Thai Brides Louis Theroux

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Lake Palmer lol remember this when it first came out about 16 years ago some
Right fucking weirdos

Have you seen this one?
i could only find the trailer now but have seen it before

No not seen it!

its a very sad story. the guy loses everything but I ve read he is back in the Uk now and has his life back on the tracks.
His Thai wife was a real snake, even making fun of him in the end when he tried to say goodbuy and hug her and the poor guy still didn't see she was bad...even after she took everything from him


Docu about a son looking up his dad who is about to mary a Young Thai girl...

A review about the above docu ...s2009/reader5234.htm

Im going to waste the day watching these instead of studying

About the last video, I am really curious if they are still together so I found his son on fb ( heis son made the movie) and send him a message but the message went to his other folder so now I just have to wait until he sees it...

Have you seen the series LAdyboys ( 2 seasons) about Western men and their ladyboys?
They are showing it now on Belgian television but you can see all episodes on youtube, just brilliant ( not the first episode about the beauty contest, that just sucks, but the episodes of the men and their gf are golden)

ps Blake, I should study also


sorry not on youtube but somewhere else on the net, forgot where because I saw it around may last year

actually I am at work now, have to sit 12h behind my pc, the ideal time to read on stickmanbangkok and MTL!

Haha. I used to be on mtl all the time at work.

will be difficult if you'll start working as a personal trianer :-)

According to Thai Visa they split up. She got the house, he's in another relationship with a Thai near his age.
Thought she was dead straight. Said she didn't find him attractive and wouldn't be there were it not for the money. I guess he knew that, as any sensible old guy with a young woman should. He gets sex and companionship for a while, she gets security. I see no problem with that if both parties are happy, and both are aware enough to know what they bring to the table.
If an old guy is dumb enough to really think a young girl finds him sexy and handsome, then more fool him.

he should ave rented an appartment and then move town whenever he wanted.
I did not find any info on Thai Visa, thanks for the input

i just finsihed work so no more MTL for the day

Andy, you mean the guy from Mee and my dad right? not Scott or somebody else?

Yeah, Mee and dad.

i'm curious what will happen to Scott an Paeng ( from layboys)
they are stil ltogether and run a succesfull LB bar.

Dave and Annie from ladyboys are still together also.

If I was old and rich I wouldnt limit myself to one pussy. Id be banging a different slut everynight. These old cunts are fucken rookies.

hahah completley forgot about that louis theroux documentary until now. Lake palmer was on a UK talk show trisha before/after that talking about the asian brides (link below)

Haha, looks like I too have some youtube watching to do at work today !

Thanks, cunts!

i also keep the charliec2003 video for at work :-)

my missus is a flipper but she is legit.
well at least her cock is anyway.

lol Patrick

look at him/her, she is a filipina/o but really hot, doesnt look like a guy at all.

no homo

Enjoyed the video Charliec2003, my god that blond guy was irritating

I know the blond guy is the biggest prick seen him on a few other random TV shows and is just as much of a bell end, Lake Palmer cracks me up though he's so deluded.

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