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Other day at the gym one of the Western trainers told me I throw my throwing arm too deep, and that I'd get more snap in my kicks if I extended my throwing arm outwards and forwards as if I was punching someone in the face.

Other times I've had complete Thai nazi trainers in Thailand obsessed about me throwing the arm down directly over the hip.

I don't mind trying things out so thought I'd give it a test for a while, but didn't really notice any perks. Previously I've practiced kicks on the bag with no throwing arm and only throwing the shoulder and I didn't notice much power degradation (less than 10% IMO).

Looking at my Kiatmoo9 videos, Singdam tends to throw his arm more horizontally. Example here:

Compare this to Superlek tends to throw his over the hip more like I do. Example here:

Any one got an opinion on this? Where I personally land is that each to their own in terms of whatever they feel generates maximum power and hip rotation. I don't think there's a definitive exemplar way to throw the throwing arm that optimises speed/power of the kicking strike, kind of like where I landed on the spring up on your toes discussion a short while back.

if I dont throw my right arm back and behind, on right kick (back leg) then I lose balance and power.
if I dont throw my left arm forward, then down to my side (but not back, only just behind my left butt cheek) on lead leg then I lose balance and ability to turn hip.

Everyone including the top Thai s kick differently, I think once you learn the basics (having decent power, speed and balance during, before and after the kick) all these minor technicalities don't really matter.

I had 2 Western trainers commenting me on my arm throwing and telling me not to.
1 told me to keep my hand as a guard, the other told me to bring my arm above my opposite shoulder ( difficult to put in words)

but I never listened to them. I still do as I learned in Thailand

Why does superlek sound like hes laughing after every strike? I there a reason they do this or is it just what some Thai do?

you should also do it , you must make a lot of noise.

Not throwin your Arm is like doing sprints with your Arms tied

no thow arm you no powaaaa

nothing personal @ you TomS but I stopped reading at "western trainers" . I just don't listen to random western trainers about MT. Waste of time. But they might be good a muay falang.

Question wasn't a matter of throwing the arm or not. I think there's no doubt that the arm should be thrown.

Question was more about how it's thrown.

For example, I know one gym that intentionally advocates throwing the kicking arm in front of the face. They acknowledge a loss in power in doing so but it's an intentional trade off to keep punchers at distance and have an arm out front ready to parry counters if need be.

As mentioned up top though and in-line in Birrrdd's comment, I think it's a personal preference thing that is just one element that comes together with others to form the overall kick. There is no single kicking technique mould you can apply to anyone that would provide instant perfection, as everyone has their nuances and quirks.

As for the Western trainer thing. Yeah, hard to take on board their advice particularly when they're no kicker themselves so not speaking from experience in terms of effectiveness. Don't wanna come across as a know it all cunt though in someone else's gym and I don't mind trying out new shit on my bag rounds in training sessions if it could be beneficial.

at my first Muay Thai gym we were taught to throw the arm out in front, protecting the chin.... this supposedly comes from the Pinsinchai Gym, where we had links with, and is apparently more of a 'northern style' in Thailand.

At my new gym, and at the few gyms I've trained in Thailand, it was emphasised to throw the arm down to increase 'whip' in the kick....

Personally I throw the arm down, it just feels more instinctive, although I don't think bout it, it just happens...

So I don't think either are wrong, just a different style...

i find that since you already lean back while kicking there is no need to protect the chin from punches...

how its thrown ? Full power

also focus on getting the arm back to the head after kick is thrown
that rear leg kick is open for counter

hawkman, do you think it will increase my power?? XD

seen it done both ways by Thai

straight out can act as a blinder for kicks. but I feel the pull down makes it a stronger kick.

Swing the arm down and slap my own ass and scream 'yeah baby' with every kick

Look at the way Toby swing one down and one up, he also does that funny lil neck turn

Notice this is for multiple kicks

i find that since you already lean back while kicking there is no need to protect the chin from punches...

yes but kick or teep to face most ploberry...


I got taught same as petecc, trainer also thought my kick was stronger that way but he said he doesn't mind which way I do it, its up to me.
I think it depends who you're fighting, if fighting a big puncher you might want to throw the arm in front to protect your chin, but both are correct/good.

If you throw your arm down you get your kick going more up, throw your arm more horizontal you get it more round, do both depending on what kind of kick you want to throw. Also if you are standing close to your opponent you dont want to throw your arm down, throw it in his face.

ah ok you did point taken Rambo .
i must trty harder to not be such a cunt.

its not your fault Patrick, your born that way

hey Tom, from what I've seen you're evasive enough and pick clean shots so you'd easily avoid having your whip's counter punched
i've only really seen Thai boxers throw their arm forward when doing multi's on pads, I personally feels I generate more power when swinging my arm down, turning hip over, chest up, etc etc in singles

Yeah swing down I feel more power but as I mentioned before I think the arm swing isn't a massive power generator (extra 10% or so).

I'll continue to swing down as I'm such a lanky cunt that I either a) am out of punching range when I kick or b) fast enough to bring the hand back up to parry or lean back or to the side to avoid.

Agree that for multi kicks a sideways throw is more efficient, but as I've ranted previously I'm against multikicks that involve a completely different kicking method to what one would employ in a fight. I think multikicks should just be multiple kicks of individual kicking power and explosiveness. Trade off volume for quality but ensure more translatable power into the ring while still getting the anaerobic benefits.

Agreed. Sideways throw works really well with multikick. Throwing it downwards generates more force but I feel more likely to get off balanced like that.
What is imo really important at throwing kicks is, that you start to be as fast as possible the moment you push your foot of the ground. Many people make the mistake starting slow and then putting everything they have just before the impact. Doesn't work like that.

Samkor has the most stunning kick imo.

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