So Petchyindee Wins Camp Of The Year 2014... Anyone Trained There?

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As per the title, Petchyindee wins camp of the year 2014 (2557) with Kiatmoo9 as first runner up and Eminent Air as the second runner up.

Just wondering if anyone's trained there or has a review. Would be good to match up perceptions of individuals vs the awards because me personally I've trained at Kiatmoo9 and found it exceptional and then went to Eminent Air after and found it a bit disappointing.

I'm guessing the awards are based on how well their Thai fighter stable performs at the stadiums though as opposed to how good it is in terms of training structures. With that in mind, the awards wouldn't be the best mechanism to evaluate which gym is best for training at as a farang.

funnyman ...ger-tour-petchyindee

you read this? seems a bit pricey

"I think the price is 35,000 baht a month," Boat says, "but we give discounts for longer stays, or if you share a room." The price (about US $1,075 a month) seems high for a Muay Thai gym membership, but then again, this gym is fully-loaded. Boat reminds us that the fee includes not only training and housing, but daily breakfast, access to a weight room, sauna, and massage room. "Plus we are promoters, so it's easy for us to arrange matches," he says.

"But we also teach 'normal people,' not just fighters! In fact, the biggest target today for Muay Thai training is women. Yeah, it's true! Muay Thai is fun, more fun than just running on a treadmill. We have a lot of female office workers and teachers who come here after work. They train, do pad rounds, have a little community here they can chat with, and make friends."

Nah I don't read her stuff because it annoys me.

Was hoping to get the opinion of someone who properly trains Muay Thai, as opposed to some attention deficient blog whore.

If it's heavily busy and pricey though then it doesn't sound too flash, but wouldn't mind the opinion of ssomeone who's done a decent stint there to chime in. Hopefully this thread fishes someone out who fits that bill.

One of my mates I used to train with in the UK has been there long-term on a couple of occasions. He has moved onto bigger things, has taken over on of the top gyms in England, is UK champion, and fights regularly in Lumpini Stadium for Petyindee gym whilst over there.

Last time I was in Bangkok (incidentally training at Eminent Air) I went over and visited him.

I don't know if they have separate sessions for beginners/farang, but I turned up midway through the afternoon session and he was the only non-thai training.

Most of the Thai s were in their teens, and it was serious training. Didn't look suited to anyone but serious fighters, in my lowly opinion.

However as stated I only paid a flying visit, and this was also at their old site next to Lumpini Stadium.

It's still not open to public, I wanted to go there but was told it only opens to public in late dec/early jan. Daniel McGowan trains there and is sponsored by them, maybe you could check out his page on fb, I'm sure there's info on there.

Thanks for the info guys, all very informative stuff

thanks Tom S yeh I cant stand reading her stuff either tbh.

It's there a link to the full muay Thai gym of the year list.

I saw a picture of it way back when (in Thai), but trawled through Facebook and couldn't find it again :/

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