place like an hour away pretty much every night. My routine is just completely fucked.

Well you might as well ask how safe is fucking a bar girl, who knows man? She could have 20 STDS and HIV or could be clean, you could drive like a dickheaded prick (20STDS and HIV) or like a good samaritan (clean).

Why Da fuck, do every post ends up talking about fucking! Fuck

I think when a topic can't be discussed in anymore depth, then talking about fucking/bitches and vagina is completely acceptable and appropriate...

Because its already been answered

That makes complete sense now. Crystal clear. All roads leads to fucking bitches.

No, when you talk with your friends (assuming you have any) you speak about one topic and then when your done you move on, whats the point in talking about mopeds when everyone has answered it fucking 5 times already.
Spread love and legs not anger and hate. <3

Where have you been Finn?

Just how safe is using your mum's box in Phuket

Is it safe to go elephant treking

i woudlnt go. fucking elephants when they spaz out its a shitstorm.

plus they have been abused, taken form their mum and tied up all day

Is it safer to fuck a 25 year old British girl or a 25 year old Thai Bar Girl? (with respects to STD's)

depends what part of Britain she is from.

Barnsley, Doncaster, Mansfield, Chester all riddled with the pox. And also the West Country.

well, for the most part, the bar girl has to get tested regularly to work in the bar while the british girl, not so much.

That's filthy dangerous! All things lead back to fucking

"well, for the most part, the bar girl has to get tested regularly to work in the bar while the british girl, not so much."

Last week I ve read on stickman that this is a myth,
due to the fact that the bar industry is in a slop and have a hard time to find girls they don't really test anymore
and even if they test, you can buy a fake certificate at any pharmacy

MTL is again as active as ever pfffff

Most motorbike accidents I see is people ignoring the sand patches on the road ... you'll slide just as if it were ice ... very careful (especially on the turns)

Make sure You use good condoms AND good tires

Rubber can be life saving

Used To talk to a magician called doctor Couple of months ago
He told me that his rough estimation is 80-85 % have some kind of STD
Take away The virgins and out of sex grannies it means always use your helmet while in traffic

i think it's been said somewhere, but if you get insurance from home, check to see what it covers. was reading about this one kid who's paralysed after falling off the back of a bike, his insurance covered only 55cc moped. I think the smallest you can rent is 110cc

Being stabbed by a yaba fueled tuk tuk driver is fucked up as well

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