Sprinting Vs Jogging

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i would like to know how many people here still run long distances and how many sprint?

I plan on stopping my jogging workouts and replace them by 400m sprints because I remember the strongest I have ever been on the pads was when I did lots of 400m sprint instaid of long runs.
The 400m sprints kep me hitting the pads with lots of power without getting fatigued.
I even believe 800m runs would be better but they seem to hard, even 400m is killing me...

What are your opinions? I wonder why fighters, including western boxers, still run long distances....

do both.

Mayweather, pacman, buakaw, and saenchai all do long runs combined with HIIT. if it works for them then it should work for you.

yeah completely agrre with Hobz.
you can jog for a while to warm up, do some sprints, uphill sprints ;-) and then jog again.
its fun. and it helps.

Fatties tend to want to slow sprint more, then claim that is better then long jogs. Fast sprints at max, will develop your fast twitch muscles and explosive power. Long jogs will burn fat as well as build endurance. Keep in mind, when you are long jogging you are building your calf strength (so try to jog on balls of your feet, with heel up). Develop both.

I tend to focus more on sprints / HIIT these days. theres better methods to build legs strength and endurance than long slow runs I believe.

i agree with Blake

Sanchoy, I don't know why long runs would build calve strenght, calve endurance yes but strenght??

i understand they do both but I don't know why they still have to run long distance EVERYDAY, that just to much imo

I think there are various other benefits to long runs

it builds stamina
it builds endurance
it conditions the body
it builds aerobic fitness, remember a fight can last up to 30 minutes.
it helps to reduce stress, I find HIIT increases mental stress because it is so physically demanding
it helps with weight cutting

Those are all the ones I can think of for now.

But my notion has always been that if it works for the best in the world then it will work for me ;)

also I think the benefits of cross training in muay Thai have always been under appreciated.

Thai trainer went on long jog with me , and was on the balls of his feet. Didn't run super fast but was on his toes most of the time. He said that build calf muscle. This guy has huge calfs

I think the big calves come from the kicking ( explosive 1 foot toe rise)

LOL Sanchoy
slow sprints :)

Jogging definately makes my calves bigger, twice I been Thailand and of course had to run each day by time iw as back my calves were bigger than if I had done 100 kg tip toes!

Sprint I prefer for explosiveness and power

Minr, while I nThailand you also kicked more then ever.
When I used to run alot of long distances my legs were chopstick, including calves

This site is really dead without Tenchu....he would have turned this in a shitfest....

Cause we don't know shit about olympic lifts

olympic lifts are the staple of muay Thai conditioning

jogging is the staple of olympic weightlifting

just did 3 sets of 400 m sprints today and feel more powerfull then after running my usual 5km

the only thing I like about jogging is being able to wear fluo yellow nike pegasus 31....i was planning to buy the to replace my asics but now that I will quit jogging I think it's not worth the investement

the occasional hillsprint, nothing else. Burpees and bagwork does it for me.

Can't beat sprints. I would throw in a longer, slower run once a week or every 2 weeks. (8-10km)

Although the running is good for leg strengthening it's also good for training your aerobic energy system, which in turn helps you recover quicker from bursts of anaerobic output. Am I off base here??

I know there are other ways to do this but once a week or less doesn't seem like it would interfere too much with other training modes.

Btw, Tabata sprints, if done full on, have always destroyed me. Big benefits from doing those! Even my shoulders were burning with lactic acid buildup!!

yeah long slow distance builds the aerobic system. even though the fight technically can last 30 minutes we arent fighting like steady state cardio.
400m are close to 50/50 aerobic/anaerobic from what I remember. (maybe more like 60/40) so it also strengthens the aerobic energy system too
High intensity work is better for V02 max

I think ultimately what you want is fast twitch intermediate fibres / Fast twitch type IIA. they have increased mitochondria than the type IIX, more oxidative capacity, higher ATP, higher amount of capillaries, higher myoglobin, higher glycogen content, and are more resistant to fatigue...yet they can still explode.
doing long slow distance is counter productive to this development as they both take different metabolic pathways that inhibit one another (something to do with PFK and mTor enzymes I think)

the Thai s ability isn't a by product of their training system, its a product of their culture...fighting every two weeks from the age of 9. by the time they are 17 they have well over 100 fights. their system is meant for teenage boys who are full of natural testosterone. I wouldn't recommend the long steady state cardio twice a day for anyone over 25 due to the negative effect it has on testosterone and the increased stress hormone cortisol.


You scienced the shit outta that answer!!

on another note. - all of this shit depends on where a person is at as an INDIVIDUAL !

aerobic exercise isn't bad for developing a strong heart (increased ventricular strength, myocardial walls) as well as increased capillarisation of the muscles, meaning better blood flow and delivery of oxygen and nutrients.

if someone was completely lacking in conditioning it would be hard to have them do 100m intervals with limited rest off the bat, developing aerobic base would be priority along with maybe some maximal strength work.

really depends on the persons strengths and weaknesses. I find long distance good for cutting weight, but I lose muscle and power too. its a fine balance.

Cutting rubber trees is far superior To all of that

rubber trees, pizza, front squats/

...followed by shit/piss stained shorts

I still cant comprehend how a pair of shorts could get that filthy.

Theory: sweat-piss-sweat-dry-repeat

I mean we all have stinky workout gear, but at least wash it a bit

Quote: Blake
I mean we all have stinky workout gear, but at least wash it a bit

World famous in NZ, boooy :P www.stuff.co.nz/interactives/2... ...rvival/index_en.html


Tenchus last fight

what did I just watch? I don't even understand why he quit? gassed out? if yes, that's exactly what Tenchu did at his last fight ...

The flubber fluff comes from frontsquat


i do have respect for that man getting in the ring, taking of his t-shirt not giving a fuck what others think

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