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Are you guys following

it is a website about the naughty nightlife in BKK.

Personally I don't go to go-go bars but alot of the reader submissions are just golden.
Stickman himself has his weekly update also and now it seems he decided to stop soon
after 10 years or so.
The reason for it being that the nightlife in BKK and Thailand in general is being more of a scam and the expat life is not much fun anymore.
Any opinions on that?
How do you see Thailand changing?
Many retired expats are moving to the Philippines or Cambodia due to how Thailand has become.
Do you think it is bcs Thailand is getting wealtheir or bcs to many tourists?

Share your views please :-)

it's a bit of both, the internet lets everyone know the bullshit that goes on there. too many ripoffs, being overcharged.
some people just get tired of the same old thing after years of being there. Tourist don't like each other somewhat. too many russians for some tourists, baht has gotten stronger and visa restrictions have become a hassle for some people who just want to keep doing infinite visa runs etc.

Still when I look in my home town alot of people went to Thailand for the first time last year. But the people going now are couples who don't visit places like nana, soi cowboy etc..

Does someone knows the reason why the bath stronger? Isn't it just other currencies dropping? I mean the Php also got stronger recently

currencies inflate as an economy grows. baht grew incredibly about 5 years ago. now its well overvalued , no one wants to fly 14 hours for what they can get in Greece or Prague or Budapest cheaper, ie beer and bitches.

Watch the baht fall soon, along with SGD and Danish Krone.

The baht won't be stronger now. I don't know why you're saying that. The economic growth last year was the worst in 5 years or something. The market here is stale. People are waiting for a proper government, but fearfully aware that the mock elections in a year or two will only cause more fighting due to the absurd new constitution being drafted, and this is really slowing down investment.

If I had to guess, racism is also reaching a peak now. Not just with the xenophobic ultra-nationalists hype driven by the fascist government and their backers, but also as people say above, we're all just too well aware nowadays. It's no longer a cheeky tuk-tuk driver trying to squeeze a twenty baht tip out of you so he can buy his children a piece of fried chicken on the way home. It's the tuk-tuk driver trying to squeeze a 2,000 baht scam so he can pay off his new Porsche. It has become too streamlined. The people doing this now have absolutely no shame and expect you to pay up. Refusal for a white person to surrender to being scammed results in all sorts of racist insults. Gods but such as the shit I got when pointing out the absurd pricing of the Muay Thai camps here. I imagine it does deter a lot of people. The country has lost its enchantment, because you can no longer forgive the scammer because he's just some cheeky pauper, because now most of these scammers are richer than we are!

Another thing though, as the country moves on, it is indeed pushing the tourist industry towards being more family friendly. They want Thailand to be a place for kids now (and I mean, a place for kids to have fun, not be molested). So a lot of the packages being pushed by the tourist industry are to accommodate short stay family vacations. The idea of expats coming here for long term stays and living a good life is being pushed aside, mostly with sweeps of racism that "Thailand belongs to Thais" as they do. That's just the trump I mentioned above but, the fascists win support from ultra-nationalists by cracking down on good market strategies and putting an end to the inflow of money into the country. It doesn't matter that it's retarded. These people are rich no matter what they do with the country. It's the poor who bear the burden of their stupidity, so what? It's like the stuff with the Cambodia temple Preah Vihear a while back, it was pointless but useful for making people hate foreigners, which is what they rely on for their tiny popularity base.

But the amount of tourists per year is still increasing, even if the speed of increase was slowed by fascism. What you do need to realize is the type of tourist is changing but, it's short stay family vacations now. Guys like us have the short end of the stick./

By the way, Stickman was really a misogynist creep. I really find him unpalatable nowadays. I never had much taste for the prostitution and go go bar side of Thailand anyway, but now I can see a lot more wrong with it than I used to be aware of. It's probably best if it really is all on the decline (though I doubt it truly is), I just wish it wasn't racism which was driving that decline.

short time family vacations bring big spenders who don't mind spending double the price because they are there for only 2 weeks anyways....that sucks big time for people who like to stay longer on a budget....

tenchu wage growth and prices really went up and thats sign of an economy in growth.
wage growth did lag behind prices sure.

but the baht is 2x what it was to the pound back in 06..i am talking about the period between 06 and 10...i now find phuket too expensive for example and bkk not too far behind! I wont go there, when there's always HCMC to visit!


have a look at this 10 year graph.

omg Patrick, the difference is just huge, almost double like you said!
I did not know that the Bath actually dropped to 44-45 bath for 1 euro in 2014 , now it is at 34

i see the same for the PHP it was at 61 last year and now at 50... but I suspect last year was due to Haiyan...

Hawkman, I don't understand economics in depth. I read a lot of news though, and people have been complaining that the economy is stale. Couple that with the crash of the rubber price, the majority of south Thailand relies on rubber and it's just fucked right now. Not that the rubber price is 100% the fault of the fascist government, but my point is spending has gone down massively in south Thailand because there's no money to spend. That effects the entire economy, and the only way to combat it is with a dynamic versatile government, not one stacked with corrupt idiot soldiers (and this is what I keep hearing in the news, that the economy is stale for reasons like this and people want an elected business person behind the reins again, like Yingluck, who can make shit flow).

Anyway. Bottom line is, south Thailand rural folk haven't had it this bad all century.

tenchu. I ll give the U.S. for example. Almost all U.S. presidents had a law degree and were not business men, except Bush, the only president who went to business school..... So there is no need for business men to run a country

"That effects the entire economy, and the only way to combat it is with a dynamic versatile government, not one stacked with corrupt idiot soldiers"-

forget it- every nation which maintains a 2%/98 % wealthy/poor ratio has in place a military which will always protect their privileged rights.

I visited Thailand on a yearly or semi yearly basis since I was young. The mystique of Thai land has certainly dissipated for the typical tourist. For long time ex-pats there is still some areas that are decent if you are brave to venture. As far as the prime locations such as phuket, pattaya, Bangkok, and now Ching mai the prices continues to rise and that will unfortunately be the norm and downfall. The Russians are overrunning phuket like what they did to pattaya . Indian suit tailors are pushing higher prices. The tea in Ching rai are matching patong prices. Even the overall Thai tourist generosity is declining. It's too bad,

let's all head to Cambodia!

I've found in Thailand your holiday is what you make it yourself..You can eat in an AirCon resturant with your free wifi and pay 120-250 baht for a meal or you can go around the corner and eat in a more market type place for a similar meal for 50-60 baht..You'll be sitting on plastic chairs with no wifi and a fan (sometimes)..Lets compare Phuket & Pattaya, in Phuket you'll pay around 300baht to go just around the corner in Patong Beach..In Pattaya you can catch a Songtheaw almost anywhere around town for 10 baht..Bangkok is also the same, catching the BTS is a cheap easy way to move around some parts of Bangkok, and taxis that WILL ACTUALLY use the meter in Bangkok are cheap as..We've been quoted 200-300 baht for trips that with the meter are about 70 baht..You may have to ask 4 or 5 different cabs before you get one who'll use their meter though ( my experience only ) I've also found as soon as you get away from tourist areas things are usually very cheap and inline with what the average Thai person will pay, only thing is there further away from the tourist trail you venture many people can't really speak English, so your in for a fun time communicating with each other if you can't speak a little Thai..

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