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controversial topic

Quite a lot of high profile MMA fighters have been caught for steroid use, what are people thoughts on steroid use for muay Thai ? do they test? Do you feel it would beneficial?

i hear Thailand pharmacy's you can purchase OTC steroids for relative cheap price in bkk, phuket etc...
Has anyone had experience with this?


yes they use in mt, I am sure
if they test its probably only in certain federations, I know yodsaenklai failed a test in france years ago but there you can fail on taking vitamin b
yes you can purchase otc in Thai land, phils and vietnam

are they quite cheap? and you probably wont be able to answer this but do you know if masteron is readily available? and whether they stock AIs like amridex and pct novla,clomid?


surprised no one else has been caught, probably quite expensive to test...i know some of the K1 and Glory guys 100% using.

yes most dutch pro fighters are using, but they plan it tight inn, they always know the tests will be a few days before the fight so they make sure its out of the blood a few days before they need to fight, look at overeem, hes a fucking beast no one gets a body or a neck like that only from training, their schould be a interview with him from a few years back, how he explain its done, he's not lying about just tell the truth and how the hole trail works out

so basically you want to buy some. yes, they sell them everywhere.


just curious..

and yes overeem is a absolute monster!

I'm sure anyone over 25 is juicing. After 25 your body starts producing less natural testosterone. Your less motivated, recovery is harder, endurance declines. Look at most Thai fighters, they retire in their early 20s. Why? Because your body can't naturally take the beating and training.

Roids in Thailand can be bought anywhere, as a matter of fact I heard you can order roids from China and they will ship it to your door. Now a days fighters are competing older and older, why ? Roids, human growth hormones, PED,

Heck, it only stays in your system for less then 48 hours. So if you know your getting tested, just lay off the juice. The only way they can have a clue is that you have a high testosterone count. Like George Saint Pierre said, Every one is using it. I bet you 99% of Pro athletes use it. Who wouldn't, better recovery, better performance, better gains.

I never used roids, but I known a few guys that did. They gained a lot. Lower body fat, stronger, more endurance. Just look at vitor belfort or alistar overrem.

i wouldn't touch roids bought in Thailand ( it is still illegal there also) with a stick. You never know what you get

i wrote a reply and it didnt work :(

anyway, ill try again!

@rambutan, that is standard for any steroids. most are home made from powders sent from china. Thai roids are as good as any really

yes, as good or as bad :-)
i just ment, if they come from a Pharmacy on dr prescription in the West you 'll get the real stuuf but in a Thai Pharmacy, the label "pharmacy" means nothing

Sanchoy, I know what you mean but you're comparing Thai fighters with lesser nutrition, healthcare, have fought more and starting a younger age to falang wusses (yes I'm also referring to pro MMA fighters) who fight mid double digits AT THE MOST, eat better and also tend to get injured more. Apples to oranges to be honest.

JWP mentions in his doc that 'tough' western fighters arent so tough because their heart is alot less than a Thai and he learnt that you can overcome alot with pure heart while he was in Thai land. I found that idea really interesting and evident in the number of fights a figther accumulates

"you're comparing Thai fighters with lesser nutrition, healthcare, have fought more and starting a younger age"
exactly, their bodies are burned up at a much younger age

yeah and they seem to be able to fight to triple digits before getting to the hypothetical age of 25 and using roids (While all the disadvantages apply). Meanwhile westerners seem to be getting caught using shit and have only fought double digits and injured all the time. I'm interested to know what's actually happening, roid use or not.

it doesn't clear your system as fast as you guys are saying. it depends on the ester attached to the testosterone chain.
ie equipoise/boldenone has a fucken huge half life and can stay in your system and make you fail a WADA drug test up to 5 months prior of stopping use.

if you are going to be drug tested you can use whats called a masking agent. I'm not as clued up on these so its something you would have to research yourself. apparently diuretics are commonly used so you piss out a lot of water and the tested substances. theres some other stuff that the east germans used that changes the ratio of tested product to something else. ie T:E ratio or something. I cant remember exactly.

sanchoy is right in that after 35 your test levels go down hill. after 30 it can be almost every year a decrease.

I know of top Thai s that have used/are using, at very prominent camps too.

thats why they are so big lol

i know a guy training and fighting in Thailand who used clen and another one Anavar and Winstrol
all garbage bwaaah

99 % of ALL TOP LEVEL COMPETITORS ARE ON PEDS - simple fact - no matter what sports

funnyman you can get a whole range of peds in Thailand. some are cheap. some are 70-85% of european prices

but why in the world are you looking for masteron ? bodybuilding contest ?

yeh vlad I definitely agree with that, most of are, I can see why they do as well. ...definitive-timeline/

most of who are caught are on Nandrolone, Drostanolone aka masteron or Stanozolol aka winni ,bolderone aka equipoise

nandorline stays in your system for too long, winni you get bad back/calf pumps impossible for cardio, equipoise makes you eat like a horse takes a fair bit of time to kick in, not good if you are looking to maintain current weight or cut for a fight

some of them aesthetics reasons help promotes low body fat,anti est properties, helps recovery, strength, no water retention and stacked with test prop a pretty good cycle ... in UK its legal to use for personal use.. I was just curious tis all dont plan on using tbh did go through my mind lol friends in UK who train are interested however it is illegal for me to sell to but ok for me to bring it over through customs..i dont really plan on doing that though...just looking for a bit of information to pass on to my buds they can do it if they wish when they come over.

winny made my delts stay pumped all day

T undecanoate mady my willy stay pumped all night
the hookers had to work extra shift for the 1000 baht

funnyman my experience tells me if you're not looking for a bodybulding career
the best way to stay shredded with good muscle quality
You have to keep the juice very low and focuse on dieting

means 18 weeks on lowest dosage 6 weeks off better than 6 weeks on full attack 2 weeks off

i would never ever do it but anavar it what gives you gives you muscle without any bloat,
probably what brad pitt used in fight club

Thais are generally poor, they can't afford roids. That's why they can only compete at a young age when your body naturally supplies you with testosterone. From 16-22 your body is growing and peaking, your male sec hormones (testosterone) are pumped to the gill. All you want to do is conquer and fuck, it's in your male dna to do that so you can reproduce. During this stage your recovery is heightened, stamina is max, I recall at that age I never got tired! I could run for ever, train forever. After about 25 your body changes, and at 30 your on a slow descent to weakened muscles, lower metabolism, slower reflexes. This is generally the timeb when you walk in th the gym and just lost it overnight. It happens to all of us, and if not you yet it will. One day you will wake up and it's gone.

That's when athletes look to other means (steroids) to fill the void. And for that little moment of danger and pleasure of success, fighters are willing to risk it all for the feeling. As far as steroids in Combat Sports, it's very common. Look at all the recent Mma roster who was busted = chael sonnen , Royce Gracie, Anderson Silva, overeem, belfort, cung le, cyborg the ladyman and many more. What do these guys have in common? They are past their prime, and want to win bad.

your natural testosterone is a fantastic drug, by god I wish I was 19 again.

cyborg lol she must have a cock and balls by now. it is my opinion that they should no longer drug test sports, just have everyone geared up raging around and figt to the death in a massive 400 m relay game of soggy biscuit, armed with axes and birds of prey

hahahahahaha ^ dafuq did I just read.

yeah I agree with the testosterone time line sanchoy mentions

there are Bangkok level Thai s that use though. if they are on a 50000baht purse than 5000-10000 baht out of that to increase their chances of winning isn't that much to invest in a cycle of whatever

2000 baht for 500 pills dianabol is quite affordable
at least for 2 guys to share

would make them gain way to much bloat so of no use imo.
many years ago I ve read an interview with a guy who has heart issues due to all the stuff he took.
He used to fight and train in Brussels when Van Damme was still competing and told about all the stuff they took, not really steroids but stimulants.

80's was stimulants
90's the juice took completely over
now it's juice EPO GH and stimulants depending of martial Art and weight class

gh causes premature facial ageing....i hsve two friends who hsve used it and aged like nobody's business

Sly got caught at the airport of Australia with Gh right? that might explain something

sly is nearly 70 though, lets be fair. he looks good for his age

body wise yes
just checked it , yeah he is 68 omg oler then I thought

Hawkman look at Manny Pacquiao
GH abuse made him look like a grandpa

Pacquiao is clean :-)

he will be a grandpa before he beats Mayweather...

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