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What are some legal supplements people have found that worked well?
I've always been a fan of creatine.
two others I found worked well for me recently are anabolic freak. With diaspartic acid. And diinolymethane.

in past I was on creatine almost year round, it gave a nice bloat and made me look bigger that way, otherwise I think it is worth nothing.
I don't believe in (other) supplements...

Green lip muscle extract

I found I was destroying hill sprints on creatine. You didn't feel better on short burst activities? ?
different people seem to rate different supplements.
One mate said he felt strong and aggressive on test freak. I found it nothing special

I tried 7-keto several years ago and found it INCREDIBLE for weight loss and energy. I felt like a million bucks and lost weight a confident 2x faster than normal. I was insanely sweaty during workouts though. But overall I'd say I've never been as impressed with any supplement as I have with 7-keto.

I don"t really know if I was stronger or better in sprints since I was on it almost non stop...even if you should stop after 4 weeks... my favorite was bsn cellmass.

I tried tribulus years ago and even it is said not to work it really increased my strenght...

for sports supplements the CEE version of creatine for me works 1000000x's better than normal creatine, normal creatine doesnt really do anything for me (not that ive trained recently!)

as for general supplements I take omega 3, vitamin D3 and tumeric. I take some joint stuff aswell, I cant be arsed to look for spellings, standard stuff.

For joints' glucosamine cured an infection on my hip joints in like 3 days or so

Creatine just makes me pee a lot and thirsty. I already drink 6 liters of water a day as it is

what's everyone's view on bcaa's? usually just using them when cutting weight but like with everything in the fitness industry there seems to be good stuff written about them and other stuff saying they're pretty much pointless.

from what I ve read in non sponsored research it is a scam

liquid creatine mono for me a few years ago was as potent as dianabol

creatine is in meat isnt it?

yes it is in small amounts, nothing like in supplements


you all need more of this

i almost clicked on it till I saw the title of the link :-)

Clicked the link. . Wasn't disappointed

ZMA for my peaceful sleeps and Jym for my insane preworkout!

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Whats the best supp against STDs ?

Raping a Virgin
Drink gypsy tears
Drink Self made booze

Anti oxidants

Just a shot of Wheatgrass at the gym before a workout. Magnesium sometimes after a heavy lifting sesh.

Vlad : your supps: scam scam scam

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Hahaha. Good answer

Jack3d used to be good until it was banned and all of the ingredients changed. 3 scoops of that and you are wired all night!

Jack3d worked due to the ephedrine, you could just take ephedrine and workout like a beast but bad for your heart...

I know about ephedrine but I did not know that jack3d had it in ha ha! The sheer amount of caffeine was enough to give you a heart attack as it is!

didyo know that caffeine is the most frequently used psychoactive drug? it aint just a stimulant. so hard to kick it....

i quit caffeine 2 years ago and it was the hardest and best thing I ever did..

I might try and give it the boot this year, when I worked as a cook I'd have maybe eight shots a day

Caffeine is a hell of a crap
A dosage of 2 Espresso makes women give in faster

Vlad ...ive_drugs_on_animals

A mate of mine made a caffeine and theanine pill. They work together synergistically. It was really good for sparring

I think so
My favourite combo was methyl Test + clen :)

Methyl test is only short lasting though

propionate and winstrol.

Blake methyl test is also toxic as fuck but worked miracles

Winnie is nice too even if I only tried pills

eat clen and tren hard!

Yeah I've used methyl test before for fights.
Definitely upped my aggression. But if you do it long term it's hard on the liver and also f ucks your cardio

Winstrols hard on tendons
why propionate?
I would have thought enathate would be more applicable for performance

prop has ashorter half life so less build of dht/ conversion to estrogen

Yes prop is the part That Makes People Love sustanone

What does methyl test and Winstrol cycles do to you natural test production in the long term? I have no knowledge of pro hormone or steroid use.

Google: side effects methyl test / stanozolol

i would say winstrol has zero suppression of endogenous test production so no requirement for PCT
it is water based as well so I think in and out in 3-5 days. instant gains.
bit harsh on the blood pressure though

anavar also zero pct required.

prop if you do it long enough you will require clomid/ nolvadex/ hcg. always better to be safe than sorry.

How come you guys know so much about that garbage?

Studied 3 Books on that subject
Plus did some Research even on my Self
Dr.Jekyll style

i did two cycles of gear in early 90s

first cycle was pronabol in 1992, went up to 40 mg a day- gained about 14 kg solid
did another cycle in 1996 - sus, testoviron,deca, winstrol , anadrol (had to stop that tho, mad stuff even half a tablet)- I bascially looked like a steak on legs, 51 inch chest

however I have never got rid of the bloated gut and ended up losing my hair prematurely and ruining my posture and rotators from heavy , poor form benching. gains stayed with me pretty much for a year though

my advice is this

dont do anything without invetigating the post cycle therapy aspect . dont do any mad doses on your first cycle and dont take generics- they are usually fake. steer away from anadrol and steer away from all of it if you suffer from depression and/or high blood pressure.

Tell us about your back Hawkgai, what prehab do you do

Stay away from anything unless youre well paid for
Or have a short tiny cock and Self esteem issues

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its mainly the rotators, there is a lot of pectoral stretching, thoracic extension and external rotation exercises involved. cuban press v good for this



are my post coming up blank?

shooting blanks rainey

Got any tips for Thoracic extension issues, I usually try and stretch through the DL ROM, arms crossed in front of chest, bend at hip hinge, bend at knee hinge, chest proud back straight blablabla

lie on a foam roller at just above shoulder blade level. get yourself in a crunch position ie knees bent , feet flat on floor hands by your temples. but instead of bending forward bend back- try and arch so that the top of your head touches the floor. keep your elbows pointed high and try and get them past perpendicular.

also, squatting facing a wall, arms oustretched above you and palms remaining in contact with the wall




djdaze is joining the blank post revolution!

as my post kept coming up blank, ill try again ...n_receptor_modulator

been looking into SARM's for injury recovery. mixed reviews but some say it heals joint problem within days.

most reviews on it are from people using it to gain size, so with the heavy lifting there injuries dont really change

anyone know much about it?

na bro, interesting read tho


RE: Heavy Lifting Injuries

Unless you're a Pro, I think it's a good idea to take 7 consecutive days off the gym after every 30 day gym period. Approx 20 x gym sessions in that 30 day gym period.

That's what I've started doing. Just cos all of the weird sounds in my Rotator Cuffs, but then I thought it could be a good idea for your body to fully recover and gain all your energy levels back.

Maybe a 60 day gym period followed by 7 consecutive days off the gym might be better though, for muscle growth. But I reckon that's too much consecutive heavy lifting time.

I reckon with the 30:7 method you can grow to be a muscly old man free of joint and spinal old mans issues.

#SlippedDiscs #FuckedRotatorCuffs #MentalExhaution

isn't that what's referred to as deload? then you test all your shit again and run a fresh program?

Yeah just deloading is enough, no need to stop training imo.
I just deloaded last week for 2 training sessions and felt much better on friday.

yes hawkman SARM. selective androgen recepetor modulator

Im looking at Ibutamoren (mk 677)

basically oral growth hormone. reading some logs at the minute, medical trials so far have all come up good. if anything, they have come up better than injectable growth because there is no timing (around food) and no sides.

sarms like ostarine, improve performance, muscle mass and apparently DONT come up on drug tests. an athletes dream drug

Oh? Is that what it's called? Lol. Didn't know.

I still reckon a good one week break is needed for ligaments and tendons to get fresh again cos the for sure would take longer than muscle in order to 'heal'.

Cut the juice
The tendons bones and joins will say thank you

Hey Sam, yeah apparently serious lifters do a deload period in their schema then run another program
I think deload is doing movements with no weight, air squats, stretching and other general wankery
It's supposed to be very disciplined in that you may be tempted to lift hard but dont and just do joga and pie-lates and other ballerina type shit

One of my buddies suggested also having a day where you pig, usually before the day you do your biggest/ hardest lifts
Then all the piggery is converted to lifting power

Hey Rainey, my bro Al suggested I get on the horse meat

for an example of deloading check the 5/3/1 program of Jim Wendler..



some famous choach gai crapulating on about PED'S , intertarding read ...-about-peds-2935061/

im not on the juice vlad, I havent seen inside of gym in a long time :( I'm after healing my injuries

rainey I made a General statement mate, wasn't aimed at you

Hey Rainey, not being a smart cunt but...are you a wimmin?

I dunno what's up with the stupid blank post....I'll try this again for fucks sake....

Has anyone tried DIM (Diindolylmethane)??

I heard about this stuff on the Joe Rogan podcast. Nick Curson who is the UFC lightweight champ's s&c coach mentioned it. Sounds legit, especially if you don't wanna do roids/ test

from google: "Testosterone converts to oestrogen naturally then breaks down into 'bad' and 'good' oestrogen metabolites. The bad ratio of oestrogen metabolites is increased by DIM, this results in lowering the bad metabolite. Results differ for men than women.
DIM actively blocks oestrogen receptors activity. This raises the ratio of testosterone to oestrogen. With DIM causing more testosterone to be freed, this means a higher sex drive, better moods and muscle building and bone-strengthening form workouts. DIM may reduce the chance of an enlarged prostate because of oestrogen presence.


yes I tried DIM a few years ago but stopped because it gave me the same symptomes as women going through menopause, hot flashes, sweating like a pig.... its garbage

Alden, The discription alone sounds like crap

Alden, The discription alone sounds like crap

agreed. As soon as you hear 'estrogen' it sounds shit.

The main benefit is supposed to be maximizing the amount of test you naturally have. I haven't heard about Rambutan's menopause symptoms from other people though. Maybe he's just got the metabolism of a 55 year old woman ;)

I3c (indole-3-carbinol) is another related supplement.

Testosteron breaks down into good and Bad estrogene naturally
Is a shitty explanation

Theres nothing wrong with natural test levels in grown men as long as you eat, shit and sleep healthy
The Generation of our grandfathers worked all day some fucking Hard jobs
Still they managed to hold a water filled bucket for some 5 minutes on their boner
My two cents

fuck yeah, my grandad walked around with a bit of fuckin coal in his knee for thirty years and a hunk of shrap in the other

what the fuck is a wimmin, damon????

Wooo. Man

oh, one of them!

may as well be, all my injuries make me like a little bitch...

im gonna drink some wine, eat some chocolate and cry myself to sleep!

will you flick the bean?

do the oxo cube

i flick the wifes, as my cock has inverted into a vagina

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